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    Monkey reacted to SaintLaurentius in So, with me eliting the AMX 30 last night, and hearing all the TERRIBLE shit about th   
    30B is pretty decent. I dunno what dodge is talking about, since the dispersion and handling is actually quite decent. you cant snapshot for shit with the tier9, but you can do it with the 30B.
    The cupola is an issue on medium to short ranges, which limits your "close" range hillfighting, but still manageable. 
    Gun is better than on leopard solely based on the gun handling. The only reason I play Leo over the 30B is the bit of extra mobility it gets, not the gun.
    I would rate the AMX 30B 7/10. 
    The problem with these no armor tanks is that you cant carry games too effectively, but the tanks are still fun to play imo.
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    Monkey reacted to nemlengyel in why did my wn8 just go down by a 100 i dont want to be green send help pls   
    it's joke and will be reset in a month:
    check out the announcement thread for dank memes:
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    Monkey reacted to aaveq in @_Steve   

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    Monkey reacted to Folterknecht in Just noticed how QuickyBaby's modpack shows 58% w/r as purple. Why? Am I missing some   
    58% - > unicum, is/was based on old statistical data for WR distribution among the playerbase. With the padding inflation (rerolling, excessive platooning ...) since 2013/14 the term unicum as a whole became somewhat mushy. And I'm pretty certain that if you only considered solo play over a wide spread of tanks not just some cherry picked FOTM vehicles with normal grinding, the 58% value would still hold true.
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    Monkey reacted to nemlengyel in got a turkish arta platoon in my game, so I wrote "free kurdistan free öcalan" into c   
    replay for memes: http://wotreplays.com/site/3188071#sacred_valley-nemlengyel-m103
    Also, trolling nationalists is very easy and rewarding on EU. Apart from above formula for Turks, feel free to try out:
    "Free Kosovo" "Eastern Hungary belongs to Romania" "Transylvania is rightfully Hungarian" All of these have high potential.
    also, "fuck" in turkish is " içine etmek". Google translated it during the battle  
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    Monkey reacted to Korb3n_Dallas in Purchased: 'AMX 50 120' successfully purchased. Spent credits: 3,565,000.   
    Aren't they going to run a %15 off sale on all tier 8+ like they do every year after the 25th?
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    Monkey reacted to Strigonx in Is anyone aware of any active invite codes for new NA accounts? I'm looking for one.   
    I used that for my alt
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    Monkey reacted to Driftin in T34 feels notably snappier =)   
    I have to agree. I only played 2 games, so not really a good amount statistically, but I really noticed how small the reticle stays when moving. It really helped when shooting close. I was actually surprised how good the gun felt. I didn't think the buffs would be so noticeable.
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    Monkey reacted to Rexxie in Holy cow the Swedish tanks are cute as HECKIE! So bulbous and clumsy~   
    None yet! I'm out of bandwidth, so I can't play tanks for a few weeks without lagging out. Was just checking them out in the garage :3
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    Monkey reacted to aaveq in Help VILIN decide its future https://goo.gl/Hcrbk9   
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    Monkey reacted to sr360 in I derp therefore I am. Derp ergo sum.   
    So says Rene Crabcartes.
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    Monkey reacted to Spartan96 in What is the cutest tank to you?   
    The REXXIE.
    or the M3 Stuart 
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    Monkey reacted to nemlengyel in Do you use the handbreak a lot in WoT?   
    Always used it accidentally back when I still had normal FE bound to spacebar, because the retarded byelorussians reset key bindings with every update.
    So I stopped being a pleb and I now run automatic
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    Monkey reacted to ZXrage in Do you use the handbreak a lot in WoT?   
    Not often. I usually only do in my lights when I want to 180 at fast speeds.
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    Monkey reacted to xmenxmen2 in Do you use the handbreak a lot in WoT?   
    It's really usefull for a quick peek, like ridgelines
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    Monkey reacted to kukis12345 in Do you use the handbreak a lot in WoT?   
    Only in my batchat.
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    Monkey reacted to Assassin7 in Do you use the handbreak a lot in WoT?   
    yep I use it all the time, great way to change direction fast or quickly get your front to an enemy that appears behind you
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    Monkey reacted to kolni in Best way to 3 mark an IS-3 so I dont get bullied in strongholds?   
    drive exclusively sideways and watch all the jgpz's bounce
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    Monkey reacted to aaveq in Hngg at last deadlifted proper 170kg with 80kg bw after 2m break here i cum 200kg   
    I cant lift your ass yet Siimcy
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    Monkey reacted to MacusFlash in jesus christ i need the kranvagn, most broken tank evah   
    Swedish bias 
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    Monkey reacted to Fabunil in EU "monthly" special offers for special people in a nutshell: Ths month: http://world   
    Hoping on being able to waste my money on op T26E5
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    Monkey reacted to kolni in 150 bucks and my account is yours   
    it's less "i need money" and more that i just want to put this retarded game and everything that came with it behind me
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    Monkey reacted to Siimcy in 150 bucks and my account is yours   
    It's not worth a cent because I reported you to WG for rigging.  Kappa 
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    Monkey reacted to CarbonWard in T8 on USE server literally only gets T8 MM   
    Are we playing on the same server here?
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