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  1. At tier 5, every mbt has really terrible armor. The Leo obviously but the m60 and t72 urual can still be penned by everything that it sees at its own tier (save for some afvs). You also have no defense against rockets at that tier, so whichever team plays more defensively usually wins the mbt fight. Tier 6 it's gets a bit better, I think the next patch is going to nerf the very broken xm1 which hopefully will put it on the same level as the 2av and the t72, but that remains to be seen. To answer your question directly, yes, at that tier, whoever plays the best defensive game usually wins.
  2. Used to be every day stream, now it's three times a week stream. New job must be good or sucks really bad.
  3. I agree with what Ziddy said, however to expand on that playing light tanks is usually a poor judge of skill because their expected values are ridiculous and their guns are usually unreliable and have mediocre/poor pen for the tanks they usually fight. So, looking at the stats for your leo, you have a 78% hit percentage, which is really really good. As ziddy said people who take the time to aim will be rewarded at higher tiers because of the high penetration guns, the leo has (iirc) 270 mm of penetration. But great job on doing so well in a tank that most purples really don't like! As far as being called a noob, this is going to happen all the time. I still get called a noob, by players who are both better and worse than me stats wise. And honestly, don't worry too much about stats very few people (at least here) trust wn8 as an accurate measure of skill anymore.
  4. Some can, but most of them don't because they're too wrapped up in their own ego and pride. Also, I think it's funny that I saw this thread and immediately knew what it was about and what happened, and I couldn't give two flying fucks about pop culture. Dammit gash
  5. +1. You could probably throw in there that you're just generally in a better mood.
  6. So the official AW forums are awful and empty of even useless information. I'm at tier 6 in the leo mbt line. It's far better than the leo1a5, but it still feels inadequate compared to the t72 and the xm1. I don't know if you played them, and have any advice on how to play them. I feel as though your lack of armor and how it isn't justified with anything else just make the tank(s) medicore at best. Hopefully that changes with the tier 7. I went down the line because the leo2a5 looks absolutely bad ass and dat 800mm turret armor. I stopped playing the 2AV in pubs because it could not pen anything so I 'v just been grinding pve mission, but that's really boring after 20 games. Any advice? This is why cats > dogs
  7. You have made me a convert. I don't think I'll ever want to play wot after playing aw for a couple of days. It fixes every gripe I have with wot, and it's a game that looks like people cared about making it. Thank you based garbad, thank you.
  8. That moment when you see derps in a game, and he tells you not to blow his cover
  9. part of getting better at this game is learning when to do which. That's not really something you can explain or teach, but you have to learn. It's team, tier and map dependent so you will have to learn when you can go be an assault td (up front with the heavies) or when you have lurk around at the back in area denial/sniping. for example, it's a tier 7 game. Your team has three heavies while the other team has four. An a45, two is1s, and a t29. None of them have great armor. So what do you do? Do you hang back or go forward with you heavies? Let's says the map fisherman's bay. You can go city with your heavies or camp on the 1 line. Both can be useful, but one is far more conducive to winning. Camping in tds is waiting for damage to come to you, which means you don't choose the terms of engagement, which means you're more likely to miss, get rushed and die. However being on the 1 line doesn't mean you're playing poorly, cause one big td can lock down that whole lane. Learn when you need to do area denial, and you need be an assault td. To do that, try new strategies, I promise that you will fail sometimes. You will do no damage and you might loose the game, but it's about learning what works. An idiot will do something different, die, pick a different tank, and do it again without figuring out why what they did didn't work.
  10. Ok, so the thing about the 'merican heaves is that they switch armor layouts at tier 9 (8 really but the t32 has pretty good armor in the hull and best turret in the game) so the t29 has a "weak" hull. Going hull down is not practical most of time, because you usually brawl on the same level as your opponent, so side scrape because American heavy tracks are huge and cover the entire side of the hull. So in most cases side scraping > hull down. True hull down areas are seldom used in maps because every other heavy tank in the game has pretty shitty gun depression. For the su100, you can literally abuse other tanks up close, you have a 122 with 390 alpha and 175 pen and iirc your reload beats or is close to a lot of heavies at the same tier. So your main job is to bully tanks with your alpha, try not to go to places alone because you're a case mate td that can get circled easily. Hopefully that makes sense
  11. If you're losing games, there's always something you're not doing right. This even happens in games you win. So if a game frustrates you, stop and think about what you did wrong, and sometimes you don't know. If you want extended help there are people who will watch replays of a session and try to give you some pointers. Putting blame on random teams is to say that you are expecting something from them, which in most cases they will fail to deliver. Putting faith in them that they will help you is a mistake. The only thing they will do consistently is take hits, and block you. WoT isn't a difficult game to play, so you not playing well is YOUR fault. If you're #yoloswag every game, try playing some slower tanks that don't really allow you to play too aggressively. You will probably have some shitty games until you figure out how how to not yolo but not red line snipe. and at the end of the day, this is a game, have fun, cause that's why we're all here.
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