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  1. @Rexxie@SocialFlaws

    I duplicated my EU dir to NA to see if it was possibly to just patch on top of it.

    It downloaded 2.2gb (starting tiers) followed by 4.7gb. Which corresponds to a full download.

    So I guess overwriting it and patching doesn't work anymore, unlike some year ago.

    And the next step would be editing the localization files, which is exactly what your server-picker-launcher-things do.

    I'm guessing this is less of a problem for you Social since you have internet. More of an issue for you Rexxie since you have two cups on a string.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Monkey


      Russians know their AKs  and region changers, what can I say

    3. SocialFlaws


      btw when you tagged me it never showed up, i found this status looking for other people with the same issue as me on status updates - wtf?

    4. Monkey


      @Never Might know why

      Could be a setting?

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