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  1. A great M103 game, top gun, high caliber. Subscribe for more! (re-uploaded due to copyrighted music) Follow me at: https://twitter.com/LordEdwardze5th Find the replay at: http://wotreplays.com/site/2840715#kharkov-lordedwardthefith-m103
  2. Playing tier 10-8 on NA est server, on wotlabs ts
  3. Playing tier 10-8 on NA est server, will throw invite, message me here
  4. This was recently posted on the Status report blog. It looks to be a slight buff to the typ4 and 5 jap heavy tanks (more significant for the type 4) any thoughts? https://ritastatusreport.live/2016/05/06/9-15-test-server-2-iteration-changes/
  5. From experience today as long as you keep the tank moving back and forth and only expose yourself to shoot, it's not as bad as it seems, it's definitely a mid to long rang hill sniper.
  6. So I decided to a make a thread about the cw reward tank that was given out today. [/img] So far with the battles I've played today it feels like a pretty solid medium. The so far this has been that best game I've have in the tank today. I just want some opinions from other more op people who've got it today. Edit: after more experience in pubs, I find that tank to be...ok , not god like like the T54 LTW for its tier, but not terribad like the 88 and fv.
  7. Rip T-22 nerfs. Shame. Egypt would like to do a send off for the T-22 by playing the russian national anthem. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yGJYryj-QY
  8. 50 120 frustrates me, and not is way more team dependent then many of the auto-loaders I've played, yes the gun scares people but even with my 100% crew, (doesn't have snapshot, ect, but all equipment)it the first shot always seem to go edge of reticle thus loosing a quarter of your clip. It also hurts it that the tank is the least maneuverable of the french- czech auto-loaders (american ones have ARMOR). it's just meh and need a small buff as it's nearly impossible to play agressivly with it. When I get to the 50B i'll see as to if the 50b can actually play agressivly.
  9. I just got the T 25 AT the other day and I was wondering how it stacks to the other tier 7 td's. It seems from my first battle to be a pretty capable td.
  10. It may not be as good as the top notch td's but it looks alright. This tank SHOULD get decent cammo rating for its play style to work. Will wait for finalized stats before I make my verdict, after all. I'll probably still like this tank more then the waffentregger over the fact that I hated its play style. This one is far closer to hellcat play style then any of the other td's, even if everyone has 400 meter view range (which you get as BASE with most of the high-tier mediums being right behind or slightly better then yours).
  11. while having worse pen the the other tds, it has better rof, accuracy, and aiming time (on paper). It also has better traverse .Only the E4 and death star (4005 is extinct and doesn't count) have better traverse. it's pen might suffer at long ranges since this is what role it's suppose to fill, but at least it can hit that target, thus I expect a reasonable cammo rating should be given. Will wait for gun handling stats before I give a verdict but will say atm, ANYTHING BUT THAT WT (and I have one!, I expect to have more fun in this.)
  12. You're not trying to compete with the e100, you're trying to compete with tier 9 heavies (IE: ST 1, E 75), And you have thicker armor and a bigger gun then bth of them. ST 1 might be a challenge bit it's all in the wrist clicking.
  13. Agreed, And even if they're just gold spamming through your armor you can at least try to trade shots, you normally will have a bigger alpha then the enemy tank.
  14. Seems like a unique TD for the Russians to get compared to the rest of the lot. Apart from the concept I don't think any TD apart from the jp-E100 gets as much side armor. the tank also gets a 1200 hp engine and is 88 tons, it seems the tank will shift reasonably (move back and forth to make people miss cupola) and will probably be a very good side-scraping td. And at that point the only td in the game that can do that effectively. Might get, depends on how the progression of the balancing of the td goes.
  15. Type 5 is tall enough in a close brawl to over-match the engine deck of the E 100. I'm not certain, but I think it can also over-match the front top of the hull right in front of the turret and right behind the upper plate as well and since the tank is so tall it can do this pretty consistently.
  16. If pros will just shoot the Comander's tower for the at8, why not use the churchill gc since it has a better gun. and mobility to reach the deathstar?
  17. Honestly the gun stats are not that bad compared to the e 100 and add the fact the the turret is much more narrower in the front and the good gun dapression it might possibly make up for the bad dpm (move back and for between shooting, wiggle turret)
  18. The Jagtiger (9) I think this is a very good td, the traverse on the hull allows it to be more maneuverable then the t95 a tortoise. The gun is a great balance between the big derps on 150mm and the rapid fire guns on the tortoise and su 122-54. The armor also very good when hull down ( angle it , not too much but enough to confuse them ) The engine though might not give you the mobility like the su 122 54 and other tds of that nature but can still out run t95's and tortis' (you also get a 40 km speed limit and if you combine it with the 70 ton weight it allows for plenty of ramming)
  19. Is the cathedral on the map in reference to the one on hill 112, used to overwatch the defence of Caen and to observe normandy up to the beaches?
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