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  1. As I don't get often to play these days I thought I'd have a couple of games last night and take out the ol' 1390 for a bit of wooshy wooshy pew-pew. Had an excellent game and carried it like a boss. So then I blew the cobwebs of my AMX 1357F (which is a bucket load of fun in the right situations) and landed right in a heavy tier X game as the only tier 7 - 'well shit' I thought, 'I'll just see what I can do'... Carried that too like a boss but bounced so many premium rounds which cost me a bit. However it was still a lot of hard work fun. I come round to checking my sessions stats t
  2. I'm surprised that nobody has corrected the incorrect article. You cannot SELL your tank for gold. You can only trade it in for a different premium tank - with a gold excess to pay. The trade in value is not known yet exactly and may differ from tank to tank.
  3. Where do I remember you from? Feel free to spam (when/if I'm actually online) I play arta but can refrain upon request
  4. Stick with the largest group of tanks and re-asses the situation when an enemy is spotted... do you need to switch to a different position to better support your team? Can you break off to help save arty from a solitary light tank? - thus keeping a gun in the game (whilst removing one of theirs) - that kind of thing. There is no right or wrong answer, just don't go off on your own, if you do then be sure to have an exit strategy and try to get into favourable situations with your team; like having you and at least one other team mate shooting at an enemy (take hits if necessary to keep th
  5. Just wait until you are 'purple'... then you get moaned at for not doing more damage than you have shells for
  6. All mods work fine on the minipatch though it will break the XVM English bug fix - not a big deal! Will update everything properly on Monday for you all
  7. If you want one - get one. You won't be disappointed and it's a good crew trainer/money maker anyway, useable in T8 strongholds too - depending on your typical tactics/FCs... some people like to try-hard and others do a 'bring your tank to work day'. The STA-2 was good before the last 'buff' - which to me was more of a nerf, but now it's got what I would consider a decent buff making it even better. If you want to compare to a KR Patton then don't. They both have similar play-styles but with some major differences. The KR gets the better ammo choices as APCR >> HEAT and yo
  8. Utilities and modpack are syncing now so they should be available very shortly, I have omitted the zoom out mod from the modpack on a trial basis... I think it and battle assistant weren't liking each other very much - yes I play arty
  9. So the Chinese get/had a cool looking gold Type 59... now they get this too... FVcfX7PeXR8.jpg

    We just get tanks coloured in black...

    1. kolni


      PM milky and he can probably make this a skin for the normal 111

    2. It's_Matra


      I don't want a skin though... I want the real thing like that to start with :P


    3. kolni


      Still, looks much much nicer than the normal one

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  10. I think we missed out on a spot in the top 50 because our clan logo is not an epic paint masterpiece like the FAME one, though once we had Trump on our tanks we did seem to win more I am completely loving the buffs to the M4A1 Rev, it's now exactly how it should be! Little bit more mobile and a bit faster aim time with the gun allows more 'pokey pokey' play - when RNG doesn't annihilate you... and it still has arty troubles when you camp on the front line [pushing]
  11. Some mods updated for 9.17, haven't had chance to test them yet but from what I have seen so far there should be no reason for them to not work. Rest will be updated soon (sync is taking place now so will be a few minutes yet before available)
  12. Remember when the advent calendar was full of offers on rare tanks without shitty bundles (excluding the PzIIJ and BT-SV) - Pepperidge Farm remembers

  13. Unless you have BIA, and at least 3 other perks, then fit optics. If you have a kick ass crew with all vision perks and camo, then I would choose vents.
  14. New bits and tweaks should be added when 9.17 is released. The following will be changed/introduced: Damagelog position changed to sit under vanilla options Abilty to scroll up/down damage log by holding ctrl and using the mouse wheel
  15. Exactly, but which number would you look at for 'sensationalism' - also 0.21% for 'active' players. When people look at '2.9k users banned, nearly 700 of which were Polish' it damages the [already damaged] Polish community more than memes possibly could
  16. I'm not happy that this kind of page exists (after all WG has said that some [a very, very small amount of] players have been unfairly banned and are being compensated for it), but it also shows that it's going to be easy for racial profiling and accusations. http://wot-cheaters.tk/?p=stat It has a list of cheaters banned (EU I believe) and statistics of average winrate but most interestingly; language. So if you were to analyse the face value of the statistics - then a British, German and French player are equally likely to cheat but a Polish player is more than 3 times likely
  17. As long as you have the top gun on the M103 it is a great tier 9 tank, personally I'd stick with that and your Patriot until you have two perks and working on your third before stepping in to tier X. It's a personal choice but I would seriously contemplate slowing down a bit - after all you said you made a noob error, now you need time to recover from that error. Going in to tier X without decent crew skills (depends on tank but for a heavy you'd want 6th sense, repairs and vision perks at a minimum). I don't think I had my first tier X until about 4k games (T57 Heavy) and I sucked i
  18. 2k games and already looking close to two tier Xs? It also looks like you want to put a fresh crew into the E5 - Don't. Never put fresh crews in a tier 8+ tank unless premium and training one up. When it comes to resetting crews - to do it on the cheap retrain your crews to 90% using credits - that keeps your crew skills which helps offset that 10%, then train them up in a prem tank or your normal tank. NEVER USE FREE XP FOR TANKS, only ever use it for modules saving you from doing stock grinds. As you have the awesome (and about to become more awesome) Ripper Patton go do
  19. Some people on here will hate me for this but I'd seriously give QSF a thought in your position. They have a decent community and 99.99999% of the time you will never see or even speak to the little tantrum thrower.
  20. So on the WG official forums you are not allowed to post pictures of mass murderers... This is not the WG official forums Some are also a 'read between the lines' killer
  21. 95 Members and so few shitposts... But great success in the campaign so far so keep it up all! As for the shitposting... And two of the best Christmas related (short) sketches
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