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  1. Where is DezGames from? Might have the best (and most confusing) accent ever.

    1. 1n_Soviet_Russia


      Estonia I believe...

    2. Greatspank


      Thought he was a Danish.

      "ghud jahb me"  - #Dez2017

    1. leggasiini


      Already knew this, nothing that much new here tbh apart from the fact that turret seems to be now actually confirmed to be turret of Type 4/5 super heavy tank and thus proves the tank actually existed. Until this it was just several (strong) rumors.

      Maybe we will learn more about it later, hopefully. O-I was known to public for long time but real actual information was leaked in 2015 around same time when Jap heavy line was introduced to WoT.

    2. Monkey


      Are there only pictures of the turret, not the actual tank?

    3. leggasiini


      Only the turret pic and this exists:



  2. Awesome that your back! Still grinding for my Obj430 but when I get it I will paint it in sausage colors and name it the S.Truck in your honor.

    1. Tigeh


      Sausage Truck?

  3. Whilst the Maus, Type-5 and Defender are feverishly discussed the real winner in the patch is forgotten: The KV-5 radioman, with a 65% increase in transmission range on his 10RKM system. No one deserves it more.

  4. At one point, late at night, I came up with the brilliant idea to grind a new crew for the 'upcoming' Chieftain in the Centurion one.

    I am staring at it right now.

    I am a highly functioning moron. But hey, at least it gets a 10km/h buff at some point in the future.

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    2. Monkey


      Oh he already has it, I have no leverage there.

    3. Assassin7


      Hey, i liked both centurions, even with the 40kph speed limit

    4. Monkey
  5. These changes were made in order to adapt to the new +2/-2 MM for these lights.

    General changes:
    – Magazine of AMX 12t is reduced to 4 rounds
    – VK 28.01 has lost the 105mm
    – 59-16 got a new gun


    1. CraBeatOff


      Fucking ugh. Have to get the fun in now. WG does their best to ruin my joy.

    2. Monkey


      9.17.1 CrabNerf

  6. https://ritastatusreport.live/2017/01/13/supertest-tier-ix-light-tank-changes/

    'The T49 will have just one 90 mm gun with improved battle characteristics'

    152mm :wao:

  7. T34 feels notably snappier =)

    1. Driftin


      I have to agree. I only played 2 games, so not really a good amount statistically, but I really noticed how small the reticle stays when moving. It really helped when shooting close. I was actually surprised how good the gun felt. I didn't think the buffs would be so noticeable.

  8. Do you use the handbreak a lot in WoT?

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    2. kukis12345
    3. xmenxmen2


      It's really usefull for a quick peek, like ridgelines

    4. nemlengyel


      Always used it accidentally back when I still had normal FE bound to spacebar, because the retarded byelorussians reset key bindings with every update.

      So I stopped being a pleb and I now run automatic

  9. Origin (on EU at least) is giving away Dungeon Keeper for free as part of its black friday sale

  10. Yep. That's me:

    '"The game was targeted to a slightly older male audience," he said. "Older guys, who usually have a family, work, and [have] an extra couple of dollars in their pocket for their favorite game but don't have that much time. Plus it's a little slower than your typical shooter or Dota-style game. So you don't have to be clicking 70 times per second to be good at World of Tanks. It's slower, it's...OK, manly. It's historic, it's metal, it's scary in a good sense, and it's photorealistic. There aren’t many photorealistic, really cinematic-looking games in esports. Most of them are cartoonish."'

    --- http://www.gamespot.com/articles/why-world-of-tanks-is-wildly-popular-and-no-one-se/1100-6444022/

    (also quotes @Masterpupil2)

    1. megaflex4000


      " artillery warfare gameplay

      Couldn't agree more.

    2. Assassin7


      Honestly that article also explains while the WoT twitch audience is completely seperated from other games, and why no one watches unless im playing WoT lol

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    2. Monkey



      Midget cards =(

    3. Siimcy


      I won't lie but this was cringe as fuck, what the fuck were they thinking.

    4. Monkey


      Better tell everyone in esports to get those little shit cards whilst they last

  11. Some kind of system where members could nominate purple poasters would be fun.

  12. @Siimcy@Kitten

    Wait for GX480 or open box Nano for 370€ /410$?

    FT03B-Mini wont fit a full sized card unless I dremel, and I like my case as it is.

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Siimcy


      Well, Vega 11 will have Fury replacements so a mini card should be there as well :doge: Will cost a hand and a leg, probs. :doge: 

    3. Kitten


      $300 would be my guess. Problem is you never know until it happens :P

    4. Monkey


      Fury replacement is probably overkill for me.

      And it doesn't need to be a mini! My case can take a 10" card.. Its the last half inch that ruins it.

      Oh well. Lets check out GX480. Otherwise October ..

  13. @Rexxie@SocialFlaws

    I duplicated my EU dir to NA to see if it was possibly to just patch on top of it.

    It downloaded 2.2gb (starting tiers) followed by 4.7gb. Which corresponds to a full download.

    So I guess overwriting it and patching doesn't work anymore, unlike some year ago.

    And the next step would be editing the localization files, which is exactly what your server-picker-launcher-things do.

    I'm guessing this is less of a problem for you Social since you have internet. More of an issue for you Rexxie since you have two cups on a string.

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    2. Monkey


      Russians know their AKs  and region changers, what can I say

    3. SocialFlaws


      btw when you tagged me it never showed up, i found this status looking for other people with the same issue as me on status updates - wtf?

    4. Monkey


      @Never Might know why

      Could be a setting?

  14. If you can't carry, you can't drink, you die

    1. Wanderjar


      I need to buy this!


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