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  1. Metal make sure to not to screw up your 13 90 stats. I screwed it up when am too noob. you can get damage ratio of 1.4-1.6 easily on this if you know what you are doing. And dont free xp the lorr. I think lorr teaches you very good discipline, So when you move from lorr to batchat no one is gonna stop you cause you'll be making less mistakes. I am having a recent damage of 3000 on bc now with avg DPG of 2640 over 500+ games. still making lot of mistakes on batchat. I can feel the mistakes on batchat like sixth sense. Good luck
  2. Thanks for input. everyone compares this one to leopard 1. It makes me feel like I should get that but still stuck with leopard light. The only exp I have is hellcat and batchat. I learned the game on pre nerf hellcat in 1300 games. first 400 are as orange and remaining 900 while learning. I think is hellcat is very forgiving for T8 when compared to CDC in T10s. Regarding consistency I feel pressurized in T8 games feeling that I need to carry by going to semi aggressive position in map in the start And then get hit by arty for half of my hp. And play like pussy for remaining of the battle with
  3. I am having 1780 DPG. but past 40 are 2000 DPG. I'm finding hard to keep up with consistency on this tank. Either im dying way early with 0-500 damage or lagging behind team to get damage while they are rolling on opp team. I am trying to find unicum replays with 2500+ DPG. any tips on increasing the consistency ? more gold rounds ? Thanks Rahin
  4. I got my 2nd MOE and 2nd Ace in a same game yesterday. I am stuck at avg 1750+ damage for now. though I was able to avg 2k for last 40 games. any ideas I can increase my recent avg to 2.2k+ ? I am being a zero or a hero in this tank. Need tips on keeping the consistency. lot of 0-500 damage games
  5. Hehe no idea bro. I guess we are both in platoon and statpadders channel.
  6. I am trying to make a compilation of spots from where you can get early damage without taking any damage on all maps for fast mediums. Abbey: E2 and G2 sniping across the middle of the town(E5 and G5) If you have friendly lights and meds in middle spotting. Its 90% guaranteed to get a free shot from this place. But you need to retreat if you sniff anything coming from 2 line. Airfield: E5 and E7 or F5 and F6 looking into the middle E6. 50% chance of getting a free shot. Arctic Region: I think this can be difficult for free shot from both sides. From south spawn F4/F5/G7/E4. From n
  7. I am looking for platoon mates from whom I can learn a thing or two from and who are close to my recent WN8. Thanks Rahin
  8. Do you mind adding me ? I Have stats close to you. Can we plat together so I can learn a thing or 2 from you.
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