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  1. Thanks all! Hadn't realized both were available for rent, so trying them out myself, appreciate the input, 88 is fun, I really like it, but I have to admit I'm not good enough to have the "map awareness" I think it needs to be used. Fun tank, but I keep having games where one flank falls and I get surrounded, then bad things happen.
  2. So haven't played much in a few months, but I do like my German TD's, and figuring I'd start playing again at some point was all set to buy the Skorpion today...and noticed the JG88 is back on sale, (had actually logged in to see how many Skorpions there were in games, only had one, but 5 JG88's..) Anyway, not sure I want to buy both tanks for a game I might not play for a few more months (and I need to pick up the Dunkerque when it's available as well) so just curious about people's opinions, which you prefer, which makes more credits (although that isn't that important to me)
  3. Thanks! Had no idea you could buy USB cards. Kinda obvious now that I think about it.. And odd question.. I switched out my mouse (Talon Blu) for my older one that only half works. (Had left it behind the computer and plugged it in accidentally ) and as luck would have it..there don't seem to be any USB connecting/disconnecting noises..nor have the keyboard or mouse lost connection (yet) Is it possible that somehow the Talon Blu mouse was screwing up not only it's USB port, but the ones beside it every time I plugged it in with the keyboard? Only been about 20 minutes wi
  4. Thanks, I upgraded the BIOS and.. it hasn't failed completely (yet, but I haven't played WOT at all) but it continues to make the "device connecting/disconnecting" sound. Is there any chance this is a power supply issue rather than a motherboard? (Just know if I go in to purchase a new MB, I'm going to end up buying a new chip, ram, and probably a new GPU, none of which i can afford right now...)
  5. Tried plugging them into the front USB ports, same thing. Tried plugging them into USB 3 ports, worked for a few hours, now the same thing. I've uninstalled and reinstalled all the USB Host driver things. And yes, it is a very old and archaic system, (really all I play is WOT and some other old games)
  6. Hey all. So my mouse and keyboard are both USB plug ins (Each to it's own port). Both are cords (neither is wireless) Have had no issues with them for 3 years or so. Today they stopped working a couple of times. They work fine after a reboot, were fine when I was surfing the web this afternoon, GF surfed for a few hours and had no issues. But when I tried to play WOT and a few other games this morning, the keyboard and mouse both stopped responding .They both are lit up with all the buttons showing green/blue, so they're getting power, but the devices themselves quit working aft
  7. Is the tanksgg site correct in showing the 907's armor profile? Because it looks like my AMX 30 1ier should have a pretty decent chance of penning his front glacis with 260 APCR pen, but I've fought 5 or 6 of these since the weekend and I haven't managed a single pen on it's front. Pretty sure it's just my ongoing whining about unlucky RNG , but thought I'd ask..
  8. It's not even brawling- long range shot from RHM set me on fire yet again today. Just a run of bad RNG I guess.
  9. Eh so I keep reading, but I spend so much time in T10 games that I may as well grab the T10 for the extra DPM and soft stats. Not to mention traverse, I do like this tank, but that traverse speed keeps killing me. (Well technically my play style keeps killing me, but..)
  10. I've been set on fire 6 or 7 times from sideshots in about 30 games... is this something that happens often with this tank or is this just a really bad RNG streak for me? I've stopped carrying AFE's a long time ago on most of my tanks, because (until this weekend) I burned maybe once every 50 games or so, embarrassing and annoying when it happens, but it's not often enough for me to carry them on most tanks. Wondering if I should trade out a repair kit for one on this though...
  11. Have I been doing this wrong the whole time? (it's only been like 15K+ games...) Had to decap the red team on Tundra, my AMX 30 1ier and the guy in cap was a T110E5, figured I wasn't going to chance a bounce (cap was about 85 when I was closing in) so loaded HE, cap rolls to 100 just as I get around the corner to shoot him- take the hit from him, fire my 105mm HE shell into his lower glacis.. and do zero damage. "we didn't even scratch him" my crew tells me- but then I noticed I reset the cap counter to zero. So.. 1)I fire 105mm HE into (admittedly sloped) armor and do no damag
  12. I just bought this tank back (yay for exceptions) as I decided to grind to the 30B instead of the Leo, but..is the top engine worth researching on this? Less fire chance doesn't really make a difference to me (now that I've said that I'll get set on fire every game) but does the lighter engine make a noticeable difference?
  13. Just asked about the ISU in ask purple, probably should have asked this as well but didn't think of it.. How do you guys 3 mark tanks with derpy guns? Or does food help the shell fly straight? Caveat (of course) I'm never going to 3 MOE any tank, let alone something popular like the ISU 152, but I'm curious... I have fully aimed in shot after fully aimed in shot miss/bounce/ or (my fav) dip and hit tracks for no damage. Whether from 50 m or 450 m. So how do you guys pull off the consistent damage that (as I understand it) is necessary to 3 mark these tanks? I've already ha
  14. Turretless, big alpha, no armor. I'm liking the ISU ~although the gun is as annoying as hell, I have fired through a 4502B's upper glacis at 100M on a snap shot and yet missed so many fully aimed shots at stationary targets, or had shots from 50 meters somehow dive into tracks But how do you play them on city maps? Anything where I can get to fire long range I'm good, but those city maps like Ruinberg, Siegfried line, etc, where do you go? I set up to try and fire down alleys, but the fight always moves somewhere else, I can't poke around a corner, and it seems if I wait for the
  15. Cool, will do. (Although I don't expect you to do anything, just forward through the boring play parts- and no judging the stupidity,...)
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