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    Monkey reacted to Rexxie in Okeano & Rexxie's guide on where NOT go to on maps (Updated 12/2/15)   
    Now that I'm back I really want to find time to update this, but it's a bit of an undertaking & I would feel a lot more confident about doing it with a unicum that could give input. I could also just post them here as I make them & gather some feedback that way.
    Either way it's going to be pretty slow, but Okeano did a pretty nice job with this and it deserves some TLC. I'm just stretched a bit thin right now so commitment to rewriting this entirely solo is probably not a great idea.
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    Monkey reacted to kunjuro in M4A2(76)W Red Army Sherman "Emcha" (Academy 1/35)   
    Thanks mate Really appreciate it. 

    Thanks to all those who gave feedback as well! 
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    Monkey reacted to kunjuro in M4A2(76)W Red Army Sherman "Emcha" (Academy 1/35)   
    Hey folks How's everyone doing? Is patch 1.00 any good? I have only played a few games so far - like the graphics update but the maps feel.... anemic. Something feels off. Still, glad that the game got a makeover.

    Anyway, here's what I worked on during the Lenten Holidays here in the Philippines. This is Academy's M4A2(76) Red Army Sherman. According to documents complied by the Soviets and accounts of Soviet Tankers, they found the Sherman a really great vehicle - especially the 76mm version. They lovingly nicknamed their tanks "Emcha" - since the #4 looks close to the Cyrillic symbol for "Cha". Would highly recommend folks read Dmitry Loza's book "Commanding the Red Army's Shermans" which is easily available online. This academy kit was really easy to build, but there are quite a few nagging inaccuracies - especially in the running gear. The skids and the return rollers don't touch the tracks! Academy fixed this in later Sherman kits supposedly. I still need to add a lighter coat of dust on the entire vehicle to blend the weathering together and add metal wear and tear on the tracks + drive sprockets. Hope you like it.



    And this is what the pre-shading looked like:

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    Monkey reacted to CarbonWard in T-34-3 vs Type 59: which is better?   
    You got speed comparable to 34-3, far better frontal plate, gun with same aimtime as 34-3 with better accuracy and dpm.
    Oh, and a shit load more health, only thing 111 doesn't have is camo, which isn't that important for a close range brawler.
    overall wz111 is just a tank with overloaded stat for its tier and MM, and it shows when its the fourth highest dpg tier 8 HT just below 252 and IS5.
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    Monkey reacted to SaintLaurentius in The Return of Camo Meta?   
    I dont think so, people are just cautious, cos every damn bush is relocated etc. On most maps I have no idea where to park my TDs, or mediums.
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    Monkey reacted to Jesse_the_Scout in AMX 50 100 Appreciation Thread   
    90mm gun:
    212 pen, 259 APCR
    1000 m/s and 1250 m/s
    240 damage
    4800 credits
    100mm gun:
    232 pen, 263 APCR
    1000 m/s and 1250 m/s
    300 damage
    4000 credits
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    Monkey reacted to SchnitzelTruck in VK 30.01 (P): is it good?   
    This is the most recent VKP thread I could find.
    I'm enjoying it quite a bit after the 9.17.1 buffs. Holding 2k DPG after 68 games which I know I can hold pretty easily and a bit under 71% solo WR.
    Seems to have almost everything. DPM, alpha, mobility, gun depression, view range (mine's at 469m on the move) and the 160mm mantlet eats plenty of tier6 and under AP. Not a single map where I feel useless. Gun handling and shell velocity is cancer, but oh well. Cant have it all.
    I have never played a tier6 that makes getting 2k+ damage games feel underwhelming.
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    Monkey reacted to CarbonWard in Obj705A - No one really plays this?   
    for a tank that sidescrapes, its side armor is pathetic, 100+25mm track is shit, esp compared to say SC's 102+25+25(also with a 300mm bulge that blocks off the rear part of the side altogether.
    Basically from my experience, if you don't angle at ricochet angle, your side will get penned, every single time.
    Also, WG says they want to streamline the grind process so players don't have to suddenly change playstyle, then they introduce ISM, which has awesome side armor(infact, as an ISM you want to angle at 30 degrees as 20 degree angle would give your opponent very easy shot to your "pike") for its tier and great DPM.
    Only to have its end tier tank have atrocious side armor and terrible DPM.
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    Monkey reacted to sr360 in Obj705A - No one really plays this?   
    Just got it yesterday, still trying it out
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    Monkey reacted to kolni in How does floating ice work on Arctic Region?   
    It's not. I've driven Type 5s across there several times
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    Monkey reacted to CandyVanMan in WZ-120-1G FT tier 8 premium TD   
    It is pretty much a t8 122-44.
    I have both WZ and S1 (had, too passive and boring for me), and WZ is far more enjoyable.
    Edit: it's a 122-44 with good viewrange and pen for tier.
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    Monkey reacted to CarbonWard in WZ-120-1G FT tier 8 premium TD   
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    Monkey reacted to GehakteMolen in Object 268 version WTF were they thinking?   
    They will nerf the mobility, and thats it, without its super high reverse speed and with 200 hp (the horse ones, not hitpoints) less, it will be a sittin duck vs anything fast.
    The only reason its now so op is due to speed, give it Jp-E100 turn speed and reverse speed, and its GG
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    Monkey reacted to Rexxie in Rex & Ziddy's CoC - A Lewd New Years   
    Impressions from the 1.0 test server:
    Incredibly beautiful update. You're going to be blown away if you haven't played it yet. The new forest garage is a breath of fresh air, too. The only new visual that annoys me is the grainy anti-aliasing - 1.0 has far more detailed and small textures/models, especially on foliage, and the anti-aliasing gets a bit spoiled when the camera is moving. This should be less of a problem on larger monitors, but it's certainly noticeable at 1920x1080.
      ...but a very buggy one. Almost everything is just visual/audio bugs, but there's a lot of them. Flickering shadows, silently receiving damage, ceaseless reload noise etc. There's a lot of this kind of stuff wargaming has to burn through before release date. I wouldn't be too surprised if the planned march release is held back until april or even may, just going by what still needs to be done.
      From my experience, ranged combat/camo abuse is coming back in a smol way. Some maps have been flattened out, which allows longer sight & engagement ranges. TDs in particular will be (even) more popular. We're still well within corridor territory, but you can do something other than brawl a bit more often now.
      ...but the actual map design of some of these reworked maps is still WG-tier, so that "something other than brawl" will be camp, especially for pubbies. As usual the best spots are still ten seconds from spawn. It's really a mixed bag. I like longer engagement ranges and I think unicums will do better because of them, but I've got my doubts if the gameplay has actually been improved. We'll have to see. Until WG addresses T8 & T10 balance and the failure of the new template-based MM, I'm not going be too excited for the future of the game. With that said, I'm happy 1.0 is at least an improvement over live. All too often WoT patches end up being one step forward and two steps back.
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    Monkey reacted to Gryphon_ in Batchat 25t Ap, Tier 9 Baby Batchat   
    4 months? Ouch. Mine was just a 10 day stay of which 3 were in ICU. Cured me of motorcycles.. almost cured me of life entirely. Play safely, my friends..
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    Monkey reacted to Rexxie in Object 430 Appreciation and Boasting Thread   
    Nope, your weight/load capacity doesn't mean anything.
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    Monkey reacted to Rexxie in The Landship, KV4   
    Anyone notice the turret ring/mantlet is bugged? The visual model shows the mantlet clearly stop before the turret ring, the armor model has the mantlet cover most of the center:

    RIP thinking I could pen that.
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    Monkey reacted to TAdoo87 in Object 430 Appreciation and Boasting Thread   
    I just finished the grind with ~65% WR, which is +- what I get with tier 9s recently. The tank plays a bit differently than the usual russian meds, I needed like 30 battles or more to get used to it. The tank is OP against low tiers and at least good to decent in tier 10 battles depending on the team composition and the map.
    Armor: The armor is solid and it got lots of hp, it can side scrape like a boss. Frontal pens break the fuel tank so burns often. I used repkit, medkit, AFE. I am cheap af.
    Mobility: Its mobility was a bit annoying, but mostly because of my preconception about the mobility of a med.After I got used to it, it didn't seem to be a big problem anymore. The only real issue with the engine power that I was pushed against walls by lower tier meds and could not push them away.
    Gun: The gun is workable. The accuracy is bad, but the gun handling is okay. The alpha is Keygrasm on this platform. The pen is not great but other tier 9 meds manage with similar. 
    Tipp towards the grind: The second track doesn't give any advantage over the first one except the track health and the load capacity. Both track has the same dispersion, terrain resistance and traverse values and it is not needed to advance towards the 430U. Don't waste xp/freexp on it!  It has only one turret and gun, that means the engine is the only module, that needs to be unlocked to go from stock to "elite". Probably the best stock grind in the game.
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    Monkey reacted to Jesse_the_Scout in Post Your Camo Ideas!   
    So this new system has allowed access to something I've always wanted: classifying my tanks for sorting. Fortunately the quantity and selection of emblems handed out like candy for years has given me a lot to work with to vaguely match the concepts I want markings for to allow easy recognition at a glance.

    Mastery badges now represent straight up overpowered tanks.

    Clovers represent tanks that have shown a tendency to win games despite all logic saying they shouldn't.

    Ghost emblems represent cursed tanks that lose games over and over for inexplicable reasons. "Play at your own peril."

    The rook represents tanks in the active process of grinding to the next tier.

    Warning triangles are for premium tanks that are kinda crappy, but become playable as long as a strong (3+ skill) crew is used. "Do not play this with a weak crew."

    And finally, there are Meathead-Certified Shit Tanks, as an ever present reminder you paid actual, genuine, United States dollars for this unplayable garbage, which shall remain empty and alone in your garage to hide your shame from the world. Meathead's gaping maw looking you straight in the eye and laughing at you.

    Looking straight into your soul, and laughing at you.

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    Monkey reacted to Jesse_the_Scout in Post Your Camo Ideas!   
    I call this one "The Ronald"

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    Monkey reacted to Jesse_the_Scout in Post Your Camo Ideas!   
    Exclusive supertest footage of the new premiums coming for 2018!

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    Monkey reacted to Rexxie in Hellcat Appreciation Thread   
    I'm not going to pretend to know which of the two are better, but the gun handling difference is beyond huge. The numbers for the Hellcat's bloom values are hellish. 0.36 track/0.20 turret? Holy cow. That's 183 levels of gun bloom on a chassis that has twice the top speed and acceleration - it makes the KV-2's bloom look like a 62A's.
    I mean, yeah, the aimtime/pen/acc makes it nowhere near that bad, but if we're just talking about numerical improvements here, this is by far the most obvious. .36/.20 vs .23/.16 is absurd.
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    Monkey reacted to CarbonWard in T30 Questions   
    Biggest boost would be apcr, for a 750 alpha tank with a 4800 cost apcr, you have zero reason not to run it.
    Infact, i believe the extra pen would compensate for the extra cost in extra revenue from extra damage, leading to more profit than shooting AP.
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    Monkey reacted to Rexxie in AMX 65t "appreciation" thread   
    Because nothing warms my frilly little heart on Valentine's more than the cold embrace of death, I ground out the entire 180k XP needed to finish the 65t this morning in a single sitting. I hope I choke to death on a massive cock before this garbage heap of a vehicle crosses my mind again.
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    Monkey reacted to GehakteMolen in Special position for members who passed away   
    Hello all,
    Last year, 2 of our clan members passed away, one 30 years old in a car crash and in 40 years old from cancer. We had some discussion in the clan about it, and what to do. One shared he’s account with he’s sister, so he is no longer part of the clan, the other still is. There is however no special rank for situations like this. There is no ``honorable rank`` or ``special member`` position you can assign people like this too. At first this is not that much of a problem. But over time, people come and go, so people just think: that guy is inactive, and might kick him accidental, the only way to prevent that is by making them Deputy Commander, which is also not ideal. We want a special rank, which only the commander can assign people to (like deputy commander) with no special purpose`s, except for to put people in who passed away / did something special for the clan / other reason you want to give people a special rank for.
    So we decided to ask WG Support about this:
    Hi, 322's been an active clan for many years, and during the years 2 of our members died in real life. We don't just want to remove them so we're still keeping them in clan to honor them in a way. We're wondering if a new role could be added to the existing ones, so we could assign it to them. Something like RIP, honorable member, or something similar. 
    Regards, Body_Count

    Replay for Wargaming support: 
    Thank you for contacting Wargaming Customer Support regarding your issue. Please excuse us for the late reply. We have a high number of tickets at the moment and it will take us a while to get back to everybody. Firstly, I am terribly sorry for you and your clan's loss of these clan members. We, as gamers, form strong bonds with each other while playing together and it is always tough to lose a buddy. What you are doing - keeping them in the clan, is a wonderful tribute to their memory, and  I am sure they would have appreciated it very much. 
    Unfortunately, it is not up to us in Support to decide about such things. Your best bet is to share this idea in our forum, so the devs can see it and, hopefully, do something about it: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/forum/2704-game-discussion/ The only thing I can think of now is to just assign them an executive officer role or some role that can have multiple people assigned to it. I am sorry I could not be of much help. Have a blessed holiday season, both you and your clan members! If you have any other questions, feel free to come back to us. 
    Best wishes,
    So while the moderator was not unsupportive, he could not do much about it.
    Which means, the only way to get this done, is by start a topic on the forums about this / contact devs or mods in another way.
    My question would be, what’s the easiest way to get this done? Are there any higher up devs reading forum / wotlabs, is starting a topic in the in-game discussion a good way. Would contacting Russian developers help speeding things up? Im open to suggestions.
    CL of 322
    (edit: @mods, feel free to move this topic to a better / other place if forum)
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