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  1. 3 arty per game is such a fucking joke

  2. probably time to take a break from this game again

  3. starting to get those 4-15 teams now

  4. When my gun gets damaged from getting shot from the back of my turret

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    2. Spoders


      yeah thats what I assumed, I talked with my friend and came to a conclusion that WG wouldn't be that detailed though

    3. Assassin7


      of course its that detailed, it has all the internal crew modules, the radio, etc etc etc. 

      here this is from an (illegal) mod but it shows the internal hitboxes of modules:



    4. Spoders


      Oh, yeah. I meant stuff like penetration distance and such. I've gotten shot in the back of the turret in other tanks but never gotten gun damage

  5. playing t7 heavies fucking suck. This chrysler made so many mistakes but I couldn't punish cause it takes an ice age to aim without v stabs

    1. WhatTheSkara


      play t29, it punishes everyone.

  6. getting hit by an e100 who was on the move from 412m away for 891 was probably a sign for me to stop playing

    1. HemanathanRX7


      I got high rolled yesterday twice on the move(one was above 500 iirc) by a defender snapping on the move between buildings(couldn't even hit him the first time, and managed to hit him the second but it was an average roll while he rolls 500+ on 440 alpha wtf) . While I was stationary and behind cover in a m48 of all tanks. Shit happens happens, RNG rewards shit players Kappa

  7. strv 103-0 gun literally can't hit shit

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    2. KruggWulf


      I know, but after playing a fair amount of battles with both guns, I do feel like the upgraded gun is noticeably more accurate, or rather the shell is more likely to hit where I'm aiming exactly which may be in part due to the gunner not having to compensate by aiming the gun up as much, even if only by millimeters, for the shell drop to hit what the reticle is on. Could also very easily be confirmation bias so don't quote me on anything. 

    3. CarbonWard


      Thats probably because you are mentally adjusted to 103-0's shit gun after playing it past stock since UDES has 0.25 acc, most people getting into 103-0 gets a shock because you literally lose a massive 0.05 acc despite going up a tier.

    4. KruggWulf


      Yeah, I can see that. 

  8. did anyone else who got the windows 10 update notice their performance dropping? I usually get 70 fps but now I'm getting 50s and sometimes even 30s

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    2. Assassin7


      Shit, im worried now...

      This is why my Windows handnt been updated since October

    3. Fulcrous


      Who updates their os? :MingLee:

      I'm still on 8.1 for my desktop and my laptop is on some version for W10 months back.
      No point in updating drivers/OS unless in the notes it will directly affect you.

    4. MacusFlash


      If you want to hurt yourself - update windows. 

  9. I hate how some shots track and some just don't even though it 100% should

    1. Strigonx


      don't even what?

    2. Spoders


      I hate how some shots track and some just don't, even though it should.*

  10. I keep frontlining in my type 61

    1. SkittlesOfSteeI


      Any tank can frontline, if it is t working you're not yoloing hard enough 

  11. I hate t57 heavies, they hit my t62a cupolas 3/4 times from 350m and all my shots hit their auto bounce turret angles

    1. TohtoriP


      I hate Type 5 heavies. They HE me to death totally ignoring my T57 Heavy autobounce turret angles and I can´t pen them if I don´t reload a whole new drum of HEAT. :P 

  12. struggle of playing t8 LT in t10 games. One mistake and your game is pretty much over

  13. "conq gc direct hit me for 700 damage with prem"

    "would've gotten oneshot last patch"


    I like it

    1. avandelay


      That fact that it hit you for anything sucks. Remove it from the game.

    2. KenadianCSJ


      But now it gives your tanks aids as well as cancer. So much better

    3. Matross


      The aids is then multiplied by more skypigs seeing you're stunned and not going anywhere. It's like... hyped aids, where you don't even get a chance to get treatment. 

  14. I remember hearing someone say, I think zeven, he runs rammer optics and vents on some tanks. Is it just a cw setup or are there any other reasons behind it?

    1. Rspctd


      The only time I've seen this is on some of the slower superheavies that can sorta get away without running a vert stab. IE the Maus or 215b. Otherwise, you should always run vert-rammer (if you can) and then vents/optics/gld. Some league teams setup specific spotting tanks with binos/optics/vents for insane vr but its very rare, same goes for CW but they are for very specific strats most of the time. 

    2. Spec


      Vision is key

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