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    Monkey reacted to SchnitzelTruck in Do the Garage Shuffle - LT edition   
    ^ I still can't stand playing it. A shitty low alpha low pen needle gun at that tier is just so unreliable unless you're within 200m of your target. 1375 is far better.
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    Monkey reacted to dualmaster333 in Do the Garage Shuffle - LT edition   
    Remember, if you sell your beautiful 3 marked tank you can always see it again by previewing it through the tech tree while enjoying the credits and clutter-free environment!
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    Monkey reacted to CarbonWard in Do the Garage Shuffle - LT edition   
    13 57 has shit for HP/T, its not even a contest on who is the slowest tier 7 LT when you got this in the ring.
    not to mention 57mm caliber is just horrid, many of you will probably notice that you bounce a lot more usual int he 13 57 than say 131, well, turns out, having only 57mm that can't overmatch 20mm of side/rear/engine deck will cause a shit load of unintended ricochets that otherwise wouldn't happen.
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    Monkey reacted to GehakteMolen in Weeb Tanks   
    plis no WG ._.
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    Monkey reacted to SchnitzelTruck in Do the Garage Shuffle - LT edition   
    Think not with your eyes, but with your heart
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    Monkey reacted to SchnitzelTruck in Do the Garage Shuffle - LT edition   
    Put the top engine on it? It has 27HP/ton now
    I was driving the leopard around with stock tracks + stock engine after the patch for about 20 battles cause I'm a blind idiot. Was like, wow they fucked this things mobility.
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    Monkey reacted to leggasiini in Do the Garage Shuffle - LT edition   
    LTTB was never be able to meet tier 5s when it was tier 7 expect tier 5 LTs
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    Monkey reacted to StranaMechty in Do the Garage Shuffle - LT edition   
    I sold the 59-16. I was never particularly enamored with it and largely kept it around because the autoloader was quite useful for tier 6 tournaments. Sans that, no reason for me. I still have a T37 because I don't want to sell a triple-marked vehicle, but I haven't driven it because blech. May keep the T49 and shift the crew to that after the female T49 crew goes to the Sheridan.
    LTTB got an extra 2 degrees of depression so now LTTB fights aren't just endlessly skipping shells off the other guy's engine deck.
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    Monkey reacted to dualmaster333 in Do the Garage Shuffle - LT edition   
    I've barely played since the patch, so this will be useful to me since my garage and your garage usually end up about the same (apart from all your p2w tanks). Just going off stats for the mid tier lights, the ones that seem pretty interesting to me:
    VK 1602 Leopard - This was actually pretty fun before but the 3cm gun really fell off against tier 8s in particular. Now it will be far more effective and it is a really fun gun to use. My only concern is the turning got nerfed pretty hard so it won't feel as nimble. I have hopes that this can be my VK2801 replacement for mindless giggles.
    AMX 12t - Pre-patch, this tank was below average due to bad gun handling and being overall sluggish. Both of those aspects have received huge buffs. Not good enough? Now you can mount a VStab and you get an extra 2° gun depression. You do pay for it with your burst with only 4x135 and 2.5 seconds between them. But I feel like this could be a pretty solid trade off. Also having 144/202 pen at this tier is sweet.
    AMX 13 75 - This tank wasn't bad pre-patch, but now it's effectively a tier lower with massive mobility and gun handling buffs. Uh....yes please? My only concern is that your total burst is low with 4x135, but you also get a clip reload of just over 12 seconds which makes it a highly flexible autoloader.
    I haven't looked into it much further at this point. I might actually play a bit this weekend so I'll try a few of these out.
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    Monkey reacted to SchnitzelTruck in Do the Garage Shuffle - LT edition   
    Batchat 12t is kinda fun but the 1375 makes it irrelevant as it's the same tank a tier lower. Cant have too many autoloaders tho
    LTG is a tier7 med on steroids. I'd keep it in your garage just to remind you that inbreeding is bad.
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    Monkey reacted to CraBeatOff in Do the Garage Shuffle - LT edition   
    Tier X LTs are here, this means we need to change some things around. Since building a good garage is part of enjoying the game, and managing crews is part of being successful at the most important task of being good at pub battles, here are my shuffles post 9.18
    Tier 5: All these LTs are kinda bad now. The ELC is amusing still, the M7 is probably going to get sold. I will hold onto the Chaffee for nostalgia reasons, for now. 0.44 accuracy obviously gives me mixed feelings but the HP nerfs really hurt this tier of LTs. 
    Keepers: ELC AMX
    Tier 6: One of my favorite LT tiers has been homogenized into oblivion, I blame @dualmaster333. Sold the VK2801, as yet another 7.5cm/75mm gun is not interesting. I have a Type 64. T37 crushed similarly to the Chaffee in the accuracy department. Its already not fast. Its slower, lower pen, less accurate, not a premium. It does hold more ammo, but thats not enough! Bye beloved T37. Thats two 3 marked tier 6s I really enjoyed that I'm selling. 59-16 is still there, because I'm keeping 1 non premium LT for the tier, and its crew is easily improved in the Types 62 and 64. Best camo and mobility in tier, and good enough accuracy. 
    Keepers: 59-16, Type 64
    Tier 7: We should all know by now the premiums are quite good in this tier, which is a nice about-face since they were trash for so very very very long. T71 is clearly a winner, as it basically only got a minor pen nerf, and moved down a tier. 
    Keepers: AMX 13 57, Type 62, T71
    Tier 8: I haven't played all the LTs in this tier, specifically the Bat12. It seems decent from skill4ltu's stream and @SchnitzelTruck's testimony. The LTTB is amazing though, and I really enjoy the WZ-132 in its current tier. M4190 is solid of course. I put a lady crew destined for the RhmPz into the Hwk12, to train up some skills and finish unlocking the PTA. This will net them likely 4 skills before dropping into the tier X. 
    Keepers: M41 90, LTTB, WZ-132 without crew for now 
    Tier 9: I like all these tanks, but I like the RU251 the least. Its wonky depression, middling dpm and poor turning make the T49 90 better in every important way. And the T49 doubles as a derpwagon, so we all know USA > Germany. The 54LW with its new crazy engine and super low bloom has really grown on me, so I am conflicted about keeping it. It has a decent crew from grinding out the T-100LT. 1390 is prob the best LT at tier 9 and I'm still deciding about the WZ-132A..
    Selling: RU251 ASAP
    Keeping: AMX13 90, T49
    Tier 10: First up to purchase is the RhmPz, the tank I consider to be the worst of the tier X LTs. Why asks @lordawesome7? Because I want to prove myself wrong, although early data from dpgwhores is showing the Sheridan to have better damage output. Winrates likely similar though. T-100LT is the only one I'm super excited about though. 
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    Monkey reacted to SaintLaurentius in Weeb Tanks   
    dude, its anime
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    Monkey reacted to hall0 in Weeb Tanks   
    plz let this be some sort of event like the 8bit mode
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    Monkey reacted to Fabunil in Weeb Tanks   
    Kawaii nano desu~


    Tier: 8, Medium Tanku
    HP: 1400
    Power/Weightu: 25
    Max speedu: 60/-20 km / h
    Hull turning speedu: 42 °/s
    Turret turning speedu: 38 °/s
    View rangeu: 370 m
    Hull armoru: 120/60/60 mm
    Turret armoru: 120/80/60 mm
    Alpha Damageu: 240/240/295
    Penetrationu:  190/224/44 mm
    Reload timeu: 7,5 s
    Accuracy at 100 m: 0.38
    Aiming timeu: 2,3 s
    Depressionu/Elevationu: -8°/15°

    Basically a Panther-2 that trades penetration and accuracy for insane speed
    Nameless (actual name of the tank)


    Tier: 8, Heavy Tanku
    HP: 1600
    Power/Weightu: 16.76
    Max speedu:  50/-14 km / h
    Hull turning speedu: 28 °/s
    Turret turning speedu: 26 °/s
    View rangeu: 370 m
    Hull armoru: 220/80/80 mm
    Turret armoru: 240/150/80 mm
    Alpha Damageu: 300/300/360
    Penetrationu:  215/260/44 mm
    Reload timeu: 9 s
    Accuracy at 100 m: 0.37
    Aiming timeu: 2,3 s
    Depressionu/Elevationu: -5°/15°

    Basically a mix between Liberte and Tiger 2 with good speed and a huge tumor on top.
    Most of the softstats copied from TAP-senpai~
    These beauties will sadly be Asia-exclusives but considering they lack the exposed boobs of the O-No line they are clearly inferior Anime tanks anyway.
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    Monkey reacted to monjardin in AMX 50 120   
    It's definitely more comfortable, but I wouldn't consider either of those keepers. 
    I haven't found the minus -9 as useful as I thought. The long aimtime, soft turret and reload time don't make for an effective hill poker. 
    The +11 on the other hand is a godsend. 
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    Monkey reacted to zapyoug in Being trolled by clan TIM   
    Accepting clan invites from people you don't know 
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    Monkey reacted to Tankthief in French Arty advice   
    BC-155-58 avg dmg is probably the lowest in tiers 9 and 10.
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    Monkey reacted to Medjed in Female Crew Voices   
    Why do anime autists need to polute everything with their weird shit
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    Monkey reacted to Kuroialty in Female Crew Voices   
    This isn't how they really sound in the game, is it?  They're all way too clean.  No radio noise or anything.
    USA makes my dick limp.  She's the most dispassionate and boring voice of the bunch.  Huge contrast going from listening to UK to USA.
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    Monkey reacted to Deus__Ex__Machina in Female Crew Voices   
    i just threw up in my mouth
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    Monkey reacted to kolni in Female Crew Voices   
    The swedish voice is about as garbage as it gets, it varies from dialect to dialect more than a genderfluid tries to decide what gender they are
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    Monkey reacted to AR_15 in New Vehicle Trade in Program   
    I just figured it out. If you still have the rental vehicle you are trying to purchase in your garage you have to remove it before you can do the trade in. 
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    Monkey reacted to cavman276 in New Vehicle Trade in Program   
    They keep a record of how you got rid of it, so no, you can't. 
    I tried to recover my T26E5 rental and the bastards looked up how I got rid of it
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    Monkey reacted to Sapros in Which in-game premium should one buy when trading in?   
    112's turret is worse than you might expect. In close quarters those hatches are very easy to hit and pen. 
    250mm premium pen.'s a nice upgrade over the IS-6 but HEAT is shit and will occasionally screw you over. Also the lower dpm is really noticeable. 
    The tank shines when using rations and maxing out viewrange. Personally, I woundn't sell an IS-6 for 50% its cost to get a 112. 
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    Monkey reacted to TheMarine0341 in Rating the Premium Tanks (Tiers 5 through 8)   
    Its not a Liberte', Patriot, Defender, or Lowe
    But its damn good for those who can manage their mags
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