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  1. Stick with the largest group of tanks and re-asses the situation when an enemy is spotted... do you need to switch to a different position to better support your team? Can you break off to help save arty from a solitary light tank? - thus keeping a gun in the game (whilst removing one of theirs) - that kind of thing.

    There is no right or wrong answer, just don't go off on your own, if you do then be sure to have an exit strategy and try to get into favourable situations with your team; like having you and at least one other team mate shooting at an enemy (take hits if necessary to keep the other gun alive). You want to be in situations where you have the 'number' advantage and can sneak round and surprise the enemy giving them more than one corner to cover.

    The only 'correct' flank to take is the one that wins the game - this changes every game ;) the only thing that remains consistent is you, so be the best part of the team that you can be.


  2. If you want one - get one.

    You won't be disappointed and it's a good crew trainer/money maker anyway, useable in T8 strongholds too - depending on your typical tactics/FCs... some people like to try-hard and others do a 'bring your tank to work day'.

    The STA-2 was good before the last 'buff' - which to me was more of a nerf, but now it's got what I would consider a decent buff making it even better. If you want to compare to a KR Patton then don't. They both have similar play-styles but with some major differences.

    The KR gets the better ammo choices as APCR >> HEAT and you will spam some APCR so it won't make a HUGE amount of credits unless top tier. The added bonus to flight time will mean you will just fire more as it's 'easier'

  3. 5 hours ago, BPX said:

    next campaign ez top 10 bro ez

    I think we missed out on a spot in the top 50 because our clan logo is not an epic paint masterpiece like the FAME one, though once we had Trump on our tanks we did seem to win more :doge:

    I am completely loving the buffs to the M4A1 Rev, it's now exactly how it should be! Little bit more mobile and a bit faster aim time with the gun allows more 'pokey pokey' play - when RNG doesn't annihilate you... and it still has arty troubles when you camp on the front line [pushing]

  4. 1 hour ago, Super_Rybak said:

    They did mention that 0.04% of polish players were banned, which is very little. Only the absolute number is high.

    Exactly, but which number would you look at for 'sensationalism' - also 0.21% for 'active' players.

    When people look at '2.9k users banned, nearly 700 of which were Polish' it damages the [already damaged] Polish community more than memes possibly could

  5. I'm not happy that this kind of page exists (after all WG has said that some [a very, very small amount of] players have been unfairly banned and are being compensated for it), but it also shows that it's going to be easy for racial profiling and accusations.


    It has a list of cheaters banned (EU I believe) and statistics of average winrate but most interestingly; language.

    So if you were to analyse the face value of the statistics - then a British, German and French player are equally likely to cheat but a Polish player is more than 3 times likely to cheat (compared to British, French and German players).

    THIS IS SIMPLY NOT THE CASE as it does not take in to account percentage of players on servers, if you looked at percentage of players you would get a different story and so on - this is why statistical correlation is a very bad thing especially when people are on a witch hunt

  6. 13 hours ago, RGM79GM said:

    I forgot to mention I have the patriot so I have 1 more US heavy tank crew but they only have 1 skill( 6th+repairs), my M103 crew also only have 1 skill(working on 2nd) as I made a n00b error and bought new crews for each new tank in the line.

    As long as you have the top gun on the M103 it is a great tier 9 tank, personally I'd stick with that and your Patriot until you have two perks and working on your third before stepping in to tier X.

    It's a personal choice but I would seriously contemplate slowing down a bit - after all you said you made a noob error, now you need time to recover from that error. Going in to tier X without decent crew skills (depends on tank but for a heavy you'd want 6th sense, repairs and vision perks at a minimum).

    I don't think I had my first tier X until about 4k games (T57 Heavy) and I sucked in it, took me ages to work out how to use it effectively and it wasn't until I got 4 perks and learnt how the perks affected overall play that I started to improve massively. Tier X does however teach you how to be an effective top tier player - i.e. you don't want to rush and die instantly as you have a very important gun, armour and pool of hitpoints; but at the same time if you are too passive then you will simply get overrun.

    Everyone has the ability to be in the same tank as you, not everyone has the ability to have the same crew as you - most of the 'low stats' tier X players used fresh crews and/or just don't know their tanks.

  7. 2 hours ago, RGM79GM said:

    So I bought the M46KR and VK4503 on advent calendar and I've calculated that'll give me enough free exp to get either the M46+top gun or the T110E5, currently my highest tier tank is the M103 as my only tier 9 and I'm really not interested in playing anything below tier 9 anymore than I have to as I'm not good at fighting up +2 tiers which happens an awful lot. I won't sell the M103 as after selling my already ground out 6s,7s and 8s I have enough silver to afford the T110E5 and equip it with spare optics/rammer/stab, also having 2 9s or a 9+10 is better than running a single 10+8s. I can't decide between the M46 and T110E5 as I'm not sure which would help push my skill development further.


    2k games and already looking close to two tier Xs?

    It also looks like you want to put a fresh crew into the E5 - Don't. Never put fresh crews in a tier 8+ tank unless premium and training one up.

    When it comes to resetting crews - to do it on the cheap retrain your crews to 90% using credits - that keeps your crew skills which helps offset that 10%, then train them up in a prem tank or your normal tank. 

    NEVER USE FREE XP FOR TANKS, only ever use it for modules saving you from doing stock grinds.

    As you have the awesome (and about to become more awesome) Ripper Patton go down the M46 route and build up one mega crew so that you have 4/5 perks before you unleash them later in the M48. Work on your crews first, learn the game a bit more and then step into tier X

    M46, whilst not as OP as the E5 will help you learn how to be flexible in games which will pay off big-time when you get your E5 as that's a pretty capable/flexible tank.


    You have fallen foul of the main beginners error which is rushing to tier X, slow down a little and build up some good crews first!

  8. 8 minutes ago, nemlengyel said:

    ye but it has no aimbot like autoaim++ for plebs like me :kappa: 

    Autoaim+ was never really an 'aimbot' as such. It merely modified the in-game autoaim slightly. Now it's even harder to LT... guess WG are trying to kill LTs with corridor maps anyway.

    It was one of the few 'controversial mods' that I actually agreed with, same as Battle Assistant. Didn't really make you a better player as you still had to know how the in game autoaim worked and drive to use that to your advantage. Meh, I don't make the rules so we just have to follow what they say

  9. 7 hours ago, canadiantrex said:

    Just bought the T49. First match, only had the 3 inch AT gun. After match, used free XP to get the 76mm. Forgot to mount any equipment, 76% crew.

    First match with the 76mm, 6 kills, Kolobanov's, Pool's, High Caliber, Top Gun, Ace Mastery.

    I feel dirty.

    Wait... you only need 6 kills for Pool's on Blitz? Proper confusing when it takes 10 on a real interface - guessing Blitz has lower team size? I'd take a guess at 9? (Pool's = killing 2/3 team on PC so 6 would be 2/3 of 9?)

  10. 8 minutes ago, nemlengyel said:

    so I checked again: 

    idk what our commies mean by "in certain forms", WG bs again I suppose

    Certain forms means there are several versions that work for 9.16, some deemed illegal and others (like the post 8/11/16 update - that's 8th November for you backwards Yanks) are legit.


    Fun fact... the worst thing to happen to America happened on 11/9/01 (9/11 American date) and the worst thing to happen to the World was also on 9/11 - the way that the rest of the world use date-code (09/11/16 Donald Trump announced as President Elect)

  11. 18 minutes ago, KruggWulf said:

    k I don't use anything other than autoaim snap, that's not illegal still right?

    Yeah deffo illegal on ALL servers now, but the mod creator has also removed the snapping part from the latest release... keeping the reload notifier, auto repair on single keypress (apparently this is not illegal but probably will be at some point) and safe shot components. I still don't know 100% whether Watchguard is looking for files or data in RAM upon game/match launch... 

    As for the mod detection I'm assuming you changed the properties of the watchguard file? If so that works fine until any minipatch (like the one we had recently) then you have to do everything all over again :P


  12. Right... finally caught up with all the XVM changes over the last 5 weeks where I haven't been able to do anything myself :P

    New XVM config is released (modpack being updated as we speak)


    DAMAGELOG!! This is what most of you wanted, took me a while to get it to look right and had to edit many things including the English Translation files as there are many bugs in there.

    Hitlog is back! I found a way to get both the DamageLog and Hitlog to work via a modular drag/drop config setup.

    Alt keypress hides damagelog (when enabled, disabled by default) so you can also use the in-game customisable options. Alt keypress also shows full hitlog info so the screen isn't cluttered in-game. Took a bit of fiddling to get it looking ok with the additional fields used for remaining HP.

    Carousel options all completely removed but kept modular system in place in the event that any of you want to use a carousel config from another modpack. It's a Vanilla design (my modpack) but you can add bits from other packs to make it less vanilla-ry

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