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  1. I have never struggled with the tank. As soon as it had pref MM it rose up in value for me. I don't have a heap of games in it but I never grumble about playing it
  2. I have just bought this and am 6 games in with a 0%WR. I keep telling myself small sample size but damn do I feel like I am rarely contributing meaningfully. Even if I am not; surely should have won 2 of those games
  3. What are peoples thoughts on the T77?

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    2. PityFool


      lava aced the review.

      Seems strong, nothing crazy op but a cool addition to the garage for me and a fairly strong tank. Got 5k and 1500 base in my only game with it. 

      But I bought 10 boxes and got 5 premiums including the T77 so I'm pretty happy.

    3. FavreFan4ever
    4. simba90


      @lavawingDon't lie, you're not sorry for that pun at all.

  4. Pls team. Props to GeneralElectric as he had a great game and the next couple were unremarkable but not great followed by a sea of pure shit. Two team members break 6k dmg and the entire rest of the team averaging 1.4 penetrations. The whole game ended with their team having maybe 2000 HP between them. We sent like 6 heavies to the hill who all died doing nothing.
  5. Shaming SirApe Starts mouthing off and stat shaming my new recruit after a battle. My recruit literally had about 80 or so games at the time. The dude has 20,000 battles and no non-premium tanks past tier 5. Note this was a stock M2 Med in a tier 5 game.
  6. The 54 is your best bet to get two viable tens. For the fun I would say go up the French Lights. Yes the 13 90 is a bit old meta but they are all fun tanks and you get to decide whether you want the always viable batchat or the seemingly fun side option of the 30B mini tree.
  7. RIP me for binding TS to ALT and then mashing F4 whilst speaking to let everyone know to come back to base..... On the plus side I held off a bajillion tanks long enough for our team to cap.
  8. Westfield - 31 Pearl River - 31 Karelia - 32 Komarin - 6 Live Oaks - 30 Siegfried Line - 18 Lakeville - 25 Malinovka - 35 - one of the original and best maps. One of maybe two maps where a LT can abuse camouflage, terrain, and view range from multiple areas. TDs have multiple lanes of fire and fast heavies/meds have real choices aboutwhere they go. The once in a while YOLO field push is good for a laugh also. The second they removed Assault on the the mid ridge and moved the encounter circle to the field this became the best map. Mittegard - 24 Murovanka - 31 Mountain Pass - 21 - there is no finesse to this map. Load up a flank and yolo it. The hills mean you are safe from the other flanks so once you win your flank you have free reign to cap or pincer one of the other two corridors. Port - 27 Province -28 Prokhorovka - 16 Redshire - 33 Mines - 15 Ruinberg - 24 Fisherman's Bay - 23 Northwest - 31 Hidden Village - 21 Steppes - 31 Serene Coast - 27 Swamp - 24 Tundra - 27 Widepark - 30 Cliff - 27 Fjords - 27 Highway - 27 Himmelsdorf - 34 Dragon Ridge - 29 Ensk - 23 South Coast - 31 Overlord - 28 Stalingrad - 3 take everything that is good about Himmelsdorf and remove it. Same with Kharkov, I am not sure which I like least. Lts have no role, arty can shoot everywhere and the map is wide enough that if a flank is won the random fucking side roads make it all but impossible for a Maus or ST-I e.g. to safely disengage to come back to base in time for a reset. Arctic Region - 27 Sacred Valley - 24 Severogorsk - 18 Kharkov - 27 Erlenberg - 28 Airfield - 6 - one relevant choke point in the north which if you are aggressive opens you up to arty and TD's camping ridges. LT's can choose to be mostly irrelevant on the far side of the strip lighting the tanks you already knew were there or try to vision the middle with no cover whatsoever. It is also similar to Lakeville where half your team always wants to camp from the bases where they are all but irrelevant. Sand River - 26 El Halluf - 19 Pilsen - 24 On a side note, I wonder how the changed maps would fair against their previous versions if they were included. Sev 2.0 was clearly better than Sev 1.0. What about the other map changes? I personally loved the original Redshire much better than the newer incarnations; same with Murovanka ( the best version would be old east of map with new west of map). The same goes for El Halluf, I guess I just miss the old concealment that was completely removed from these three maps. What are your thoughts on the map changes within the individual maps?
  9. Mathematically the lowest number you can draw a statistical result from is 23-27 or so (e.g. T value). As always, the larger the sample size, the less likely variation will lean any which way.
  10. Thanks for all the help guys. Day 8: Game 1) Game 1 - T28 Prot - Loss - 2k - http://wotreplays.com/site/2758401#tundra-shrewarmies-t28_prototype Slow tank is slow. I did not head back to base in time and the two that went back were clearly too busy watching paint dry on their 2nd monitors. Other than being capped out I felt that the game was ok. Game 2) game 2 - ST-I - Loss - 3k - http://wotreplays.com/site/2758416#live_oaks-shrewarmies-st-i Seriously fuck this game. How many fucking side turret shots does it take to kill a 400 HP Lowe? 8? I decided to go rails because their had more top tier meds that I suspected would go that way and as the ST-I is best hull down I figured that was the way to go. We won that side and I figured that due to slow tank syndrome I needed to screen cap as best I could. I could have gone back and my whole team would have died before I made it anywhere relevant. Fuck people. Game 3) AMX 13 90 - Win 2.7k http://wotreplays.com/site/2758428#fjords-shrewarmies-amx_13_90 I have not played my 13 90 in weeks/months and I think it showed. It was my first T8 tank so the stats are shite but I do like it and tend to use it for the more scoutier LT missions. Ignore my shooting at the KV 4 which was terrible. Does anybody have ideas for inital positioning for lights on Fjords from that spawn. The bush I went to was good 3 years ago but is clearly shite now. Usually I would go down to where I had the fight with the Black Dog and spot from there but felt that I would have been stuck if our overly heavy team all went south. Thoughts? Game 4) IS-3 - Win - 1.1k - http://wotreplays.com/site/2758450#redshire-shrewarmies-is-3 I died early after the E75 poked me three times and put a shell in each time. Was my angling incorrect? The last shot at least seemed to go straight through my turret which suggests to me that he was either hitting the bar or was firing APCR. I did try and let the Tiger II get in front of me but when the E75 came around I go greedy for another shot and paid for my mistake. +1 to Mr Mushroom for surviving against the stormtroopers he was fighting to give our team time to go across and help him out. Game 5) Maus - Loss - 1.7k - http://wotreplays.com/site/2758464#mines-shrewarmies-maus Retards driving into me early, Their med platoon stormed the hill against zero resistance. I decided to try and play roadblock to stop them swarming through the mid. They then also won the islands and I was silly and tried to keep my position. I should have withdrawn back to where I died to stop getting shot from multiple angles. It would have likely been for naught as only a single shell hitting my tank was not HEAT. Maus, best XP pinata since Beta Day stats: Totals for the session:Wins: 40%Avg Tier: 8.6" Kills: 1.2Survival: 20% Hit%: 89.3%WN8: Unkniown
  11. Day 7: Game 1 - T28 Prot - Win 3.2k - http://wotreplays.com/site/2756360#mines-shrewarmies-t28_prototype This game was not bad. I feel my shooting was a little off against the T-34-3 but other than that I felt like I picked a decent position considering there was no arty. My armour held up which was nice considering the HD nerf. Game 2 - ST-I - Loss - 2k - http://wotreplays.com/site/2756365#mountain_pass-shrewarmies-st-i Fuck pubs + arty. I could have cleared out that whole patch of tanks at the back had the heavies turn around or had arty not smacked me in the back of the turret. Also fuck my tracking shot ion the arty. Having calmed down I see that I should have driven over the burm straight at the arty and moved to a more arty safe location. Game 3 - Lowe - Win - 3k - http://wotreplays.com/site/2756375#arctic_region-shrewarmies-l_we My shooting was once again a little off. Does anybody have any ideas on how to improve here? I was a little cowardly but I was in a Lowe so I was not confident on pushing on the SP and Lowe, nor pushing on the lower road. As it was a dealt some respectable damage and ended the game top of team again. Game 4 - Jadgtiger - Loss - 2k - http://wotreplays.com/site/2756385#westfield-shrewarmies-jagdtiger This was a really bad game. I was on the phone so my aiming at a bunch of tanks was really off. Note the bajilluion shots at the IS-7. I sucked early and lost way too much health. Once I moved into the city I was doing a lot better but I had lost too much health to be really effective.
  12. ST-I pls. Max 1 platoonmate if possible.
  13. Day 6: Game 1 - Jagdtiger - Loss - 4.2k http://wotreplays.com/site/2740690#malinovka-shrewarmies-jagdtiger I should have gotten up the hill quicker but I don't know what else I could have done here. I couple more penetrations would have upped my damage but the pubbies of the hill were shit and just kept dying. e.g. the front lining T32 in a tier 10 game or the E3 who camped the base the whole game. I felt like without the 416 or RU I could have been able hold the heavies in front of me all day. Perhaps I should have fallen back and ceeded the ground? I don't think this is the right move but let me know. Game 2 - M41 Walker Bulldog - Loss - <1k http://wotreplays.com/site/2740714#murovanka-shrewarmies-m41_walker_bulldog Well fuck me. I went to the mid early and one of their tanks jumped over so we stayed to fight it out and I was cut down. I should have escaped but felt like the 2 of us vs 1 of them would win and escape. When the T54 jumped over and targeted me I was done. Only two quick games today. Game 2 is pretty obvious, what about game 1?
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