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  1. How did Veri's E4 not get on the list? He had some obscene stats in it for awhile not sure what it is now. Just as impressive to me w/ the Foch's dpg was the 77% solo win over 100. Looking at my ingame stats I actually suck in meds compared to heavies/end tier TDs. Kinda disappointing
  2. Hey there folks, WoTT is closed for January; I regret any inconvenience this may cause. I have been dealing with long term health issues for the last 5-6 years, and they have started to spiral out of control of late. I made some huge lifestyle changes this month and also closed WoTT to focus on the changes. I am on email subscribe to this thread, so I do see the posts, ;-) But have struggled to remember to reply--my memory is a casualty of health issues. Big thanks to Aga for his post on this thread and the support he gave thinking I'd never see it, either. 10/10
  3. Closing down WoTT until further notice. Health is continuing to deteriorate and it is not longer something I am interesting in continuing. If health improves, we can all hope it returns.
  4. Best way to contact me is not via forums but email. Personal/Business/Marriage proposals @ worldoftankstutor@gmail.com

  5. Man, forgot about WotLabs! In-game namechange is: The_Millard. Find me in TS at m--m.enjinvoice.com if anyone wants to chill. :)

  6. Hey there! Dropped you a PM in response. I'm not sure why contact isn't working for you..I'll ask around and see if anyone else is having the issue.
  7. Steppes got a bunch of misc. reformings. Both bases got the rocky areas out front changed, leveled a bit, some of them brought up higher but flatter. Overall the map is still great.
  8. I've played with Spaz and always enjoy having him on my team. Sounds like a great start for guys new to tournies. Goodluck!
  9. Good for you, man. I'm happy to see you go(if that makes sense?) and I know that if you do come back you can come back as a self-supported useful member of society.
  10. #InB4DerpinatorBecomesGarbad Rock on mate, it's fun to work with you and watch the improvement happen!
  11. Got some beautiful new backgrounds for the website using *in game* footage!
  12. Generally I play T7+. I play T10 as much as possible.
  13. I refuse to go mid in fear that an enemy tank will go and I'll get perma-proxied and be useless. I'd definitely go 1 2 line, though, or even north. Call me crazy, but I'd take my close quarters combat over an enemies'.
  14. Stop settling for streaky play. If you don't know how to play a map learn--ask. But most of the time you probably do know how to play it you just don't discipline and force yourself into playing it the way you aughta--and you get punished for it. Work to always be involved in the match and (almost) continually be doing damage. Do that every game and you'll start to get some nice results.
  15. The 3 solo challenges I've done went like thus, Foch155-77% [ELITE] JP2-73%, [Tried a few 105 games, ground out tracks] ARL44-64%(?) No sixth sense, 80% crew on critical members(Commander, Driver). I threw several of these games with poor play, easily 70% solo on this if I hadn't. Great solo stats are attainable for anyone without a physical limitation if they will drill and discipline themselves--and stop being content with blaming the team. I love helping guys improve, I hate hearing the team blamed. If I die and we don't win it's probably my fault on some level. That's the mentali
  16. Removed video? That's bizarre. Checking that out right now. Fixed. I will see if I can get a reasonable quality(my main problem) screen record and audio record for a private lesson sample. Appreciate the thoughts!
  17. Poor clipped 155, though. I've done 9700 solo in my Foch155 but only 8 damages. At that point(with the 155) it's capped with variety of targets engaged. 268 is a tank I need--and it would do this well.
  18. oooh. So by tier cap you mean you want it to stay low. That makes a little more sense
  19. Not a bad post Carbon, keep up the not-badness.
  20. I don't challenge the rule, but I do challenge the logic. To get the result in a higher tier is something I see as harder. As apposed to loading up gold in a PZ1C and spamming shots and damages for an easy qualifier, there are few tanks in upper tiers where you can truly beast on tanks with good pen and be able to move fast enough. More damage easier at higher tiers? Totally. More damages? Don't agree.
  21. Clearly the 105 is INFERIOR. Those stats are horrific.
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