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  1. Updated some mods for the minipatch

    Also working hard on my own version of the 'clean' autoaim+ - which is really just a collection of 'utilities' now. 

    I'm going to be removing all of the 'questionable stuff' whilst also completely removing the ability to re-enable the original autoaim+ functions (as it was VERY easy to do). This means that there will be zero chance of WG suddenly deciding that the mod is 'illegal' and allow continued use.

    In the 'utilities mod' will be a configurable:

    • Safeshot for dead tanks
    • Safeshot for allies
    • Auto reload announcer for autoloaders
    • Remapping of C for reload (handy to use instead of the above as it then works for all tanks!)
    • Spotted announcer



    The spotted announcer will call for help once and not spam location/text in chat. Zero safeshot spam too!


    Still very much a work in progress so may be a couple of days yet

  2. On 05/01/2017 at 10:00 PM, Dlur said:

    Yep, if you enjoy half of the newer features in the game such as tank filters, two rows of tanks, circles on the minimap, last spotted on the minimap, many features of the aiming reticle, etc please thank mod creators, especially the XVM builders for vastly improving the vanilla game experience by having WG steal their ideas and put them into the game.

    Only just saw this post

    They have not 'stolen' anything as both the XVM team and Battle Assistant creator(s) have received substantial funding/rewards from Wargaming themselves

    On 07/01/2017 at 10:52 PM, Victrix said:

    Based on some conversations I happened to overhear is that their anticheat us pretty shit and they have to be able to prove that you're cheating or using an illegal mod. Like a replay or stream or something..

    You would be incorrect.

    Whilst not fantastic it does work. They also don't have to prove anything which is slightly worrying... if you get banned and ask why then they are not at any liberty to tell you as to what mod/cheat was used to get you banned.

  3. On 06/01/2017 at 4:56 PM, monty50k said:


    Wasn't that illegal even under the old fair play policy?

    No - fully automated use of non-premium consumables were/are. The rest is a little grey at the moment still.

    As it still required user input (for non-premium consumables) it was essentially the same as a macro on a keyboard. To be fair it's a clever interpretation of the rules - but WG can change their interpretation stance anytime they like!

  4. f*ck me not another one...

    Autoaim+ in its CURRENT form is legal. In its previous form it was illegal.


    However even its current form is coming into question, as it partially automates the repair kit process and fully automates large repair kits based on tank damage. The rest is ok though (even if it is insanely easy to enable the snapping!).


    If you want to play safe - don't use it, simple!

  5. 1 hour ago, oinked said:

    But hey, I figure even unicum have fun sometimes right?

    (wow, how do I make these smaller!?!)


    Unicums have fun all the time - unless they are tryhards

    Also for making it smaller... you can't from what I can see, it's annoying but hey ho

  6. On 28/12/2016 at 9:44 AM, zapyoug said:

    You are so late to the skorpion party is not even funny :facepalm:



    As far as 'new detachment metas' go on the EU - it's all about dank O-Ho tenks, team with the most wins. Skorpion parties are so old now

  7. Did I forget to actually submit my reply earler? I guess I did :facepalm:

    Yeah we have zero focus on regular CW other than campaigns so no 'regular payouts of gold'. We do however almost always have a credit bonus running as we are very SH orientated for the bonuses and our amazing setups.

    We don't do try hard and it's completely relaxed, though we are getting pretty full and without the magical 2.2k mark overall it will be harder to convince people but shouldn't take you long :)


    EDIT: Oh wait I'm getting confused with all these apps from people!! :oscar: Ignore what I said above apart from the last bit


  8. 3 hours ago, breeeze said:

    Just your friendly reminder that we will soon drop teamspeak fully and move to Discord, so anyone that isn't on there yet, get on it:  https://discord.gg/RwZr4gK

    And how long did it take for those who needed convincing to be convinced :P

    Said from the start that Discord >> TS - and it's FREE

    22 hours ago, Britzz said:

    Service information: I will be away for the christmas holidays from tomorrow untill the 3rd of january :)

    Well someone is missing out on the x5 - Where I will be playing lots of arty to get that XP boost :P

  9. It was a great tank before the buff - just a little too slow to be effective in 60% of situations/maps. They have fixed that now though I have not played since the speed buff.. I'm having too much fun in the mega buffed M4A1 Rev

  10. As I don't get often to play these days I thought I'd have a couple of games last night and take out the ol' 1390 for a bit of wooshy wooshy pew-pew. Had an excellent game and carried it like a boss.

    So then I blew the cobwebs of my AMX 1357F (which is a bucket load of fun in the right situations) and landed right in a heavy tier X game as the only tier 7 - 'well shit' I thought, 'I'll just see what I can do'...

    Carried that too like a boss but bounced so many premium rounds which cost me a bit. However it was still a lot of hard work fun. I come round to checking my sessions stats this morning (as I don't run an inaccurate session stats mod) and... lul, wut?


    I knew I had two good and fun games but didn't expect them to be THAT good

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