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  1. I drive it a lot just before and after the update. Before 9.14: I can maintain 18km/h quite easily, Now: 17km/h max, even in city roads
  2. Besides, the top speed was reduced from 18 to 17. Super annoying now.
  3. Which equipment do U use? Mine is GLD, Vent, Binoc, 50% gold ammo. I don't use Rammer because the gun already reload faster than I can aim. Playstyle = passive scout + camo sniping. Result in 3.8 WN8. Nice tank overall.
  4. OMG, I have just got 3 MOE in this thing. The most shocking part is my average DPG is just 1,333. Stupidly low!!!! Seems only reds play this thing Sorry, I'm wrong, MOE only count last 100 battles, which, per vbaaddict, my DPG is 1800+ at the time of getting 3 MOE.
  5. I run full gold spam and feel the pen value is ideal for a flanker: not enough to punch through big boys' front but enough to go through side amour. With 9.8 buff, it's a proper flanker now (good agility, speed, bloom, alpha, DPM, hitpoint) and I have no complain on the pen. Overall, a comfortable tank to play. Still wish the aim time to be buffed to 2.2s.
  6. 9.9 brings a nice buff to M46. M46 should at least be at 8 now.
  7. How I fucking love mid-tier now: T44 - 183pen, T69 - 181pen, M26 - 190pen And no reason to play tier X. P.S: They buffed the most OP tank in tier - T29 to 205 pen - LOL,
  8. DO NOT BUY IT! The worst point is it has 48 point of MM weight (equal tier 8 heavy) while clearly inferior to any tier 8 HT in game. http://wotguru.com/tank-guide-panther-mit-8-8-cm-l71/
  9. So, options are: 1) Load gold 2) Disengage 3) Sidescrape 4) Peek and wait until he expose his gun then shoot his lower glacis/hull sholder/pike nose/cupola 5) HE (if you have 150mm gun)
  10. Enemy is sidescraping in correct way. What to do? Currently, I wait until he reverse farenough to expose his gun (that time, at least 50% of his hull is exposed too) then shoot him. Any other options? HE? Rush? Try your luck with his side amour?
  11. From 9.3, M6A2E1 has limited MM, is it competitive now?
  12. indeed, most SLOTH are lowtier+PT padders. But I love the clan tag, like a free emblem
  13. I just reached 2350 WN8 yesterday (WN8 unicum level) but my WR is maybe too low at 57.5% - Is it normal? - Any unicum with lower WR? - My survival rate is terrible at 35% (can any unicum beat this?) About me: - I play to win not to pad (WR is most important), play all sort of tanks except arty, tier 4-8 solo pub. - I play agressive, pump out dmg early and take hits thoughout the match, hardly ever camp, thus very low survival rate - Stat: Battles: 15,595 Win Rate: 57.52% Average damage: 1,129 Average experience: 716 Avg. base capture: 3.68 Avg. base defense: 1.19 Average kills: 1.27 Battles survived: 35.35% Kills to deaths: 1.96 Average tier: 6.34
  14. I'm Vietnamese. That phrase doesn't have any meaning. maybe you blocked his firing lane for too long?
  15. Tier 7 (where I play and enjoy the most) 1) Playstyle: The most balanced game play Average player's skill no crazy one-shot TD is not so influtential as tier 10 Every class can contribute, no class can rule the gameplay Campfest is much rare than tier 10 and Yolo is also much less than low tiers Scout and Vision control is important but not stupidly OP as tier 4-5 (at tier 4-5 view range change dramatically from 260 to 390 wtf) and not bland as tier 9-10 (where everyone has roughly the same view range). A good blend between micro-skills (tier 8-10 focus too much) and macro map control (tier 3-5 emphasize so much) 2) Defining tank(s): stupidly good: IS, IS2 (especially with the trend of city-and-corridor maps) a few stupidly bad: Awful Panther, SU100M1 and the bland things 3) Benefits of playing at this tier: Exposure to a wide range of competent opponents: from tier 5 to 9 (included a lot of iconic tier 8 premiums) No seal clubber, less purple PT Much lower exp cost in comparision with tier 8-9 (thus stock grind is not too long) 4) Negatives of playing at this tier: Require gold against higher tier, especially Type and IS6, which are VERY frequent opponent
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