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  1. This last tog weekend, I bought back my FV304, and within 4 or 5 matches I got SPG-15.2 with honors, netting my my T28 HTC. M44 would probably have worked as well.
  2. Seems the only thing I can win in today is my T26E5 https://i.imgur.com/9PdZ5ua.jpg


  3. You guys are making it really hard to ace this thing...

    Victory!          Strv S1      Westfield    Survived  1,695      1,027       8,322    77,406    (   95,486  - 18,080 )  Achievements    High Caliber    Tank Sniper    Sharpshooter    Mastery Badge: "II Class"     3,341       182         5       1    WN8:  4,827

  4. Nicarasu

    Strv S1

    I'm not a good player, but I get far better results with this than with the Skorpion G. I've been getting at least 2k+ damage in most battles with it, with a few outliers thrown in, like this: or getting abused on Himmelsdorf. What makes the tank for me is the ability to hide which the Skorp lacks. That and the railgun mounted on it. I cannot praise this tank enough, only problem I have with it is the inflexibility due to siege mode. 288 pen on a standard round is just silly, as well.
  5. Lowe 12 + 1 : A better heavy T26E5 34 - 3 : A better medium. Would get my upvote if I was more of a medium fan.
  6. AMX M4 49 (Liberte): 23 - 3 = 20 I've only played it on rental, and not even on my main account, but I do not like having giant cupolas.Löwe: 37 + 1 = 38 I played my first match in the Lowe yesterday. This tank is absolutely beastly in its current state, with a gun that actually stands up to tier 10s, and armor to match, if you can hide the lower plate. DPM is a bit meh, but the accuracy and shell velocity means you miss less shots.Patriot: 47 I have the Patriot too, and while it's (extremely) good, in the current situation where 8s face tons of 10s, the Lowe holds up better
  7. I'm keeping this thing. I just bought it back to start my Maus grind, and the second match I play in it after having bought it back I get my second Radley-Walters' Medal. This thing is hilarious, it even rams well.
  8. Got my second Radley-Walters' today http://wotreplays.com/site/3392012?secret=d15abe5e4c427c86bc60bd7081c24545
  9. Got my second Radley-Walters', this one more in a much more difficult tank, in my opinion. http://wotreplays.com/site/3392012?secret=d15abe5e4c427c86bc60bd7081c24545
  10. My very first Radley-Walters' Medal! http://wotreplays.com/site/3389542?secret=d15abe5e4c427c86bc60bd7081c24545
  11. So I got my very first Radley-Walters' Medal today, with my platoonmates and I coming in one kill short of a Crucial Contribution. http://wotreplays.com/site/3389542?secret=d15abe5e4c427c86bc60bd7081c24545
  12. It's been a while since I've played mine, but I really enjoy this tank. Definitely a nice break from all the speedy Cromwell type tanks.
  13. Just researched the tier 7. Sold the 65 without hesitation. Hopefully I'll like the UDES better, because this and the T7 are junk.
  14. I got this tank, and it may be because I'm bad but this thing is utter cancer. Why on earth would you give a tank a tier higher WORSE accuracy than the tier below it?! Why?! The 65 Alt II wasn't even that accurate, and this thing just misses everything... They give us a tank that has distance and camouflage as its only defense, and then make it so it can't hit anything, and it can't hide well either... I haven't found a single redeeming feature on this piece of shit. Then again, I may have unrealistic expectations due to my only other t7 tds at the moment being the SU-122-44, the E-25, and the
  15. At that point I was referring to the 90mm on the 32, I know the T26E5 has much better base pen. My point was if you don't want to fire pure gold, it's much better to use the 198 base pen 105mm than the 170 base pen 90mm.
  16. T32 is certainly a good tank, though it takes a bit more thought to do well in than the IS-3. Got me my HT-15.2 though, so that's good. https://i.gyazo.com/4f76b33b86dee649fc151a3b32835077.jpg (there were no arty in that match, you may notice). I'm a big proponent of the 105 T32, as what would be the point in playing my T32 with the 90 when I have a T26E5. 105 can do a bit more work with less gold, imo. EDIT: Just to be clear, I'm referring to the 90 on the 32 when talking about less gold, not the T26E5. I'm not THAT dumb.
  17. Rip Stuart, was at least slightly fun back in the mini derp days.
  18. I run the autoloader, but use it exclusively in stronks. Just too damn expensive, and unreliable against higher tiers.
  19. Dpm seems terribad, what's the clip size like?
  20. Is this thing at least decent enough to be a better alternative than the T28 HTC? I'm gonna need something to get a crew going for my murica td's once I get back to the line.
  21. Gonna be stuck with the 85 for a while, but liberal gold spam should help get that over with quickly.
  22. Fabulous. Tank looks pretty fun. I enjoy 122s, got a kick ass crew in my 122S that'll work perfectly for actually starting to grind this line.
  23. How's this tank doing these days? I just got it researched, haven't bought it yet.
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