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  1. 22 hours ago, Deus__Ex__Machina said:


    Gun Changes are ass. 

    the better aimtime helps you not miss as many close range shots, but it still derps the fuck out at range

    the lower alpha is shit and often lets people simply out-trade you.The siege mode dosent work on this tank, it sucks not having the -10 gun depression all the time and the -5-6 on the sides is limiting. and overall the UDES/M48 is a better option at this point if your looking for a ridge line medium.

    the engine buffs are decent and let you maintain 50 across most terrain alot of the time

    The turret changes are very good and quite noticeable, your able to bounce a fair amount of shots especially compared to before. but its worth noting that its not immune by any means and can still be 22'd most of the time.

    Leopard 1 

    Gun changes are nice actually.

    The 278 APCR is amazing and having 323 APCR as gold is much more fitting for its "sniper" role

    the higher alpha IMO is nice as well as the leo 1 often has to minimize exposure so getting more dmg per shot on avg during those opportunistic moments is an improvement for me. 

    the little changes to dispersion accuracy and aim-time ofc are welcome too.

    mobility changes are hardly noticeable


    Surprise Surprise: its fucking garbage.


    The entirety of the 1-5 is a TD camp fest that brutally punishes any kind of push (its also completely open to arty) 

    the 6 line where the Trench is located isnt deep enough to be realistically used by anything that isnt a low profile Russian hover med, and will let TD's pop shots into your turret/cupolas otherwise. (its also open to arty)

     the 7-8 lines where most HT's will be was completely ruined compared to before. They removed alot of the smaller buildings that provided protection and allowed you to move up in the E/F-7 areas, they also put holes/windows in alot of the buildings in that spot along with larger rubble piles. overall this means the city has tunred from a close range brawl to a 100+ meter Hulldown pixel sniper fest.

     In addition the removal of so many buildings have allowed both TDs from the Fields and arty to loop in opportunistic shots.

    the  9-line is similar to before so mostly useless, and the 0-line was cut in half and had more rubble piles added for more hulldown pixel cupola sniping fun.


  2. On 3/12/2018 at 9:19 AM, lavawing said:

    Fucking turd of a tank, would rather play the M4 than this shitwagon, 50 120 is leagues better tier for tier

    The tank is the definition of power creep, but this thing is still powerful. You can still bet your shots out before the enemy heavy has a chance to reload if you time it perfectly, and you're fast enough to fall back to your team and use them as meat shields during your 27 second reload. Requires iq to play in this current meta but it's still good. Remember to pay attention to the mini map and what your enemies are doing to know when to poke and when to wait for them to poke.

    It's a great tank to force players to learn the basics of intelligent play (knowing when to poke and paying attention to what you opponent is looking at or when they've just fired at an ally), because if you don't understand these things you will do nothing.

  3. I've been playing it today with the rental. This tank seems to be the definition of a city brawler. it's too slow to keep up with the mediums and its low ap pen means you have to get a point blank to aim for weak points. Might be one of the better heavy premiums that isn't a defender. (been away from the game, is defender still broken?)


    23 hours ago, Joyrider216 said:


    Because it can do things like this. Its a tremendous TD platform and should be treated as such, I ran with binos rammer and vents. I personally loved this tank, but can definitely see the speed being a killer for some. 

    I guess you would be right, but if we're comparing it to td's its accuracy, aim time and penetration do not compare well to the better tier 6 tds. I guess the versatility with the turret can balance out the gunstats but it still does not forgive the worse power to weight ration IO have ever seen on a tier 6 td. 

    I will note I played this tank echo style not spamming apcr rounds which mad the td style near impossible. 
    (btw do you have the replay file or link to wot replays?)

  5. 9 minutes ago, Archaic_One said:

    Swamp and Mines had a babay and named it Nebelburg . . .



    Makes a meme worthy map, jack shit on what they'll do to make WGL ES more popular. (Like.... updating Team battles?, remodeling random to me league? Marketing?)



  6. Today was the first time I tried a very focused game session in the PZ7.I love how it's an IS7 with slightly less turret armor and a stronger hull. It prevents the part where the IS7 shoots some 1 and then takes 5 shots in the LP and dies. Al that needs to happen is wiggle a little bit and the enemy panics and shoots the UP. Plus hitting the enemy for 560 almost completely negates the IS7's 490 alpha if only for the slightly better dpm. I still wish this tank was still slightly less awkwardso that it could be used competitively. in theory if the Maus wasn't over buffed this thing would be the maus tank, lots of armor, bad dpm, and did I forget to mention the superb mobility. :)

    Correction: IS7 APCR can cheat, f**k that tank

  7. 1 hour ago, leggasiini said:

    There will be still reason to play 50B. You dont know, the gun is simply sooo much better on 50B. 50B's AP has about as good velocity as Kranvagn's APCR, while Kranvagn's HEAT has about 268 levels of shell velocity. The gun is quite derpy aswell; not as derpy as T57, but considering that pen is certainly a problem, Kranvagn's gun is bad at long ranges while 50B's gun is amazing at long ranges.

    Kranvwgn also seems to have bad dispersion values, so there is that. 252 apcr and 300 heat means that it struggles with heavily armored tanks like E100 much more than 50B which can just punch through with APCR.

    Kranvagn might have excellent turret but its hull armor, while troll, is not good tbh, so it has to go into hulldown position in order to actually bounce stuff. Also arty fucks it as hard because side armor + on hulldown its often not safe from arty.

    It might be still little "too good", but not by much, E5 is still more broken IMO, especially now that its actually solid at sidescraping because it can be no longer overmatched from side. I also might have just bad luck or something. Maybe cut magazine size to 3 or reduce turret armor a bit, but i cant really say how it is. No one said that Grille is broken from test server experience (or every moron was just pissed of for losing their "balanced" WT), so there is that.

    from the battles I've played on the test server, gun bloom on the Kravagn is probably better by gun bloom, it the bloom feels like the bloom on the Swedish td in siege mode in 50B might be out of order. It doesn't matter if the 50 b is better at sniping, both HT have cammo values of a barn with strobe light playing Justin Bieber on loud speaker. The difference is weather depending on id the K is hull down or nor, if it is then there is not reason to be in the 50B.

    Edit: for problems with E5: cupola + heat = dead.

  8. 1 hour ago, kukis12345 said:

    Wow. Played kranvagon on test, it will be insane and unbalanced if it stays like this. Take an autoloader, 12 degrees of gun depression with invisible turret, decent mobility and upper plate too. There's almost no reason to go for 50B now, apart from dank 50b's APCR and slightly better mobility. This thing will be like a mixed 50B and t57 with even better armor. I'm really sad about the fact how bad the wargaming balancing department is.

    +1 from 2 battles, np, still need more battles to test TD Swedes, but 4k dpm, this is balance


    1 minute ago, sr360 said:

    Leaving aside the fact that 4500 dmg and 830 base XP is hardly a "great" game, you camped in one spot all game...

    I disagree. Firstly, there is no notification of the switch at the bottom of the screen. Secondly, you can see the aiming reticle track enemy targets even when he isn't moving the gun in sniper mode. The whole thing is extremely suspicious.

    Dude, It's free camera, I do it like that so that the vid doesn't look lie I'm on lsd (lol the controversy)

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