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  1. LOL @ _Juris Best recruitment post I've seen in ages...
  2. I believe he is in Havok now. So I'm a bit confused at your rant. Or did you get Wonka confused with Havok? This is actually old news new mate... But feel free to PM me if you're looking to join Wonka Zepherex, as I'm not sure why else you are posting here. @Assassin7, thanks for the cliff notes there. I haven't paid attention those banned since the great banning of Garbad here years ago.
  3. There are a hundred memes on Fizzy drinks, I wanted him to explain which angle first for a witty reply. Maybe you missed them? Thank you Assassin for your input regarding the feud you and Braaaaaaaaaap have had. I am sorry about the personal issues, and he has been spoken to about this. Ohh, by the way, we did recently have a little bit of some Drama at the factory this afternoon. Turns out one of our ill informed Oompa Loompas got confused, and as a result ended up kicking Jessica... (you can confirm this by checking). It was... somewhat of an accident though. I will hope that he behaves more after this, and we can all get along again once he returns. But I will keep my vanilla-chocolate fingers crossed in the meantime. For the record... Wonka as a whole always has great respect for your clan, and no matter regarding our wins or losses vs Mahou, you guys have always been top good competition for us.
  4. I could be wrong, but it seems heavy tanks suffer far less penalties on stun. I am sure due to the thickness of armor. Though not sure if there is a class bonus (hidden). Not to mention, I THINK heavies are much more likely to carry spall-liners for the added stun protection.
  5. Oddly, I find myself only playing arty lately. It's just too fun annoying everyone... Accuracy doesn't matter anymore
  6. Well, I think it's about that time again we update this to include the STUN damage, etc.
  7. I am a bit confused there mate, as the stats don't quite seem to indicate that. Your Echo-5 and Maus are viable tanks, but the stats are the problem there... get them up and we'll see. Unfortunately, we can't just hand out free candy from the company... HOWEVER, we have on occasion given free Type-59 codes (and others). But no promises on that continuing in the future. (wink) No promises, but since we do continue to cycle out those who revert to inactivity due to life issues... I'm sure more tickets will be available in the future... Assassain7, I am not too sure what drama may have happened between you two, but Jessica is NOT in WONKA. So does that answer your question? Please feel free to private message me any further details on this. As I'd like to know... Please explain... Oh sorry, was that a rhetorical quest-- What?!
  8. Willy Wonka Official WONKA is giving out golden tickets. WN8 Requirements: Over-all: Who cares Recent: Teal or Purple Must have at least a few tier X meta-tanks. Looking for activity for Clan Wars (this is priority). We also offer a level X financial unit running multiple credit buffs (and others) EVERY evening. We also do numerous stronghold advances, team-battles, tournaments, and have our own Silver League team. Team-speak: flarecommunity.dirtydozen.net:9999
  9. Now I"m starting to wonder about something. With a 45 deg traversal I wouldn't think this would be of importance... HOWEVER, I just thought of something, if one rotates the hull of the CGC, but keeps the gun static with the HULL, maybe this is the quickest way or extreme shifting with the least bloom? Sort of like how driving in a tank create less bloom if the gun stays static to the hull. Hell, I could be totally wrong here, will have to experiment. In the meantime, running food does seem to help. I ended up getting my first MoE (didn't expect to get it so soon), and also crossed the 2K barrier for average damage. Ok, that may be laughable to some here, but I don't consider myself an arty expert at all. Still trying to hunt down that elusive ACE...
  10. Ok Engineered, I'll take your word for it. I decided tonight to start running FOOD, simple reason being 2 seconds on reload saved is 2 seconds saved... which out of 47 seconds may not seem much, but considering too many times my first AMAZING shot is missed just due to a second or so. and things spiral down from there when I keep finding out I'm just one second or two delayed on an amazing shot... I'll check more into the gas thing, wasn't sure if it helped rotation speed, but since the thing is so terribly slow to begin with, I know any boost won't help me with those nasty scouts that get close to circle and I'm done for. Really wish there was some depression with the damn gun, which really prevents me from any self defense unless I can get my ass up on some rubble or something to shot-gun... I did notice there are some people who are close to getting 3 MoE on their CGC, and yet never got an ACE mastery yet. That is very puzzling to me...
  11. Well I don't know... I am no artillery expert (yet), but after 100 games in the CGC, I see I have failed to ever get the ACE mastery. My stats show green in this, but perhaps I'm missing some things still. To be honest, I don't run FOOD or 105 in pubbies. In fact, I feel 105 is sort of useless... your max speed is your max speed... I just don't see any improvement with the octane. Maybe FOOD will give a slight increase to my stats, but seems awfully expensive at 20K a pop. If I don't hit the ACE after the next hundred games, I'll start putting it on.
  12. Just completed the mission for the commander now! 40 frieken battles in this torture chamber! Thank god it's over.. going to free-exp the rest of the way past this stinker... That said, I just realized now we got triple kicked-in-the-balls with this. After getting the commander (which is trained for a tank I'll never use)... it DOES NOT EVEN come with the first selectable skill. That's right, unlike the personal missions... you still have to grind out the first skill... don't be expecting something with sixth sense, etc... Oh wait, I know why, we are supposed to spend all that gold right now to convert vehicle exp to crew exp... WG got this one figured out pretty good.... Open your wallets... Ahah!
  13. 34/100 wasn't the worst thing on the planet. But it's pretty damn close....
  14. I can't complain with this one. It's starting to grown on me. For those of you grinding this Czech line, make sure you enjoy the tier 6 vehicles. Because it gets really, really, really sucky after this...
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