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  1. Third lane of SH?? It's been a while since I built one so not sure on figures...
  2. Batchat 25t AP (the tier 9 one)... a surprisingly good assassin with huge clip potential. 2k dmg seems to be fairly easy to get - run in and clip, run away, repeat. Only managed one game with it but came away full hp Only had damaged targets to shoot at when working in a wolfpack with heavies (because our mediums were base camping) missing shots however is not something to ever do in this tank as it's very costly (in time more than credits!) and I ended up leaving a T10 on 200hp whilst having to drive around him Now for the grind to the real batchat!
  3. How did this topic get moved here? it should be here http://forum.wotlabs.net/index.php?/forum/61-looking-for-clan-eu/
  4. If you get 2x T6 skirmishes going then the credits you make (and boxes earned) are far greater than a single tier 8
  5. I'm going to get flamed to high heavens for this but I really can't recommend the QSF clans for someone at your level. The people in QSF tend to be alright guys (the best ones leave though - as many will attest to!) and you will rarely/never see QB which is a good thing!! There you will improve with team play and a selection of 'better' players to help you too
  6. I've been working hard inviting randomers Many of whom actually joined with my sales pitch!!
  7. Dammit, going to be out tonight for at least the attacks/defense though should be on tomorrow for a bit - then off for three weeks whilst I travel around the world to another server
  8. Depends on how you define legal... All the account sharing information (for NA) can be found here: https://na.wargaming.net/support/kb/articles/273 Reddit and other sites are awash with people who have been banned for account sharing but it's a much more common practice than WG would want you to believe. Pretty sure it does breach the EULA though
  9. Well the XVM damagelog works though it's not without it's bugs (typical of new feature) so I will wait for the next version of XVM to be released before I update any configs
  10. You can always join BRAH too been a while since I've had a game with you You two are getting so close to that 2200 mark that if you keep it up for another month you will be there - or show enough that I can bend our lovely commanders arm in time for the campaign
  11. That is in Queen's time so for Viking time add 1 hour FEEL are a Romanian clan I think, their motto translates to 'All for one and one for all!', fair few active players inside a large sized clan E-zed. P-zed (it's not a zee sound unless you're American) are a teeny tiny clan (smaller than us!!) with only 23 players. Some are active so could be interesting as to if they field a full team. I should be around on the 31st but not tonight, I'm sure we will have more than enough people online though!
  12. No Google Docs love? If I'm online I will always help make up numbers and I do have the Conq Gun Cancer if arty is also required. Doubt I will be able to commit enough to get the tank but always happy to help if needed
  13. Actually the STA-2 is a contender but makes less credits (or at least when I play the two it does ) The STA-2 isn't too dissimilar to the STA-1 which is a competent medium for SH, personally I think it was better 'pre-buff' when it had that insane RoF but lacked a teeny tiny bit of penetration on the standard shells. STA-2 has much better camo iirc but the CDC can work ridgelines better due to not having a great big cancerous tumour on it's head. Horses for courses - if anything I prefer the STA-2
  14. Yes but you CAN'T BUY THE MUTZ FOR GOLD - which is @breeeze's predicament. I hope to be online later depending on how much of a little shit angel my little one is this evening
  15. If you don't have a CDC it is worth getting, though it is horrifically large and has zero armour (I like to fire HE at them for the LOLs - this is annoying however when you encounter a HE firing noob as you get bent over and shafted with a rusty iron spike)
  16. Actually divide first then multiply, then addition followed by subtraction
  17. Wow and I was given jip for my innuendo comment Speaking of innuendos... I must avoid some pun based around fisting Also @xmenxmen2 seems to be stacking boxes like this http://giphy.com/gifs/tennis-JkVC4FDsxheuY UPDATE: Meanwhile at xmen's home...
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