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  1. Notice how there is no release on the formal portal of them releasing tanks from 2250 to 2500? I would say they are trying to keep it quiet that they found more then the believed would be needed to offset people missing out? Well that's my theory anyway?
  2. Hey ADZO mind joining into the conversation? Any reason you decide to ban myself and a couple of others from the FLUKE server? Just because we have friends there and platoon with them doesn't mean you need to ban us because you have an issue with someone! Any one is welcome to the CNC Server and we have no issues letting guys in to platoon with us. It's fucking childish man, simply put!
  3. Where did i say anything about CR/D I called out Valheru for saying wotlabs is for the betterment of the players but anytime there is something to do with CNC -CNC someone from the peanut gallery is there trolling or spouting shit about CNC. So your statement was incorrect! Context!
  4. Yes context invited or not would PBFAC look after PBFG if they were getting pushed off the map? or would you let them get rekt and not look after them?
  5. Yep so every post here in the wotlabs forums that has anything to so with CNC or -CNC or something we are involved in one of you fucking galahs is there with your clan rivalry bullshit. Kettle this is Pot, Black Over! I do find it funny that its ok for you guys to join the thread and troll and clan rivalry all over the fucking place but how is that for the betterment of players exactly?
  6. To be honest I dont blame him, if people were talking hit about me and even when he had posted normal stuff you guys were always there to shit talk or sideline the fucking thread. Yeah we know he fucked up in the past, he stole money ( would have dealt with this through formal matters IE police or detectives), shits in the past, to be a good commander to his clan he may burn some bridges and back stab people to get the plan he has working, I beleive if I was a commander and had those plans and they work then I would use the same style, you can't be friends with every one and you can choose who
  7. Neither did OJ simpson but I sent him Letters whilst he was incarcerated, if the glove dont fit? Tell me on the toy tank where charles touched you? There's knowing someone is bad and there is actually spending time with them and getting to know them before judging them, I had heard all the shit talking and the koalas and galahs on the fence crowing about how bad he is and don't trust him, but he has never done anything by us and whether his leadership is questionable at the moment his results are working.
  8. Yep be proud of those Peoples Itteh Bitteh Forum Action Committee, Having been in a few clans on different servers people make mistakes from everything I have heard about him there is always two sides to a story, what I see is a lot of one side and people continuously harping over the same issues again and again. Seriously learn to move on, if he has smited you that badly and it tears you up in side then find a way to deal with it, whether you seek him out and speak to him or you cut him completely and put it away and never deal with it again or him. Don't continuously comment on others and be
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