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  1. When doing snapshots I've noticed that my reticule stays smaller if I drive out by increasing throttle to 1 or 2 pips instead of just pushing 'W', but its very awkward for me to use those controls for peakaboom. Is this a good way to reduce bloom during peakaboom situations or do most players just use 'W' and eat the extra bloom costs? Since I pull out slower it seems that there is more time to shoot me as well.
  2. The advice provided seems to fit where I'm at with the KV-4... at least in BT8/9 matches. I'll get into a sidescrape and purposefully bait shots... Hell, if I'm top tier and no TDs around, I'll sometimes just slowly drive in the general direction of the enemy (zig zag so I keep angled). Baddies can't help but try and pen me while my teammates get free shots. Did this once in a BT10 and it did not end well for me I've been wondering, what other tanks have a similar playstyle to the KV-4... big bad brute that bounces a lot of shots. E100 sounds like it... What other tanks would this threa
  3. I've been going center (F5/6) from west spawn in everything. Even take my KV-4 up there. As long as I stay moving arti isn't much of an issue (and if I'm doing it right taking arti out of the game while they miss on me ) Its an awesome place to be. Side shots into the F8/9 campers trying to shoot at your hill team, plenty of places to pop up to hit south tanks that poke over ridges, and depending on aim you can even hit tanks camping in F1. I can't for the life of me figure out what the hell to do from east spawn though. East doesn't seem to have a position as comfortable and strong
  4. I've been trying to improve my play, and one of the things I've seen mentioned quite a few times is that tracking enemy tanks is a good thing. Unfortunately, when I'm playing peakaboom I often don't have a track+damage shot, so its either or. This might just be me being a really bad shot, lowest graphics, 20 fps, and a slight tremor in my hand make precision shooting a huge pain, but the end result in my situation is I can either track or do damage. If I can do both I try for that shot. Anecdotally, more often than not when I track an enemy tank none of my pubbies take advantage of it.
  5. Hey MaxL, thanks for the writeup. I bought a bunch of TDs in the sale to help work on my skills... ended up just rolfstomping around in SU-122-44, but after reading your article I've really been able to make this thing work. Used elevation angling to bounce a shot from a T34 that was holding back a Tiger2 and TigerP, then rushed in and punished him Also got thrown in a BT7 game where the only T7 tanks were my SU-122-44 and a T-29 on the opposing team... lolz ensued and I felt like the all powerful.
  6. Thanks for all the responses so far. Very much appreciated. Reading through the threads that AlphaBloom linked to and the responses here I guess experience is just a black box that no one really knows 100%, more like exactly what the wiki said... some basic ground rules but overall rather ambiguous. Walking through it with you guys definitely helped me understand the generalities of it though and how all the pieces fit together.
  7. Could just be a failure to understand spotting mechanics then which wouldn't surprise me. If a target is already lit by someone else, but I move into a position where it would be lit by me... does the spotting damage spread still apply? The way the wiki reads it shouldn't spread because I'm lighting it myself. Here are my observations from the replay: ELC was def lit by me. 3001P was prev lit, but in my sightline when I shot M4E2 looks like it was lit by someone else for first shot, but I had them in my vision for the rest Stug was lit prev, but I believe I should have had him
  8. The wiki says getting the kill shot is a small bonus, but I'm wondering if its more significant than that. I was under the impression that it was pretty insignificant and haven't really worried about getting kill shots in, but if its that much of a noticeable bump I can try harder for kill shots. I was also under the impression that in the second match most of the shots I sent were against targets that would have been lit by me anyways, but I could be wrong. Plus I got a butt load more assist damage. I'm hoping that someone can tell me specifically what it is that I'm missing here.
  9. Ya, as I said, that didn't help clear up anything which is why I'm asking for clarification here. Thank you though.
  10. In two battles now, just based on numbers I should have had high experience on my team... but its not happening. I've looked at the experience mechanics wiki page, but its just so generic that I'm not really understanding why I'm not getting a higher experience score. Both times it happened in my A43 (which I love btw)... First one I was inclined to just chalk it up to a KV1S being a tier lower and shooting higher tier tanks, but it happened again with another Teir 6 medium that just scored less than me in everything except damage blocked and tanks destroyed. Game 1: http://www.v
  11. ~13:30 http://www.vbaddict.net/download_replay/bobross-na-300ab78c35b3655d8d4d6c91f751709c/steppes-usa-m24-chaffee-41212862624165254 Hope I did that right. Was hilarious, especially after watching the MT25 do its little slide.
  12. Where is the documentation for Strongholds? I can't find it on worldoftanks.net or the stupid wiki. All I see is the Strongholds crap in my clan's page. There has to be some kind of documentation somewhere that expains how it works.
  13. I'm fairly average, so take my advice with a grain of salt. My experience was the opposite of yours OP... I actually started out playing meds and it hurt me bad when I started down the Ru IS line... I played them like mediums and hated the shit out of them. Going down T110E5 now so that I force myself to play more cautiously. Maybe I'll rebuy the IS3 once I've learned that a Heavy isn't the cowboy that the T20 is :/ Anyways... I left the game for a few years and when I came back the biggest problem I had was map meta and tank knowledge. As I've learned more of these two things, my med
  14. Thanks for the input so far. I didn't enjoy the Russian heavies and I suck with TDs. I debated quite a while and I think the T34 is the best choice FOR ME even without the pref-MM, plus I'm starting the US tank line anyways. With that said, my tank choice shouldn't really matter here. I'm more interested in the financial aspect of things which should translate across the rest of the Tier 8 prems.
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