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  1. Ideal encounter meta : 15 on hill 7/8 per side of castle, overwhelm, destroy, exterminate, ram the poor assholes camping in the downslopes, catch slow arties crawling away to try and save themselves before firing 2 shots in the game, clean up whatever didnt go hill on enemy team. The stupid amount of useless campers going on each side of tracks out of view range from each others and camping there waiting for ... something ? While the hill team gets overwhelmed made me stop playing encounter altogether. (EU) meta for normal : 3-4 MAX mobile tank safety group for hill, if you only meet a scout kill it and go down, if you see massive opposition, abandon ship and defend from below where you have corners and flat ground at least. 8 line : If enough assault tds and heavies push hard especially from south, north side rubble cover is pretty bad once you get close to it. 1-2-3 lines, I've never understood what you are supposed to do there... aside from camping and waiting for the opposite team to get spotted when they move up.
  2. If you have 40km/h top speed I think you shouldn't even try to climb hill, you will be probably more useful covering their exit from the low road or go somewhere north where you can shoot their guys on hill. You need 50km/h and a decent front armor to be any use on hill top early game. Also like others have said if there is more than one clicker per team you can pretty much guarantee you will die while fighting for top hill corner so don't even bother.
  3. Haven't seen many yet aside from oneshotting one with 105 HE from ARL 44. The gimmick reverse speed works alright with the cancer version because you don't try to turn corners to direct fire with it but I can see how it gets old fast on a direct fire tank.
  4. Stock gun is worse than comparable ones on same tier TD ( Jagdpanther/T25 AT ). The only gimmick on this tank is the 490 alpha at tier 7 + enough pen to use it and -15 depression, all the rest is shit including the stock gun. Don't worry about max ammo on top gun, as said above its 7k+ dmg potential so even if you hit half of it you already are at 3500 potential and carried way more than your weight.
  5. I went into chi-ri fully expecting it to take number 1 spot in my "worst tank in the game" list, but it wasn't that terrible. Certainly not a keeper but if you let others take the dmg while pumping clips into targets, it gets the job done. - Go with a group - Don't get spotted / shot at first - Don't rely on armor in any way - Shoot clips every time you can even with half-assed aiming - Use generous HP pool late game to rush and finish off stragglers The short clip reload surprises a LOT of people, I killed countless guys thinking 6/700 hp left was enough to get me but nope. When an IS shoots you for 390, people know they are safe to move closer/ come out to shoot for a while, but with this thing they aren't. You can also play mind games and troll people, eg shoot twice, pretend to go hide to reload, guy at 100 hp comes out, shoot third shell. Or shoot 1/2 ,don't move to make them think you have 1/2 shells left while you reload, some other guy come out , get tracked and hit for 390 etc...
  6. ISU-152 one shots most T6, 2 shots T7/8s and 3 shots most T9/10, what more do you need ? In other news, the tunnel vision yoloing is out of control, even in T5 games which don't count for the mission ?! I pretty much emptied my AT-2 ammo load in a bunch of heavies trying to kill each others while ignoring me for 3500 dmg and 1800 base xp... I've never seen that ... ever
  7. After every WN8 values update I go up by 20-50 overall, make a few more so I can be purple... I guess playing all the shitty ghetto tanks pays off after a while
  8. Well don't make it harder than it has to be, especially on EU. We already had the recent yolozerg fest finish in 5 mins or die trying meta, but I had many games with 10 dead in 2:30 mins yesterday. Take a camo med/td or heavy and farm what you can. They fucked up with their mission requirements so we might as well play along with it. I got the retarded idea of " If I'm gonna play 100 battles per nation it might as well be a new tank grind" yeah have fun with churchill7... I'm probably gonna give that up this evening and switch to Cent 7/FV4202. Edit : Was gonna grind a new T6/T7 for each nation but ill probably scratch that and go with whatever I already have : Ger : E75/E100/JgdPz II, should be a breeze Rus : IS3/ISU-152/T-54/obj140, same US : T29, T37, should be ok CN : Probably will stay on T-34-1 and IS-2 which can take care of themselves. Jap : Will have to buy a type 61 and play it stock while getting zerged... FR : stock arl44 and amx 13 75 :/ will throw 10€ at WG there.
  9. My only problem with this tank is that I played 1 game on it, RR'ed into reds with 75% ghetto crew, got an ace badge, 2.4k dmg, 7 kills, 1887 xp, 8k WN8 and shiny purple 100% win rate and since it looks cool on stats sheet I can't play it anymore =/
  10. KV-220 and KV5 aren't sold and churchill III is a disgrace :x
  11. Maybe I'm biased because I don't have E25 and have SU122, but I think E25 is much more broken and can turn around games very easily in late games with its mobility/camo/rof combo, whether driven by a noob or superunicum. SU-122-44 gets into T9 games where it is worthless all the goddamn time and it's also much rarer in my experience. IS-6 won't go because it's the last rus heavy crew trainer which probably are the most played lines. E25 and SU12244 both have other candidates for crew training at least. Another one that should go is the sealclubberpak40 which wrecks low tier teams like T18s. There also as been a resurgence of the premium french T5 cancer, even if they stopped selling it, it needs a hit from the nerfbat anyway. higher rof than FV304 that can hit the whole map and aims in 5 secs, pls.
  12. Maybe you have more latency but at least your shots go where you want them to ( +- RNG ) If it was counter strike reaction speed would be more important but when you have an opportunity to deal dmg every X or XX seconds you'd better make it count. Vanilla client already provide client + server if you change the default ^ ones.
  13. I know it's not new, but as far as I know it has never been given out in "the west" so I thought it would be possible that they would remove/nerf the + credits part (They are incredibly stingy with credits earning in EU at least ). However with the last news that you can more or less buy it for 70€ I think it's pretty safe to say it's a regular premium or there will be an ocean of tears. For the mission itself, I'm guesstimating 700 battles needed overall or 20 average per day over 35 days. It's on par with the Type 62 mission is it not ? I won't pretend it's for casuals but they probably also count on people skipping a part of it for x0 euros, how clever. I'm debating throwing 10€ for french and maybe USA since I have no high tiers available atm to farm dmg properly.
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