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  1. Introducing the new and revamped MatraMod utilities mod: MatraMod2 Utilities Mod What is this I hear you ask - well it's essentially what Autoaim+ eventually became but I removed all the junk leaving only the stuff that you would find useful and removed the ability to re-enable the 'illegal' autoaim (which is very easy to do!) along with also removing the partial automation on repairs as this was questionable with Wargaming's stance on mods. So what does it do? You have multiple options in the config file and I will explain them below { "reload_announcer": { "autoclip": false, "hotkeyMap": true }, "safeshotDead": true, "safeshotAlly": false, "spotted": false } autoclip will notify your team that you are reloading when your drum/magazine is empty of shells (autoloaders only). It uses the in-game reload key so does not spam more info like position or what you had for breakfast. hotkeyMap is a bit more advanced and notifies your team when you are reloading partial clips - BUT it's mapped using the in-game settings to whatever your 'reload drum' key is (C by default). Works the same way as above with regards to messaging. You can have both options enabled as they can work side by side. Personally I just use this but it's your call. safeshotDead prevents you from shooting a recently deceased tank - thus saving your shell for better use safeshotAlly prevents you from accidentally (or on purpose) shooting team mates. You cannot disable this in-game - I made it this way deliberately, so either don't play with it enabled if you don't want to play nice. Neither safeshot option will spam chat with some bollocks like 'you're blocking my shot' or 'I'm a noob who likes to click on tanks before a battle' or 'I don't know how to use mods so this message is enabled and I'm a twat'. Last but not least is spotted. This will send the in-game help command [F7] when you: Have sixth sense as a perk Get spotted by the enemy Again no bollocks in chat like 'oh I have been spotted at J0 with my pants down and my dick in my hand' The lady below is also included completely free of charge with every download of this mod* *By lady I mean this image and you can download if for free by right clicking... what, you wanted the real thing? Stop reading this and go out to pick up some hot chick instead. DOWNLOAD LINK The information here is also found with a bit less 'flair' in my Online Documentation for my modpack Oh and to top it off - I won't be using any kind of 'protection' or code obfuscation so you can see exactly what you get in the tin - If you're from Yorkshire, England (that's in the UK for you Yanks; Hollywood seems to think that you need to know the full details of where somewhere is) then the last bit of that sentence is pronounced 'tin 'tin tin Credits Krysztof_Chodak for the original script that I butchered and made into my own.
  2. Updated some mods for the minipatch Also working hard on my own version of the 'clean' autoaim+ - which is really just a collection of 'utilities' now. I'm going to be removing all of the 'questionable stuff' whilst also completely removing the ability to re-enable the original autoaim+ functions (as it was VERY easy to do). This means that there will be zero chance of WG suddenly deciding that the mod is 'illegal' and allow continued use. In the 'utilities mod' will be a configurable: Safeshot for dead tanks Safeshot for allies Auto reload announcer for autoloaders Remapping of C for reload (handy to use instead of the above as it then works for all tanks!) Spotted announcer ALL WITH NO SPAM!! The spotted announcer will call for help once and not spam location/text in chat. Zero safeshot spam too! Still very much a work in progress so may be a couple of days yet
  3. I wonder if Wargaming plan to introduce this Tier X Swedish SPG... 14 rounds in 48 seconds!!


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    2. It's_Matra


      I think the best fix for arty is to increase the visibility of the arty tracer and introduce a 'redball' type mod if arty fires twice/three times from the same spot. That way arty will be paying more attention to counter battery, allowing the game to develop more before people get shot to shit by arty

    3. TAdoo87


      That, and maybe the introduction of special medals for countering. I would even reward it with a lot of extra xp and credit. Its not a solution, but at least a small improvement, and it would definitely decrease the number of the arty players.

    4. It's_Matra


      oooo I like the idea of extra XP for killing unspotted enemies/counter arty

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  4. Only just saw this post They have not 'stolen' anything as both the XVM team and Battle Assistant creator(s) have received substantial funding/rewards from Wargaming themselves You would be incorrect. Whilst not fantastic it does work. They also don't have to prove anything which is slightly worrying... if you get banned and ask why then they are not at any liberty to tell you as to what mod/cheat was used to get you banned.
  5. Want to know the best thing to do in that situation?
  6. No - fully automated use of non-premium consumables were/are. The rest is a little grey at the moment still. As it still required user input (for non-premium consumables) it was essentially the same as a macro on a keyboard. To be fair it's a clever interpretation of the rules - but WG can change their interpretation stance anytime they like!
  7. f*ck me not another one... Autoaim+ in its CURRENT form is legal. In its previous form it was illegal. However even its current form is coming into question, as it partially automates the repair kit process and fully automates large repair kits based on tank damage. The rest is ok though (even if it is insanely easy to enable the snapping!). If you want to play safe - don't use it, simple!
  8. I have to admit I do keep watching that song, it's quite addictive. Reminds me of Lonely Island and Justin Timberlakes Dick In a Box - which was 2007!!! Man I'm starting to feel old
  9. Why do you think they are smiling so awkwardly...?? That sounds like something the Lonely Island would make
  10. Unicums have fun all the time - unless they are tryhards Also for making it smaller... you can't from what I can see, it's annoying but hey ho
  11. Would one of these do? The former is a little pixelated but if you minimise to a 200x200 image then that should fix it Then there's the one from the QB meme Hopefully one of those might work
  12. This... As far as 'new detachment metas' go on the EU - it's all about dank O-Ho tenks, team with the most wins. Skorpion parties are so old now
  13. Soooo.... Jingles is feeling bad that he doesn't have a fan club clan... shall we pick him for the next logo change?
  14. So the Patriot got a completely unjustified buff again via micropatch a day or two ago? - T32 is even more redundant now

  15. Did I forget to actually submit my reply earler? I guess I did Yeah we have zero focus on regular CW other than campaigns so no 'regular payouts of gold'. We do however almost always have a credit bonus running as we are very SH orientated for the bonuses and our amazing setups. We don't do try hard and it's completely relaxed, though we are getting pretty full and without the magical 2.2k mark overall it will be harder to convince people but shouldn't take you long EDIT: Oh wait I'm getting confused with all these apps from people!! Ignore what I said above apart from the last bit
  16. Yeah you won't get regular gold payouts in BRAH but we are SH focussed and almost always have a credit bonus running
  17. Huh - It's been ages since I has the 50 100 but I can see what we were lining up/doing in that snapshot Looks like they are about to go two light tanks and an IS-5 down
  18. Assault is the easiest way to do some of the missions, it's also the easiest way to get Ace Tankers and many other great things as enemies tend to be predictable and all go down one 'corridor'.
  19. And how long did it take for those who needed convincing to be convinced Said from the start that Discord >> TS - and it's FREE Well someone is missing out on the x5 - Where I will be playing lots of arty to get that XP boost
  20. It was a great tank before the buff - just a little too slow to be effective in 60% of situations/maps. They have fixed that now though I have not played since the speed buff.. I'm having too much fun in the mega buffed M4A1 Rev
  21. Arguably the best RNG to date. 


    Though arguably some of it is just pure 'luck' and right place-right time.

  22. Something is very much off there as the VK72.01 is a CW reward tank too...
  23. As one of the tweaks I do is fix a small bug in XVM each time upon release (it's all automated my end) I have updated my XVM config and modpack to suit the latest XVM update which is mainly bug fixes. It is synching now so should be available within the hour
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