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  1. The tank is the definition of power creep, but this thing is still powerful. You can still bet your shots out before the enemy heavy has a chance to reload if you time it perfectly, and you're fast enough to fall back to your team and use them as meat shields during your 27 second reload. Requires iq to play in this current meta but it's still good. Remember to pay attention to the mini map and what your enemies are doing to know when to poke and when to wait for them to poke. It's a great tank to force players to learn the basics of intelligent play (knowing when to poke and paying attenti
  2. Wargaming annoucement vid: Lets be real here, not even Thanos can balance thi8s mess, but at least the Japanese and light German med lines might be better....... haven't played test client yet. Besides who cares: KHARKOV IS BACK. Don't really remember the thoughts on the old map, but I think it's still better then Polish, empire map and Ghost Town.
  3. For me I'm banning Prok and Malinovka most of the time if I don;t ban Paris or Ghost town. Simply put these maps screw you the most if you bring the wrong tank.
  4. To late, I just opted back into this clown fiesta for some reason
  5. I've been playing it today with the rental. This tank seems to be the definition of a city brawler. it's too slow to keep up with the mediums and its low ap pen means you have to get a point blank to aim for weak points. Might be one of the better heavy premiums that isn't a defender. (been away from the game, is defender still broken?)
  6. I guess you would be right, but if we're comparing it to td's its accuracy, aim time and penetration do not compare well to the better tier 6 tds. I guess the versatility with the turret can balance out the gunstats but it still does not forgive the worse power to weight ration IO have ever seen on a tier 6 td. I will note I played this tank echo style not spamming apcr rounds which mad the td style near impossible. (btw do you have the replay file or link to wot replays?)
  7. This tank has a lower power to weight then the t-150, kv85, and the vk................ and its a medium. Need I say more.
  8. Makes a meme worthy map, jack shit on what they'll do to make WGL ES more popular. (Like.... updating Team battles?, remodeling random to me league? Marketing?)
  9. they are testing the free garage slots for the anniversary
  10. so farr all I know is that it has the E5 levels of ammo rack fails, shoot the fron track at an angle and you can ammo rack the tank
  11. Today was the first time I tried a very focused game session in the PZ7.I love how it's an IS7 with slightly less turret armor and a stronger hull. It prevents the part where the IS7 shoots some 1 and then takes 5 shots in the LP and dies. Al that needs to happen is wiggle a little bit and the enemy panics and shoots the UP. Plus hitting the enemy for 560 almost completely negates the IS7's 490 alpha if only for the slightly better dpm. I still wish this tank was still slightly less awkwardso that it could be used competitively. in theory if the Maus wasn't over buffed this thing would be the
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