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  1. There is an odd bug/issue with battle assistant... trying to work out what it is (other than intermittent)
  2. So it turns out I booked an Ikea date this evening, not sure what time I will be back but will pop online to see who is around when I am
  3. Shopping with a 3 (nearly-4-holy-shit-where-has-that-time-gone) month old is a lot easier when it's all done online If he has a good afternoon and goes down to sleep easily I'll stick the wife in front of some reality TV bollocks (like Made in Chelsea), then get some gaming time!
  4. I'm hoping that the wife will give me permission to have some SH time tonight
  5. UPDATE I have indeed decided to discontinue support on this mod, I barely get time to actually play the game these days - let alone update and tweak multiple mods at the same time. Most of the functionality is now in-game (even if it isn't as pretty) but I have updated the first post with instructions if any of YOU want to keep this mod alive. The last release works on 9.16 but without your gun sounds This has been a fun little project but sadly it now must come to an end
  6. Today: Updated XVM config for new camera line to make it look more 'vanilla' and traverse lines are here to stay I think, they are quite useful on the minimap! Changed keys used for Battle Assistant, platoon chat is on G so moved key to J (middle mouse still works too!) NEW and reworked 6th sense options Reworked Zoom out mod to fix small issues Modpack released without DamageLog - this will probably be excluded from all future modpack releases. The in-game options (whilst cluttered) are suitable and take a bit of time to get used to! The newer variants are so heavily protected that it's not worth my time to try and decrypt the python file and rework myself. Updated online documentation and starting work on damagelog documentation for those who wish to continue to use it
  7. Will be updating some bits tomorrow as I wasn't happy with 'the look' XVM config will be undergoing some very small changes and another fix to battle assistant at some point too
  8. Will look into this later, thanks for the feedback - thankfully I can edit this all in situ which makes life handy! Edit: tweaked the config as a quick fix idea, give it a try now and see what happens
  9. I need better testers Autoaim+ now working perfectly Damagelog works but without gun sounds so waiting to find out what has changed (again!) - I thought the shift to AS3 meant less stuff would break... I will probably keep updating the damagelog as I'm not overly keen on the huge amount of information now on the screen! I only have a semi-decent laptop to play on so it's not mega high resolution
  10. Autoaim+ is working ok according to a tester though it does not work properly in 'Escort Mode' Revised Autoaim+ will be coming soon that will implement safeshot (just less spammy in chat) that can be enabled by the user's discretion. It will be disabled by default EDIT: Rumour has it that the 9.15.2 DamageLog works just fine but requires some 'cosmetic fixes' as it interferes with the vanilla one Autoaim+ does not work, working on a fix
  11. Good to hear! I haven't had chance to play 9.16 yet so there may be the odd little issue here and there but have to rely on Russian tester's for the time being!! Damagelog might not get updated for a while as it's not that essential anymore... will see how I get on with the vanilla damage log
  12. Awesome, thanks for that it was really helpful! I will look to zip them in the future but for now I quite like the 'live editing' that I can do with regards to configs so you will always have the latest version whenever you vist the download link Oops... still hadn't changed the link, old links are adfly and new links are Google Drive. Fixed the link so 9.16 should be available now
  13. Would somebody also mind sharing a screenshot of what they are presented with when clicking on one of the new Google Drive links? I need to test whether I need to zip files or if they can be downloaded combined (as most have multiple files) When I open I get the full path and can right click on the folder name and download as zip but not sure what others see
  14. Lots of changes coming this month/patch Moving stuff across to new host and attempting to do 'live editing' on XVM as it hasn't been working 100% since 9.15, currently the Rudy 'fix' has to be disabled... Could anyone that has Rudy please let me know what the 6th sense sound is in Vanilla 9.16 Client please... I need to see if WG have fixed the bug where the normal 6th sense sound was played in place of the dog...
  15. Even WaterWar and RoneryKim were online last night... the nostalgia was real and tanking was fun - even when we lost a tonne of games being bottom tier in scumbags
  16. Found the solution and will update at some point to also include the swedish vehicles You need to save the .dds file as DXTY5 and generate MipMaps (within paint.net)
  17. Could someone do me a favour and try to download the zoom out/replay freecam mod and tell me if you have access and can download ok as a zip file?
  18. Get the CGC and see how stupidly RNG based arty is - but also how stupidly OP it is when RNG is in your favour... what's that? A full HP JPzE100? Oh your roof is flat and weak? Well the shell trajectory will soon fix that and RIP TD. Might say fk it to stats and go hardcore on trying to finish the T55A missions, I want that tank badly now and I need a fem crew for my PTA.. tbf I said fk it to stats when I bought the CGC lol
  19. M41 Walker Bulldog would want a word with all of them as can clip all of the above with better mobility and view range (would say gun handling but the E25 gun handling is pretty decent) The T71 was the first autoloader I played and I sucked at it, now I'd be far more effective and use it as a combat scout, it has decent camo, mobility and gun handling so scout for first half of the game then the latter half just scoot around clipping half-dead tanks - either after they fire or use your hitpoints to take the shot on the last 1/2 tanks alive
  20. That time is near enough perfect for me depending on how much of a little shit angel the little one will be
  21. I haven't really looked at this in a very long time (pretty much since I wrote it) - something may have changed in the way the game works and will look into it when I get chance/time/motivation
  22. fml I'm taking a break from this game for a few days - or only playing stronks. MM and teams are just not on my side over the last month Example: Balanced MM.... Then there was the spate of 8 tier 10 games in a row (which I didn't think could happen!) when trying to grind credits in T8 prems SH only or organised play for at least the next week for me (Screenshot is from an assault game attacking, I went between both flanks doing what I could but they had so much more HP and heavies, just steamrollered through)
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