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  1. Yes, once joined it should show on the leftmost bar and you just click on them to change servers, it's pretty much instant and allows you to chat on one channel whilst typing in another. I think voice can only be on one server at a time though... You are still showing as having joined the BRAH and LAVA/LOTI/1UP server too.
  2. Yes, and can use voice too unlike Slack (and you have to pay for TS app!!) I'd suggest it to your officers as it's a much more powerful tool and can have everything in a single place. Permissions are easier to setup, overlay is a million times better etc.
  3. Use Discord and you will never need to use both TS and Slack ever again
  4. I use my own xvm config which turns all the stats rubbish off and offers a few aesthetic tweaks like re-arranging the end game information, players name/clan tag in-game, enemy tank spotted markers and damagelog (though this will be vanilla soon). On top of that I use: My reload announcing script: which I find useful for communicating with the team as it doesn't spam a load of useless crappy info Battle Assistant: as I like to play arty and it does help from time to time - I could not have made those two shots with the normal view The other mods that are in my thread I don't actually use, they are for others. Sometimes I load the freecam replay mod if I'm doing anything fancy recording-wise but that's about it. Vanilla is almost perfect now - I made my XVM config to just make it that little bit more perfect (and added options/user guide for those who want to tweak their own settings. I was going to make an installer but I don't have the time/resources to put into making one)
  5. Can fully vouch for Skara/Kep or luz Great player who was an asset to 1-UP stronghold sessions, would have him in BRAH if he met the requirements. High activity and nice person to have a laugh with, would recommend 5/7
  6. What legend of an admin did this to adstownstike?



    1. FullGore


      this guy is gold <3

    2. Wanderjar


      its been ;like that since like page 20ish i think? id have to go back and look at it

    3. It's_Matra


      It would have been done at some point in time (would be copied across all of his posts now), only noticed in the latest responses where the E50 and Patton returned to normal

  7. Thankfully due to the 'vanilla' nature of the modpack, the damagelog and hitlog are disabled by default (using in-game options instead). I will be keeping my versions of the XVM hit/damagelog available as 'extras' on the next release (which will make some of you happy). I might remove them at a later date - haven't decided yet. I've started removing bits that I don't use anyway. I won't be discontinuing this modpack just yet as there are some useful aesthetic tweaks that are handy when playing the game.
  8. I think that patrons should get more up votes/down votes when a thread involves adstownstike. I've run out of both
  9. You do realise you are asking a woman to do something logical...?
  10. Figured we hadn't had much shitposting here so have a couple of videos too Above video might not be available in the USA due to copyright claim on Kenny Loggins - Danger Zone
  11. Especially in the CGC as that trolls you as much as it does the enemy
  12. One is taking an active role in helping to secure wins whilst the other is most likely camping somewhere watching a position where you aren't contributing to the team's efforts. Performance in each tank is 'above server average'. Mirroring other peoples comments: Play to win - which usually involves dealing damage BUT you have to do it in an effective way; securing kills on low HP targets to get enemy tanks out of the game, helping team mates damage/kill isolated enemies (leaving you more tanks to kill theirs). WoT is a numbers game primarily - if they (the team) work together, even the best players struggle to kill 2+ noobs who work together at the same time. Watch any replay where they secure a Kolobanovs medal and you'll notice that 95% of these the enemy approach 1 by 1 - negating their numerical advantage. Or they play a fair bit of arty Arty relies heavily on a team effort, to spot and let you work etc. Damage tends to be high but WR tends to be low unless in platoons (for most arty players)
  13. You are doing the wrong thing, you are acting as a 'lone wolf' and not part of the team. Support the team in anyway you can - even if it means going against your 'judgement'. Never rely on your team to support you but always be somewhere that you can support them. Two guns are far better than one (2 guns vs 1 is the equivalent of having 4 tanks! I can explain the maths but it would bore you), find isolated enemies who are shooting at your team, flank them and kill them. Or get them to look your way so the team get better shots etc. Two things you can do to help your team - know when to run away so you can stay alive for longer; relocate to a better position to support them. If they push too far then you may have to leave some to die and secure some kills. The second is to secure kills when you can - see a tank on low HP? Kill it and get it out of the game, don't be afraid to use hitpoints late game to secure kills. If you can take a 390 shot but able to take out two guns then do it! Unless you can do it without losing the 390hp
  14. You can do that - though you do lose the other benefits of upgraded tracks other than it's load limit HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Do you have any idea who that is who you are calling a noob? The same advice you gave should also be considered by yourself... I'd also include learning when to make a tactical retreat to your advice too. The longer you stay alive the more you can do to help your team. Don't go to flanks on your own and call your team noobs, if you MUST go to that flank then be sure you are in a position where you can support your team and vice versa; NEVER trust your team to support you, but always support your team.
  15. I'll be blowing some dust off an old 'mod' and updating it soon (now that it's easier to edit) and re-release the generic XVM blocker. What will it do? It will block communications between your computer and the XVM stats server. What does this mean? It means that you won't be able to use the unicorn poop version of XVM and stats will not be shown. It also means that you will not show to others that you use XVM, though you will still be able to use all of the 'non-stats' based features of XVM. You will be less focussed on enemy/ally WN8 and more focussed on winning. Treat everyone as a good player until you see their reactions to your actions! You also won't be able to use XMQP features (not that anyone does anyway). What can't it do? It can't make you win games, it can only remove the demoralising effect that XVM has on many players. It can't show you as a non-xvm user until your login token expires (7 days iirc) and the 30 day period following that. If you log into the XVM website for any reason to change something then you will show as a 'previous user' for another 30 days. It can't make cups of tea. It can't get you laid (sorry!)
  16. I commend you for such a response. Though in future might I suggest a look at the search bar also? There you will find a long thread with nothing but comedy gold; as a single player got triggered because they were padding WN8
  17. As you're new I will spell it for you W N 8 There is no 'I' between the W and N. I'd also recommend reading all pages before commenting as you will read some pure comedy gold and learn a thing or two about stats and metrics etc.
  18. I've stayed neutral on this until now... when you didn't take my advice and shut your cockholster. It doesn't matter if you are 'trolling' - the more you post, the more you are coming across as a conglomerate of intellectual constipation. People will not think of you as a 'troll' or someone to 'recover their reputation'... they will just think of you as an idiot. In fact, I'm pretty sure your name is now synonymous with retarded. WN8 is a metric to see player improvement, it's not an exact measure of skill. It can be used as a base and a reference but that's where it ends. It can be too easily 'enhanced' or 'altered' through padding - like most metrics. Most people when they saw the change were like; 'awww I've gone down a few internet points' but then we got over it realising that it's just a number. I think only two people were triggered.
  19. QB has it in his title because he wants to utilise a made up metric via search terms to appear more often and 'better' than the whiney little bitch that he is. Anyone who disagrees with him - or samples the 'bad bits' of his streams gets given takedown requests, lawsuits or simply have their comments deleted. Lets put it like this... QB used to believe that capping points was more important than damage up until about 18 months ago as he used the efficiency metric to judge a player's skill. [insert your argument is invalid comment here] To be fair I commend you on writing such a post as above - but do you know the best thing you could have done? Taken a man up pill, swallowed your pride and stayed quiet. By coming back you will be opening yourself to much more flak. If YOU consider yourself to be good at the game is that not enough? Did you really have to come onto a forum and complain about it making yourself look rather foolish? You should not need the approval of strangers or peers. Now you get people calling you a red-line sniper and all sorts of other things that you don't want to hear. Even going on about dpg and 3 marking - everyone 'knows' (or at the very least assumes) that you would be slinging a lot of premium rounds; which again, puts you open for more flak from those who 'disagree' with your point of view or use of premium rounds. Just take my advice from this neutral post and try not to embarrass yourself any further - even if it has been absolute comedy gold with some of the responses on here.
  20. Just read through all 16 amazing pages and I have no idea how this image has not yet been posted However I believe the salt mine image [posted earlier] might be a better image to relate to the thread in general. I've gone from unicum to blunicum - but you know what? It won't take me long to play other tanks to be unicum again. It's only a number... fun has no metric.
  21. It purely depends on a tank; If it requires speed to be effective - free xp the tracks engine If it's capable but can't mount equipment - free xp tracks It it's effectiveness relies on it's turret or gun - free xp the turret/gun (namely the Conqueror before the Cent AX was introduced!! Everyone could just lol-pen your stock turret) If it's the T28 prototype then skip it altogether (I made the mistake of grinding from stock with no free xp - this was the tank that taught me how to use free xp!!)
  22. Fixed download link, working on slimmer/lighter version too - it's pretty light already at 12.7K but I reckon I could get it sub-10K
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