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  1. 5 hours ago, Orrie said:

    Well, the reason isn't stated, but since the length of ban is there, you can just compare the times.
    If there's just 1 instance of a certain timestamp, assume it's a normal TK ban or anything of that sort, but when you have like now, over 2000 with the same timestamp, you'll know it's a banwave.

    Of course it can't be completely automated, and only guessed, but it is still possible to make a dynamic database.
    But that would require someone to do some work, and I know Never is too busy for such a small thing.

    You still run the risk of someone getting a 7 day ban at the same time as the 'mass ban' unless WG turns off automatic banning for a short period. Otherwise that person would end up with that person being labelled a cheater for the rest of their playing 'career'.

    You could use it to find out who got 'perma-banned' for cheating - but that's not the end of the world as the player can no longer play the game anyway - it then becomes a 'clan witch hunt' on those who actually play fair within clans affected.

    If there is a chance that a single innocent person could be affected, then it's not worth it


    EDIT: Also nice to see the RU server cracking down hard on unsportsmanlike conduct and bots too!

  2. 4 minutes ago, TAdoo87 said:

    Someone was accused from a top clan at the beginning of the ban wave, but his ban was only 1 hour long due to TKs. I don't remember exactly who was it, but doesn't really matter. The point is I agree with you, it is a really bad idea to create a list like that.

    PS: I strongly advise everyone - who is in a "competitve" clan - to take a screenshoot in case he/she gets banned for any reason. It can prevent a lot of drama, and false accusation.

    I think WG didn't do themselves any favours by mass banning at a particular time... yes it says 'look we care about cheats' but at the same time it causes more issues/friction.

    A better way to do it is ban offenders as applicable then produce a monthly statement - e.g.

    During the Month of December:

    • x number of people were banned for 7 days
    • x number of people were banned permanently

    for using illegal modifications.

    That way players can see that the cheating situation is becoming better/worse, there is transparency of WG's efforts to stamp out cheaters etc. 

  3. 17 hours ago, Sangvinikis said:

    Is there somewhere a list of these 3k banned players on EU?

    WG EU has a very strict no-naming policy so I doubt it

    16 hours ago, Orrie said:

    Could ask anyone with a statsite to check the active players for it, since it's visible in the API.

    It's in my userscript, but then you'd have to check every clan manually.

    This would work great but it can't tell you the reason why they were banned would it? People would be labelled a cheater simply because of coincidence if they were banned at the same time cheaters were...

    Account status is visible but I didn't think the reasoning/code was

  4. 14 hours ago, nemlengyel said:

    Yeah man, that shit... their SH tektiks were basically headless chicken lvl so strong klanu. "Bring a VK 28.01 over a Cromwell into SH because VK has camo bonus on the move?" dead end lmao, we got assraped by Cromwell/T37 lineups which actually had DPM

    You're just spoilt by the old 1-UP tactics :P

  5. 13 hours ago, Archaic_One said:

    I'm curious how they are catching people.  I have a hard time believing only 252 people in NA are still running AA+


    13 hours ago, Super_Rybak said:

    As I posted on a different thread I contacted WG support a few weeks ago and their answer was the following:

    So I do not know how they're detecting the mods, but they seem to have some sort of an automated system.


    4 hours ago, Baldwon said:

    I'm not convinced they aren't scanning mod folders.


    Quoted you all and minimised/removed some of the text to save this post from taking up too much room.

    Wargaming uses 'WatchGuard' after a mini-patch (I think it was the one near the beginning of November). It's a customised version (by WG) from what I can see and it will run (once) every time you launch the game and check mods loaded - as they cannot be loaded mid-game (well not unless someone finds a sneaky way around it). It looks primitive and uses a 'library' to detect known illegal mods.

    Funnily enough there is already a workaround to prevent watchguard from working but it's not a great one and will require updating every time the game does any kind of update - thus the cat and mouse game between WG and cheaters will continue. (Baldwon was pretty much on the mark)


    As for the recent bans it's not known whether it's from the list that P0liroid supplied (if you didn't know ALL his mods have a connection to his own personal/private database where he collects your user ID. Said database was supposedly supplied to Wargaming if you believe the talk on the Russian forums) or whether WatchGuard caught anything.

    Something about particular 'Tundra' mods are supposedly being detected by the anti-cheat.


    I'm happy that WG are at least tackling the main problem of available 'cheats'. It may not be a lot at the moment but it's a start and I for one will be interested to see what the knock on effect will be to illegal mod developers... hoping it dissuades them from making these mods.  

  6. 10 minutes ago, Daezara said:

    Lego Porsche 911 GT3?!? :PogChamp: 

    PICS PLS! :disco:


    I'm going to build this behemoth this christmas together with my mother. :awyeah:

    I know others that are after that set too! Looks like a very cool build.

    Yeah the Porsche is totes amazeballs. I have a whole album on Facebook at the moment but will place them somewhere else with descriptions of the build once it's all done. 


    For now here is the manual and the mid-point of the build... my dining table seats 6-8 people and this took up most of it!! Much cooler than my Ferrari F40 and Ferrari F1.

    The manual has 35+ pages explaining about the development of the model and its timeline, along with the growth of the relationship between Lego and Porsche during this time. Also the people involved and basically rubbing in your face that some people have a very cool (albeit hard work) job, the gearbox alone is insane.

    (click to enlarge)



    It's looking a lot more like the car at the moment, only one more box to go (already done the first 3)


    Also 95 members?! Woah


  7. Well I have my work cut out :P

    Turns out WG have decided Autoaim+ is illegal in certain forms - so I have modified the config to apply to their ruling.

    I already was using a new version prior to my absence (holiday) which included other handy features such as a reload notifier for autoloaders (stupidly useful for randoms if people pay attention but more useful in CW/SH).

    The damage panel will be integrated at some point in the future but I have a lot of catching up to do from 3 weeks absence :P Not to mention the getting over 10 hours of jet-lag, tidying, washing etc that I have to do

  8. On 19/11/2016 at 1:19 PM, Baarn said:

    Is there a way to disable every xvm module?

    I basically want to get rid of all the in-battle stuff (only thing I might want to keep is the custom sixth sense png) and only use certain garage mods.
    I already tried writing my own config, but just leaving the config sections for all modules empty seems to load the modules with a basic config (or crash the game). Only few modules seem to have a general "enabled: true/false" flag, so a catch-all config section with just that statement didn't work either, most modules were still loaded.

    Not all modules have an 'enabled'

    It's not THAT easy to disable everything as you have to have background knowledge on how everything works to do so. Most can be disabled by switches (enabled/disabled) but the rest have to be disabled by removing certain information.

    On 08/11/2016 at 4:00 PM, H4NI said:

    @It's_Matra i've found some custom xvm config and customised most of the settings. The only thing I don't know is transparency of the tanks that are not currently spotted, because right now they have almost the same opacity as the spotted ones. It gets so confusing. Are this the settings that need to be changed and if not, do you know where are they?



    Edit: yes they are, i've tried it just now. Sorry for bothering you, lol.

    Sorry didn't see this until today as have been a fair few miles away (about 10,300 miles) :P


  9. 16 hours ago, MissNurki said:


    Two tier 6 skirmishes running at the same time today, massive box earnings as we also had a SH attack :doge2: Upgraded financial unit to tier 6 and now get 20% credit bonus. :tanfiesta:


    We will start doing "friendly fight" before the campaign, basically fighting other clans in tier 10 in a training room. I'll make a time and an appointment with a similar clan, and we'll have a few maps and tactics to try out. It's been a while since me and Ghar did this, tier 10 is still just a bucket of rust and we need to shake that.

    Given the previous experience, I say we at least try out some Malinovka tactics to see what works, as we already know what doesn't. ^^

    I had a dream and it came true :tanfiesta:

    1 hour ago, Peko_ said:

    Regarding the four previous posts: :tanfiesta: :tanfiesta:

    :tanfiesta:                 :tanfiesta:                             :tanfiesta:                                  :tanfiesta:                   :tanfiesta:

           :tanfiesta:   :tanfiesta:                         :tanfiesta:      :tanfiesta:                                 :tanfiesta:   :tanfiesta:

                    :tanfiesta:                           :tanfiesta:                      :tanfiesta:                                  :tanfiesta:   

                    :tanfiesta:                           :tanfiesta:                      :tanfiesta:                                  :tanfiesta:   

    For those running low res screens/laptop, here is what it should look like


  10. Batchat 25t AP (the tier 9 one)... a surprisingly good assassin with huge clip potential. 2k dmg seems to be fairly easy to get - run in and clip, run away, repeat. Only managed one game with it but came away full hp


    Only had damaged targets to shoot at when working in a wolfpack with heavies (because our mediums were base camping) missing shots however is not something to ever do in this tank as it's very costly (in time more than credits!) and I ended up leaving a T10 on 200hp whilst having to drive around him 

    Now for the grind to the real batchat!

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