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  1. Watch minimap + keep track of what rest of team is doing. I watched the lakeville replay, and even 1 of your enemies pointed out in the end that too many of your team went valley. You were in the perfect tank to turn back and go hulldown to def. But you only noticed when they were already capping. Never assume team mates to take care of anything vital. And adapt your deployment.
  2. You're supposed to be dead.

  3. 9.6 will also bring option to change crew qualification, might be interesting to keep in mind in this kind of scenarios. Indeed, it's mind-blowing. Especially seeing tank after tank fall into the water, game after game, and people getting stuck on walls/corners... However, I found the mammoth allows for very funny tactics, shooting 1 or 2 obstacles and catching camping enemies by surprise.
  4. You didn't ask that guy if he would be willing to pay for WOT lessons? Tito
  5. If a retarded Jackson driver is blown to pieces in every game he plays because he put the wrong crew in his tank, but there are no good players around who have to waste their time trying to talk sense into him, does he really make a sound?
  6. Strangely, you don't mention that you have a KV-5. If I were you, I would try to get the most out of that tank, and go up the soviet heavy line, at least to the KV-4. Overall you seem to be doing better in your heavies, incl. the KV85. To continue up the french line to the amx 50's in combination with the FCM seems a bit too early for optimal results, in my opinion. However, it is always good to learn the game in a medium, so you have the speed to get to know the maps, flex etc. You seem to have barely played any meds, apart of the T28. So would be logical and highly recommendable to go
  7. Reading a bit through this thread, a vision flashed through my mind, of a lot of players chasing those missions, going completely beserker-teamkill-mode, when seeing a team mate snatching their almost-completed near-impossible achievement away from them just before they would have obtained it... (and maybe effectively rage-quit forever as some have mentioned) Even more team killers / grievers? People playing even more retarded in order to obtain some tokens? I'm a bit scared... Tito
  8. I was doubting to buy AMX12t with the discounts now, but I saw most people write that it's quite crappy. Especially compared to the T37 now. That's the Cruiser II with the derp gun. Cruiser III is the king of tier 2: ideal for making people sell their pz2D's and training a British (4 man) crew in the process. For the rest I second for tier 5: the (new) KV-1S, tier 6: KV2 and tier 9: E75 as total beast tanks every fun-loving tanker should have. Tito
  9. The very first sentence of your post already sums up your problem: you don't see where the action is going to be and you don't adapt your way of approaching the enemies to what your team is doing. If you can successfully flank 1 or 2 times and unload your clip, you'll see how that tank can carry. You are losing a lot in a support tank, because you are not supporting your team. If your top tier heavies are camping base, you should do the same, in a position where you can open a cross-fire, or where you can use your bad team mates as a living shield. Even an afk team mate in your base can give
  10. Should this thread really be here? Dangerous precedent if you ask me... Tito
  11. Classic problem, I still do it as well. Really try to force yourself to conserve hp and don't take big blind risks until the game starts to develop. And stop assuming your pub team mates will support you. Simply playing slow heavy tanks can also remedy it somewhat if you keep failing to suppress your rushing tendencies. Tito
  12. I think these prices should go to the players who improved the most during the past year due to taking the advices posted on this forum. Tito
  13. Fantastic idea!! My girlfriend is going to a foal auction tonight, I'll tell her to buy a whip! Tito
  14. ^this The analysis as to why there is need for more credits in the first place, might be more important. For instance, Modder's WR on the T34 is only 52,5%, just 1.3% above average. For being 1/5 of his games last 2 years, this might show a general problem. Even with high pen tanks as well then? Maybe need for more platooning? I don't have the T34 (I derp(ed) around in the Löwe, losing a lot as well), but I have the impression that most purples prefer to take it out in platoons mainly. I found it helps a lot to make more credits when I don't get fucked over by bad teams every s
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