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  1. It's what I originally thought too, but it's not. This thing is based on the Conqueror chassis, while the Chimera would (likely) have used the Chieftan chassis. Also the Chimera was late 70s concept (so smoothbore gun), guaranteed this thing was probably a 50s design---if WG didn't just sneeze it out onto a napkin like the Waffle.
  2. Shoukoku no Altair is meh currently, it's rushed and the lead kid is cliche aggravating at best. Will probably improve later one (it's two cours), but right now it's a weaker Aslan. I'd give Princess Principal a try though just for the steampunk aesthetic, and maybe Koi to Uso for the premise if you like romance, but otherwise there isn't much which really stands out. Except Made in Abyss of course
  3. In general from my experience, Witcher is more story while Skyrim is more exploration. Skyrim in particular shines you get into modding, some of the larger ones add 2/3 times the base content in and significantly increase the replay potential. Both are worth it IMO, but it depends if you prefer an out-of-box experience or a more "artistic" one.
  4. Unlikely to see any discount greater than 50% IMO, 75% off DLCs have been nonexistent for a couple years now. Plus Paradox recently got the smart idea to jack up prices in several regions, so any summer sale savings will be minimal at best. Unless the epic backlash they're getting right now changes things, grab them now while they're at least on sale.
  5. Ironically this might be enough to encourage better communication among the servers. No matter one's opinion of Jingles, he is the #1 English contributor, and any threat to publicity through his channel will hurt WG's bottom line--several sycophantic QBs ain't remotely enough to make that up. We probably can expect some "unified" statement within a week regarding WG policy towards copyright and assurances such a PR disaster won't happen again, if just to keep the Western money stream flowing.
  6. Funny they bring up defamation as an excuse now, when Foch has publicly called them out plenty--albeit not as coarsely--before. Pretty sure his initial Defender review was just as scathing towards WG's recent business model. If WG was smart they would have ignored this ~2 minute rant, because their remarks do nothing to help them whatsoever.
  7. Poasting Canadian TV without mentioning Or Disappointing. +1
  8. Depending on the pen this thing isn't all that invincible from the front. If the LFP is hidden, the turret ring is as viable--if not more--than the cupola due to the lessened rounding and larger size. Plus if you can get around the front everything will go through, it lacks the trololo armour of the Maus. Shooting just above the drive wheel when angled also works well because of the lack of armour behind it. Tier 6/7 are simply cannon fodder for this tank, but any tier 8+ will have no problem, especially if you 222 liberally.
  9. It'll be interesting seeing how this affects tier 8 in particular. With single tier matches supposedly now possible, might end up seeing a few tier 8 only matches given the large number of tier 8 premiums floating around. Probably not by much, there's enough setups here to reasonably yield a match within a ~30-45 seconds or so, depending on player count. Besides TDs, lights, and the arty limit there's no indication of heavy and medium balancing between the teams which is where any serious slowdown would happen.
  10. This, if you can get better initiative than your enemies, battles becomes significantly easier. For melee units especially, attacking first negates your opponent's attack phase, which means they can only counter and cannot move; for ranged units it allows you to fall back before coming into range. In the early game it can mean the difference between coming out unscathed and losing a unit or two.
  11. As least from my experience, adjacent armies must be within the borders of the resulting battle zone in order to reinforce (5-ish tiles from your army? Cannot remember). As for weapons, titanium and glassteel are acquirable early game, there's a military tech which allows their production/purchasing alongside the tech allowing for the respective resource mining. I haven't played the game in a while, but IIRC if the tech era has a technology for mining a resource, there will also be a tech allowing for the resource's use in weapons/armour.
  12. There's your problem, going to MAL for reviews. If you half decent series opinions, you avoid that cesspool and look elsewhere
  13. So who here remembers that little show Code Geass? Well it seems that show might be getting a proper sequel now. The hype train truly has no brakes
  14. If you mean standalone there's technically there's only two movies, the original and GITS: Innocence. The 2015 movie is the wrap up for GITS: Arise, and GITS 2.0 is nothing more than a modernized GITS with updated CGI and art. Innocence is probably the most experimental of the bunch with a lot of symbolism and imagery (also has the amazing intro track). I recommend if you enjoy thinking stuff, but avoid if you're expecting something like Stand Alone Complex. Arise functions as a prequel to GITS, just with a more convoluted story. It's straightforward though so I'd give the whole thin
  15. The cupola may not be too bad, it has the potential to be troll from the front with that 230 zone (if I have the colour right) and its rounding. Doubly so if this thing abuses that 8 degrees of gun depression. For tier 7s in particular it's probably better just slinging gold through the turret front/LFP like the Maus than relying on frontal cupola shots.
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