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    Monkey reacted to Siimcy in Can I just have ONE forum upgrade where my shit doesn't get all fucked up?   
    Feels @bjshnog Man  
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    Monkey reacted to Siimcy in Uploading a 26GB recording of a battle replay takes forever...Who knew!   
    It would take me around 3 months  
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    Monkey reacted to KruggWulf in That moment when you realize you've bought permanent camo with gold rather than 7 day   
    that moment when you realize you've paid money for gold on a server as dead as the sea server.
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    Monkey reacted to Daezara in how does the RX 480 compare to the 970 or 960? worth getting it over either?   
    Reference RX480 shits on the GTX960 and is roughly as fast as custom GTX970s.
    Custom RX480s will be faster than the 970, but not worth getting if you already own a 970 imo.
    If you own a 960 it might be worth to switch, depending on monitor resolution / settings you want to play at.
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    Monkey reacted to Luna in how does the RX 480 compare to the 970 or 960? worth getting it over either?   
    Aftermarket 480s aren't out in the states either afaik. And their cooler is fine I though, since the TDP of the card is so damn small.
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    Monkey got a reaction from SchnitzelTruck in I put up 38 Obj430 ace replays from this patch if anyone is interested in the tank. O   
    You are my #1 Obj430 hero. Im still grinding towards mine, despite all the recommendations to go for the 140 or T62 =)
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    Monkey reacted to CoolOff in Instead of that 1 month of student work I got 2 now with a higher pay than expected I   
    Now just don't stick a fork down your toaster.
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    Monkey reacted to bjshnog in Which kind of 2x8GB DDR4 RAM to get? Need muh experts CPU paried with = i5 6600k.   
    I did some research on this for my current build (with a 6600K). I just went with the cheapest Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x8GB kit I could find (2133MHz). You will not get any performance increase in games if you go for a 3200MHz kit, because the latency of the modules offsets the difference (at least that's what I gather). I probably could have saved a few more dollars, but it's no real problem.
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    Monkey reacted to Rexxie in After playing a lot of Jagdpanther, I'm under the impression that the latest iteratio   
    Not because they've gotten any slower, but because tanks are really funky around different elevations, unlike with previous physics iterations. Got myself killed trying to shoot an IS in front of me because my tank would automatically swerve away from him the moment I stopped to aim.
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    Monkey reacted to Siimcy in At work, punching hours and preparing to pay out salaries. My boss is right behind me   
    I wish I'd get a job like yours  
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    Monkey reacted to Gandaran in So short of the 121 (in progress on own acc), Type 5, Maus and 113 I have now three m   
    you still have to finish the type 5.
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    Monkey reacted to Rexxie in send nudes   
    i regret everything
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    Monkey reacted to Medjed in Nice, got offered student work during the summer, ez money, now to decide, get a GTX   
    sucking penises isn't really a job, it's more of a blowjob *ba-dum tss*
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    Monkey reacted to Zinn in so, I found one of those retarded "gamer girl streamers" who have their webcams take   
    Because they're blatantly selling their own bodies but not quite in a way that's illegal. This one doesn't look too bad but I've seen streamers hang out in their underwear or wearing extremely tight tops with no bra below it, doing jiggles and everything. It's essentially being a cam girl but on a platform that isn't equipped to deal with it and to an audience that most definitely isn't 18+
    There's a pretty big difference between being someone who plays video games and happens to be attractive and someone who blatantly sells their body with a video game in the background. It also has the questionable side benefit of proving every single "women are whores" person on the internet correct, of which there are many. Even though it might seem unfair to put that on a single person.
    Of course, there's also the long term problem that it may come back to haunt them one day if any of them ever gets into a decent corporate position or works in virtually any public job that deals with other people.
    Meanwhile, advertising your WN8 is just advertising a particular skillset, not selling your body. It's not like we ever saw Veit dancing in his underwear or X3N4 rubbing his nipples.
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    Monkey reacted to MacusFlash in equipment for 46 fatton?   
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    Monkey reacted to Sergeant_Fgt in 2 days until RX 480 goes on sale?   
    calm ur tiny penis bby, no need to call ppl fgt  
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    Monkey reacted to Siimcy in 2 days until RX 480 goes on sale?   
    I fucking hate explaining that to everybody NotLikeThis I GOT A 144HZ MONITOR U FGT which requires an active adapter aka fuck those because they cost a leg as I prefer a real DVI port.
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    Monkey reacted to Zinn in Why the hell do I always procrastinate as much   
    I'll answer you later
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    Monkey reacted to RichardNixon in Anyone want to switch their WN9 scale vote to base 650 and save a third poll? It's cu   
    > Any idea when we can expect this to roll out
    Probably beta within a few days.
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    Monkey reacted to kolni in guess who's apartment got copraided for drugs and a certain game developing company f   
    eh, it sucks that i'm out quite a bit of money since i was going to have to move and shit but i'll get it all back in a while anyway.. might even profit from reselling the new condo  
    i really do like the music biz tho, nothing like hearing your own songs on the radio
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    Monkey reacted to X3N4 in guess who's apartment got copraided for drugs and a certain game developing company f   
    1. You're working in the arts/creativity department. Isn't some form of helping out your creativity usual business in there? Why they so mad?
    2. What did you do to get raided? In Germany they gotta catch you selling for that at least. Which means not too small quantity + proof that you're selling through you packing it gram for gram for instance...
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