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    LordEdwardthefith got a reaction from BlackAdder in HD map reworks   
    super mario 64?
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    LordEdwardthefith got a reaction from BedakCoa in WG up to some shenanigans   
    they are testing the free garage slots for the anniversary
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    LordEdwardthefith got a reaction from Audax_Bellator in HD map reworks   
    super mario 64?
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    LordEdwardthefith got a reaction from AR_15 in Great Grille Game   
    Standard Grille Gameplay

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    LordEdwardthefith got a reaction from hallo1994 in Epic M103 game   
    A great M103 game, top gun, high caliber.
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    LordEdwardthefith reacted to GehakteMolen in Sandbox   
    Oh, if they really put this on live they didnt fix anything, they simply overnerfed and overbuffed everything, making whats not total crap then total OP and so on, like how gold ammo destroyed the balance the first few patches.
    My guess is that WG is gonna pull negiotating trick 1.0, and that is ``how do i built 10 things of x without people goign full retard?``
    Say you built 20 things of x People rage they dont want it Say you listened carefull and built 10 of x People are happy you listened and you got what you want Wg is now using absurd numbers, both for testing values and to let people rage, next test they tone down a bit, more people test and it gets accepted (it was even worse before afterall)
    Even if WG had nerfed all gold pen by 10mm people would either rage or complain it doesnt change anything, hence WG shouldnt listen at all to people, everyone wants their favorite class / tank to be OP and the rest shit. Howeber 95% of the people or so never visits the forum (real number, cant find quote, perhaps @Ectar knows the numbers of players / forum visitors) so what the large majority wants will never be known (unless they all leave in large numbers...)
    Yeah, thats the real problem, only russian heavy tanks have proper armor and can attack (and some german tanks to a lesser extend)
    Imo thats good, on tier 6 or 7 there are big differences between medium tanks on tier 8-9-10 everything over time became more and more the same:
    Nobody has armor All have good gun handling most have a 105mm 390 dmg gun with 270 pen and 340 heat Sure there are some outliners, STB with bad gun handling or T62 with less alpha dmg and good turret, but in return there like 4 RU med clones..
    Amx 30b, Leopard, CAX, M48, E50m, STB they all are ``more or less`` the same, if you would rank them from paper to armor: Leopard, Amx 30, CAX, STB, M48, E50m, you also rated them from mobility and comfort. Sure, leopard and E50m or M48 are different, but Leopard and Amx 30? or Amx30 and STB or CAX? or CAX and M48 or E50m?
    Its not E100 vs T110E5 or Maus vs IS7, totally different tanks, i myself really hope that this rebalance will make tier 9-10 mediums ``different`` again, leopard and 30B high penetration, STB dpm + alpha dmg, T62 dpm + rof M48 everything a bit, CAX less gun handling as m48, but more pen, E50m high pen, but bad dpm etc
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    LordEdwardthefith got a reaction from VikkoTheTusken in Churchill GC   
    If pros will just shoot the Comander's tower for the at8, why not use the churchill gc since it has a better gun. and mobility to reach the deathstar?
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