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  1. Is a super heavy spall liner useful against Type 4/5's derp gun?

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    2. Rapicas


      It was for the Maus I was asking. Some people are telling me it only suppresses indirect damage (arty splash) and not direct hits.

    3. flare_phoenix


      Yeah imo it's a viable choice for the Maus. It can be difficult to choose a loadout since vstab/rammer/vents/optics/spall liner are all viable choices.

    4. Fulcrous


      "Increases armor thickness when calculating splash damage from High Explosive (HE) shells (near misses and non-penetrating hits both from tanks and SPGs) or from collisions with other tanks. Has no effect on penetrating hits from HE or other shells "

  2. In order to avoid this problem, Gryphon (and many others) decided to switch to a per-tier&type value instead of a per-tank value. That said, this meant the format of the expected values had to change, and therefore WN8 sites had to update their code to support the new expected values format. As far as I know, no well-known WN8-tracking site has updated as of now, at least not WotLabs, for many reasons (WN8 is kinda dead and nobody cares, not everybody likes this new system, site owners are busy with other things...) Thus, these sites use a "temporary" version gryphon provided, wh
  3. The tier VII chinese TD has 54 camo stationary when fully equipped (better than the t10 STRV). What the hell is that.

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    2. Hellsfog


      The in game vehicle comparison on the test server gives the T-34-2g 25.31 station the e-25 is 44.14 while the su-122-44 is 40.55. Firing is 5.62, 15.49 and 10.95.  The lkv90 is 22.06/5.25. I don't know how accurate these numbers are but they give a idea how the Td's compare. 

    3. Rapicas


      What I gave here is the in-game value for the chinese T7 with full camo, BiA, vents and food and painting (no camo net though).

    4. Hellsfog


      Then it's probably correct. 

  4. You forgot the funniest thing: Because farming damage in ranked is just as easy as in randoms right? So you'll have to play 30v30 and stop playing ranked to get MoE. Pure retardness.
  5. You can skip it by pressing the ESC key I think.
  6. This sentence was there from the beginning, but most people read this line as "bonds will be available in the Premium Shop soon". It's quite interesting actually, I have no idea how they could make you earn bonds otherwise without being redundant with other currencies. Maybe as a reward for special events/missions?
  7. I often see 113 players dropping the AFE for food, are they using the FF skill or is the 113 not that prone to fire?

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    2. WhatTheSkara


      @Fulcrous i use food mainly in clanwars or advances. in randoms i stick to the fire ext.

    3. Assassin7


      Its made out of fuel tanks. Dropping FE is very much not recommended

    4. mati_14


      3 marked mine running food and large repair kit, and i'd say I've got set on fire like 10 times in almost 400 games, ammo rack and gun  are usually and easily damaged


  8. Tier X SH are currently 10v10 on the test server, which nobody knows I feel. Good communication from Wargaming as usual.

    1. BPX


      It's a fuck up.  A russian dev posted saying it will still be 15v15.

    2. Rapicas


      @BPX Thanks for the info.

  9. Okay, so new bug on the global map: we win the battle, but it's considered as a draw because "an error occurred while processing a battle". Already happened twice this evening, and I see a lot of draws happening in landing tournaments, leaving some baddies playing the rest of the tournament because they got away from the bug for some reason.

    Thanks WG for this funny ending of the T8 part.

    ss (2016-12-02 at 08.35.08).png

  10. Okay, so a camping FV215B (183) shoots me with HESH from outside the draw range while I was unspotted in my IS-4, and this is a penyM1OHuY.jpg

    (I don't even know at which tank he was shooting)

    1. It's_Matra


      Standard place to blind fire at the start of the match, you just got unlucky

  11. Got to love those Malinovka games that are already decided when I start climbing the hill (without having stopped a single time of course).

  12. Also something I noticed recently is that if you plan on playing both the Obj 430 II and the T-54, you'd better go through the 430 II first. The stock gun on the 430 II is the gun most people use on it, and you can unlock as a second gun option one of the elite guns of the T-54 (the one that leads to the 62A). Sure it's not the best one, but it's still far better to grind the T-54 with that gun rather that with the T-44 gun (until you unlock the better gun -- the one that leads to the 140).
  13. Just got killed by a 400 WN8 Rhm. He penetrated my T-62A with HE for 1100 dmg. FML.

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    2. OOPMan


      Nice, I wonder what he hit? WoT really needs a penetration camera like WT...

    3. Rapicas


      @OOPMan I just watched the replay. I was doing some shitty hull down sideways and he hit me in the side, just below the turret. If you look at the model on tanks.gg, you'll see a yellow part that is 67mm effective at that exact place. (That's good to know I guess.)

      (Edit) Actually he could have hit anywhere in the side and still get a good enough chance to pen... I wasn't expecting it anyways.

    4. OOPMan


      Ouch, right in the turret ring...

  14. It's now working properly on Firefox. Thanks Never! Now I definitely have no reason to go to any other stats website.
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