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  1. Chi-Ri game in a tier 9 match. The beginning was mediocre, the middle was good and the ending was very good (2 vs 7), with the last shot fired with 5 seconds remaining. Great teamwork with the JP2. http://wotreplays.com/site/1995009 4.2K dmg 1800 raw xp 7 kills
  2. Looking for some people with +1800wn8 recent. Silent platoon. I like to play mediums, and i usually play tier 8-9.
  3. Wow blue, i'm really happy for your partnership and it's nice to see you here. P.S.: I like your stream
  4. Why does your strim channels the inner gay out of everyone? Edit: Changed the original question for a "better one". Excuse me for my bad engrish , no bulli pliss
  5. If you think i'm good enough add me to your spam list.
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