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  1. Tonight is a definite no-no for me but when I came online last night everyone had left!! So I played some cancerous randoms solo, rage-quit then learnt a new card trick
  2. So Pepe the Frog is now a hate symbol :feelsbad: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-37493165

    1. RC_Tank


      what a time to be alive, a green cartoon frog has become a hate symbol

    2. orzel286
    3. Medjed


      I'm just happy it's a frog and not a bear

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  3. FTFY But yes there are a few in RGT too (and yes I remember you Devilhead)
  4. So 1900hrs Queen's time? dammit, why could you not have done this Monday probabl;y won't be online for any serious time until at least Friday now
  5. Made a bit of a boo-boo and forgot to turn the xvm minimap on for the config, updated to v2.1
  6. Bloody quote system broken again 13 people but most online at the same time is about 6 - even though some of them were afk but I'm sure they will be SOONTM
  7. Bought CGC... RIP stats and win rate even more lol Had a couple of epic games in it, also had epic games in other tanks... but still not enough to win! @Daezara will back me up on this one... we both did 3 times our real (non-SPG) tank's HP in damage and still lost playing this weeked!! The rest of our team combined (on more than one occassion!) couldn't equal either of our damage outputs obviously needed a third toon-mate!
  8. Updated XVM config to counter the camera line bug in the vanilla client, if you wish to turn it off then you will have to edit minimapLines.xc and set the enabled switch for the camera line to false.
  9. Back from holiday and applied what looks to be a 'quick fix' so try out the new version and let me know how you get on, should fix the chat bug (even though I didn't have the bug... korean random forums ftw!)
  10. Matra's back from holiday!! today I will mostly be embroiled in legal stuff but I should be on IN THE EVENING!!! which is crazy talk with a small baby - but if he sleeps I'm on my own so can play tonky tonks
  11. 8 games today and at least one tank afk (on my team) in ever single one of them!!

  12. Added a proprietary version of Battle Assistant that appears to be working ok, also added an automated cache cleaner as it is HIGHLY ADVISABLE to run the cache cleaner BEFORE installing the new Battle Assistant and it may even fix the issues with the damage log that some of you are having
  13. Why the hell don't I have this problem :/ Same fix should be as before, click on the minimap or press F1 twice or other actions that refresh chat. I'll look into what it causing the issue
  14. Apparently the 'chat bug' from the last patch is back... has anyone else experience this? I haven't but one person who has contacted me has...
  15. There is an issue with the camera direction line and XVM, this has since been fixed and if you have downloaded my XVM config, just download the latest XVM from here and install as normal, all your settings will remain I will update the downloads etc once I am back from my hols Ignore the above, only the XVM minimap is affected, the in game camera line is missing and is a bug afaik (GG Wargaming... you had one job!)
  16. It's what I do, better at getting promoted than playing tanks Shish would wet his pants if he did One of the most purple arty players EU brah
  17. Will try - even though I try to avoid the WoT EU forums more than I do taxes Also WOOOO on the SH hype - RIGHT AS I GO ON F*CKING HOLIDAY!!! Guess I will have to wait a while before I get the 2m needed for the ultimate sky cancer
  18. It will be shifting across to my Google Drive in the very near future, I have no issues downloading stuff from the links provided using Chrome and Adblock plus... adfly does push some shitty adverts which is why I'm moving away from it. Adfly does offer some rather handy metrics and means I only have to edit one link to change the download across multiple forums - the later feature I no longer use and only posted on Wotlabs. Thus the motivation behind making it more user friendly. You also have a PM
  19. As for thew blunicums I'm sure Nurkus would allow you all to be legionnaires to join in with the fun and games, you can also prove to the other 'purple players' that you have what it takes too On an completely random side-note, I have just noticed how well the clan logo actually suits my signature lol
  20. The ruskies apparently found a fix overnight which MIGHT work. As my time for testing is very limited I have released a test version for you all to try out, please report any bugs/issues so that I can fix them
  21. There are a lot of small little 'niggly' issues with 9.15.2 but if/when I have time to fix I shall
  22. XVM config updated for 9.15.2, will work on the rest as/when/if I get the chance. Annoyingly I had a config and other stuff ready for 9.16 but had to roll back stuff for this 'minipatch'
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