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  1. As LOTI no longer exists @ollyole we have all merged/gone up into BRAH now where we actually play MORE strongholds than we ever did in LOTI You meet the requirements so hit me up if you want an invite
  2. @My_Little_Pwny if you can pad get to 2200 WN8 then we have a spot in BRAH Will be doing the campaign if you want in and regular SH... if you are interested I will see if we can bend the rules now to get you in! I know you're a good player so I can vouch for you and it wouldn't take you long to get the 2200 mark whilst in the clan with your tryhard recents
  3. @GHOSTK1LL3R if you can pad get to 2200 WN8 then we have a spot in BRAH Will be doing the campaign if you want in and regular SH... if you are interested I will see if we can bend the rules now to get you in
  4. To be fair we did have to deal with some horrific camps on some very campy maps... they were lucky a lot of the time. When we shone, we did shine brightly, snapping victory from the jaws of defeat on multiple occassions
  5. Those of you online last night will be pleased to know that my soundboard Mk2 is in progress with MANY more improvements and hopefully the ability for an overlay when through TS, Discord requires a bit more work but will get there (I hope!). The Jingles soundboard died a death as it took me forever to find him saying 'surprise buttsex' which is odd as he says it a lot... probably could find it but I'm too lazy. Most of the stuff so far has been single sounds but this one should be much better and WAY more suited to Stronghold battles
  6. Well our SH dominance continues and even successful with the tier 6 'bring your tank to work day' setups... We had TOGs, OIs, KV2s, a Dicker Max mixed with light setups yet somehow we still won all bar two of our games, we only lost one of those because they took full advantage of our absolutely shitty setup We will have a tier 6 SH before we know it! (Sorry I couldn't put credit bonus on last night for the SH session )
  7. Yeah that's the downside to the chat being disabled I saw @woe2you pop up in front of my fully loaded AMX 50 120 and sent him to the garage, couldn't even say hi during the game then I had to go do house stuff so no time for a msg. Damn team capped when I had another full clip and a Tiger 2 in front of me too!!
  8. He gets shit for the mods in his installer
  9. spammed a bunch of decent players who have recently left 'top' clans so will see how we get on with that
  10. Only downside is the lack of server group icon spam - though you get get a pretty picture next to your name and the overlay is quite usable too - showing you who is talking at that time etc. Peko was on my list of people to invite into klenu
  11. Both of you should be able to pad to achieve 2200 WN8 fairly easily - when you do, I have permission to make space in BRAH for you
  12. Those mourning the loss of the DamageLog... it's about to be integrated into XVM
  13. Huh? There is a return last crew to tank button... it's been there for a long damn time
  14. I was the only one with the balls to respond to the innuendo - it is not a question that should be asked to a married man with children It was not sexist - us Brits love playing with innuendos, I'm almost certain she hears a lot worse on a daily basis!
  15. Those HP bars are TINY Vanilla looks so much nicer but the OP wants extra bits on the markers. Sliphantom even ripped into how full of shit Aslain's modpack is Everything bar the OTM is a piece of cake and already done but I don't use the ugly HP bars so will have to find a config that does and merge it
  16. Another successful session - and I didn't jinx it!! We only lost one because we just didn't have the HP for an all out brawl... though I don't know the situation after DrunkenRunt joined and I left
  17. Yeah RGT are a good bet but they do have strict requirements with inactivity, -MM have been rather marxist with their entry requirements also, I know blunicums who were rejected as they weren't 'statistically good enough'
  18. What you want then is to use the XVM markers (this has the smaller rising up numbers, vanilla has the larger numbers, pretty sure you can make the XVM text larger though). That will also allow you to do fancy things like have a marker next to 'one shot' vehicles along with a marker based on their stats. XVM configs will over-ride vanilla unless you tell them not to, certainly sounds like you want a more 'custom' config to suit your needs. I did write a guide a while back (link in my modpack thread) that is slightly out of date now but a lot of it is still applicable. If I had time I'd knock up a config for you but time is limited somewhat lately
  19. 1. Not sure what you mean? The hitlog maybe? 2. Two row is implemented in vanilla 3. Nobody without eye cancer does 4. Do you mean above the tanks or just the coloured tanks names on the players panel? Best thing to do is make your own and tweak it slightly. You can download mine which includes an in-depth customisation guide (Via the online documentation) to tweak it exactly how you want it, there is also a 'saving your settings guide' which means all you have to do in future to update is download xvm directly from their website. (It's in my modpack thread, all mods are available individually)
  20. Battle Assistant seems to be working perfectly fine now for some reason... rather odd but all good to go
  21. Can recommend Tadoo if anyone wants to pinch a player, decent team player in strongholds for sure lel, most people would rather have aids... the bad kind
  22. Don't forget the stock KV4s and KV5s too!! I felt like we needed some shitposting gifs as there hasn't been much over the 7 pages so far (only on page 1 I think)
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