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  1. We are able to make room for good players.
  2. Still looking for clan? Better than me? Come and see if you are good fit for us.
  3. did a purge...we have a few spots left.
  4. We have room. Get in here if you aint skreb like me.
  5. We are full.....so 35 new members in about a month. We can make room if you meet/exceed our requirements.
  6. We are full....of something....but we can always make room for good players.
  7. Still have a few spaces for more people much better than me.
  8. Bump from a cruise ship near Jamaica.... And I don't mean the one in New York City. BTW... We are almost full.
  9. We are getting closer to being full. Come and put some loving on people as be beat them in CW's (top 5 clans). Come and be part of something......I dont know what that something is.....but it is something.
  10. Bumped again.....you all are bad if you dont join. Just sayin
  11. Can't reply to any topic without a random text box showing up from my cell phone RIP bump.
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