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  1. I'll probably discontinue the reload announcer/safe shot mod as I have remapped some keys on my keyboard and no longer have a use for that (unless there is huge demand for me to revive it) The rest will still work with 9.19 and will be updated for as long as I play tanks, you just need to install XVM first from their website, then apply my files. This saves me a lot of time and effort with each update
  2. Support is slowly being reduced as most mods are being incorporated into the game. Now the download does NOT include the actual XVM mod itself, only a configuration for it. A new online documentation will be written for the new format at some point in the near future - but I'm afk all next week so it won't be for a while yet. Some of the extra mods (utilities and zoom out etc) may still work on 9.18, haven't had time/chance to test - if they don't, let me know and I will update them on my return.
  3. Wish I had time for a proper grind On a side note - our Discord gets all the lovin' so thought I'd give our original home some lovin' with some quality shitpposting... may I present to you - the animation studio behind the 'Starlight' video from way back... #whathasbeenseencannotbeunseen
  4. Session stats mods are usually horrendously out of date with regards to WN8 data. The latest 'live' data (that is used by XVM) can be found here: http://stat.modxvm.com/wn8.json You can always download it and use it to update your session stats mods too. Session stats are the fastest way into the pitfalls of reliance on data as to your performance, you can't use it alone to improve. It can however be a rough (and I mean rough) metric to validate any improvements... but because of the pitfalls of WN8 it should only be accounted for on a tank by tank basis, rather than an 'overall'.
  5. The remaining HP Bars are only on the 'short' players panel which is accessible by holding Alt in-game or ctrl+clicking on the top left to select the shot panel. Use one of the 'medium panels' or remove ${"barBg"}, ${"bar"}, ${"hp"} from BOTH the extraFieldsLeft and extraFieldsRight for the "short" panel Two things to note: If the spotted indicators are 'lightbulbs' then you have a broken config, ensure you have the latest available release as there was a config error during refactoring or possible you downloaded a 'live version' (as I can live edit). The spot
  6. I THINK I have finally got to the bottom of the Google Drive Sync issue so now all bits should be up to date. I got inspired to do some more tweaking to make it even more lightweight so the full list of 'recent' changes are below: Removed XVM Hitlog - the in game version is more than suitable, doing this enabled me to have a drag drop config for enabling team HP pools - which brings me to: Config added for team HP pool Removed dependency on sounds.xc Increased code efficiency (doesn't look pretty anymore but that's not required as it's designed for people who don't
  7. So there were a couple of config issues causing the in-game damagelog not to work, these have now been fixed and updated the modpack and xvm config. Also removed the XVM hitlog as the in-game one is fine and easier to set/customise for non-programmer-type people anyway. Added option to enable team HP pools (because I removed the hitlog which used the same file). Need to update the documentation but that shouldn't take long. Thanks to @Griphos for testing out bits that I hadn't/didn't test fully - he helped find some issues that I had no idea existed.
  8. You've made the fatal beginners flaw and rushed for a tier X without fully understanding the game, it's mechanics and content. You had just over 2k games when you got your first tier X... You have an SU-122-44 to make up for the credit shortfall when playing your E100 too as you don't do a lot of damage in games... Even then you don't even do one shot of damage in the SU-122-44 in every game you play. You've made the first step in self improvement by signing up to Wotlabs as there is a tonne of content on here to help beginners like you. I'd also recommend watching some youtube videos/str
  9. Found a bug (reported by AMGPilot) where the config wouldn't alter the enabled switches. Fixed and removed some more unnecessary bits so now it's only 11Kb in size!!
  10. Training up a french medium crew - that and the Revoloiserie are quite suitable Plus people have seemed to stop firing HE at CDCs... which is nice (for me) I much prefer the M4A1 to the CDC though Who noticed the inverted scoreboard ay?! I prefer seeing how many tanks are alive rather than dead
  11. Well you have a max bloom* and a min bloom* This is modified by turret traverse* vehicle traverse (turning)* vehicle movement (backwards/forwards)* aiming time* - the base value for the time taken to go from max to min if the above = 0 Crew skills and perks** Equipment *differs for each tank based on base values and soft stats **also a hard variable to deal with as crew skill (0-100% affects it, well commander and gunner anyway with perks on top of that; smooth driving to help negate when driving back/forth, snap shot for turret rotation etc.)
  12. Health bars are dealt with entirely differently now than back then. Health bars are included by default with my config (press alt). I haven't tried with the new bars using them as spotted indicators too... All the info is in playerspanel.xc and you could try replacing "bar": { "x": 87, "y": 7, "bindToIcon": true, "width": "{{hp-ratio:70}}", "height": 12, "bgColor": "{{c:system}}", "alpha": "{{alive?50|0}}" }, with "bar": { "x": 87, "y": 7, "bindToIcon": true, "width": "{{hp-ratio:70}}", "height": 12, "bgColor": "{{c:spotted}}", "alpha": "{{alive?50|0}}" }, Though you m
  13. I didn't think I'd hear anything positive about the game coming out of your mouth
  14. Lol at the updated post to include the SH TK-ing at the end. It's a great thing, you're just giving the other person some free money
  15. FIXED Type 59: 15 WZ-111: 19 112: 22 T-34-3: 12 59-Patton: 2 FCM 50 t: 22 M4A1 Rev.: 28 AMX M4 49 (Liberté): 22 leKpz M41 90mm: 21 Skorpion G: 23 Panther 88: 20 Löwe: 30: Pz. 58 Mutz (Black): 21 STA-2: 25 FV4202 (P): 2 M46 KR: 21 T26E5 (Patriot): 25 IS6 (Black): 7 KV-5: 20 T-44-100: 22 T34: 17 T26E4: 19
  16. Type 59: 18: WZ-111: 19 112: 22 T-34-3: 12 59-Patton: 5 FCM 50 t: 21 M4A1 Rev.: 26 Lol Alpha with decent enough mobility, gun depression and auto-aim esque shell velocity. Point and click tank to do dmg and great for cleaning up low HP tanks AMX M4 49 (Liberté): 22 leKpz M41 90mm: 21 Skorpion G: 23 Panther 88: 20 Löwe: 30: Pz. 58 Mutz (Black): 21 STA-2: 25 FV4202 (P): 2 M46 KR: 21 T26E5 (Patriot): 25 IS-6 (Black): 7 At least the T34 has decent pen to punch through some of the super-heavies, this how been a victim of powercreep and n
  17. Type 59 - 24WZ-111 - 17 112 - 20T-34-3 - 18 59-Patton - 14 AMX CDC - 5-3 = 2 Suffers badly against noobs who fire HE as HE always does damage - and it does a LOT against a CDC. 40mm of armour get's overmatched by IS gun and is a HUGE targetFCM 50 t - 23M4A1 Rev. - 22AMX M4 49 - 20leKpz M41 90mm - 21Skorpion - 21Panther 88 - 20Lowe - 28Pz. 58 Mutz - 20STA-2 - 22 +1 = 23 A great jack of all trades tank, not great alpha but it feels more mobile with better gun handling than it's STA-1 cousin. FV4202 (P) - 14T26E4 - 18T34 - 20M46 KR - 21T26E5 (Patriot) - 22 T-54 Mod. 1 - 4IS-6 - 18 KV-5 - 20T-4
  18. Short answer - you don't really... There is little to no advantage of extending view range as it's such a close quarters map and most tanks that are likely to see Paris have a more than ample view range anyway. The North is often a camp fest unless you have a medium advantage and can rush the North (hoping that your team's efforts in town can hold the enemy there - allowing you to flank easier). The middle position between the buildings in the North helps break some camps too but it's easily countered. The south becomes much more of a brawl/ambush area, late game I find that the mid-
  19. and because everywhere needs spamming with my Youtube Videos Arguably one of the most random and hilarious SH sessions in the last couple of months, sadly I don't have the discord audio as some of the things said were just... well... I'll have to record the next one!
  20. Updated for some small bug-fixes, spotted notifier should now only be active in CW and SH battles making pubbies even less spammy (it's an in progress trial so might not be the case all the time! Depends on how WG choose to handle CW/SH games in future)
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