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  1. From start --> end You did get a little lucky not to take any hits at the start there. Try and put yourself in a postition whereby you may deal a damaging shot and either bounce, absorb or remove theirs from occurring. Dealing damage without taking any is key to getting stats up and being able to carry your team (and situational awareness allows you to do this consistently to the best of your ability). I believe you went to a good spot for that tank at the start. If you're not versing a purp durp, you can expect a fair portion to bounce off your angles (provided you use the terrain to c
  2. Since the replay section is locked, post 10k dmg + games in here?? I really want to see what awesome matches people have been through where they carried from the start. Lemme start 10051 dmg in Object 268 - Sorry for the lemming move at the end. It was the adrenaline I swear...but srsly, I was hit by the most inaccurate tankin the game, in the side, while he wasn't aimed. </3 http://wotreplays.com/site/243567#sand_river-mooseybro-object_268 Feel free to move this topic to the applicable section wherever that may be but as for now I am without a place to put it.
  3. If it's alone vs 2 or more tanks it will be taken out relatively easily. I have solo'd a type while he tried to circle me. The key to the tank is being in a position where you will constantly get to make shots without taking any. 3-4 shots and you're gone from most decent oponents. I find it can carry quite easily if you still have enough HP at the end of the match. A friend and myself platoon 2 of them together and the DPM just mows anything - the major weakness is the armour and HP. Sure, it might be hard to pen for little 85mm guns at times, but when you come across anything with ab
  4. I thought I'd test out all your thesi in a pub match in my Panther I. Here's the link and I must say I was absolutely astounded!!! http://wotreplays.com/site/242320#sand_river-mooseybro-pzkpfw_v_panther I tried both 1st person (scoping) and 3rd person (no scoping) and I achieved some funny ones with 3rd person that I wouldn't have with 1st person. I agree and think that if you shoot in 3rd person, you're far more likely to hit a target who's barely in/out of cover, esp at range.
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