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    Monkey reacted to GehakteMolen in Rating the Premium Tanks (Tiers 5 through 8)   
    i also got 600 games in T34, its imo a solid performer, 400 dmg, 250 pen, though turret and 10 deg gun depression means it gets atleast some strengths (and a ton of weaknesses, the mobility and slow reload beiing the main problems)
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    Monkey reacted to CraBeatOff in Rating the Premium Tanks (Tiers 5 through 8)   
    There is! Mark everything you want to see as Primary and filter. This is how I hide tech tree tanks without crew that I might want to play, or shitty prems I want to avoid, but am hoping will be buffed ( I was so pleased to see a Panther M10 recently). Dozens of hidden tanks, easy to not see and push them to your peripheral brains.
    I really like it. So did MaxL, and imoody and TheBananasToTheWallHost. 
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    Monkey reacted to Sapros in Rating the Premium Tanks (Tiers 5 through 8)   
    I guess I'm the only one who absolutely loves the T34. 

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    Monkey reacted to SchnitzelTruck in BatChat 12T Appreciation Thread   
    What happens when you take an AMX 1375 and increase its alpha, pen, top speed, gun handling, ammo capacity, gun elevation, give it vertstabs and double its horsepower, while retaining the same MM as before?
    A not too shitty tier8 that's actually pretty fun at times!
    I at first thought it was pretty trash because 170 alpha at tier8, come on guys...really? But now that I've put a solid number of battles under my belt ive had carries in this that I've never had in other LT's. It's very frustrating at times because the gun is your standard French baguette cannon firing croissants in random directions, and with only 4 shells in a clip that destroys your mid-long range capabilities. The rest of the package seems to work pretty well. You never really run out of ammo, have just enough VR to be a useful spotter, great mobility, decent gun handling, stealthy little bastard and extremely low to the ground with a tiny turret which seems to help me get away with stupid things and not get my face shot off.

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    Monkey reacted to Vicroline in Is player performance influencing the win rate?   
    Since this is my first post on the Wotlabs forums I do like to introduce myself. I am a average WoT player with some very basic statistic and R skills and like many other WoT players out there I was somewhat superstitious regarding the randomness of matchmaking. I was wondering why there is no 20 percent win rate or a 90 percent if everything is random (normal distribution doh!)?  From what I have noticed the public opinion of the WoT community suggests that matchmaking is either rigged or entirely random. So I have done some research and stumbled on this post.

    Swoopie and Sharpneli from the WoT forums are outlining a matchmaking model based on randomness while holding player performance at a constant level. This model incorporates two teams with 15 players on each team. Each player’s performance is randomly generated except one that is representing the player. In other words Team A has 14 randomly generated numbers that can vary from 0 to 100 plus a fixed value for the player and Team B has 15 randomly generated numbers that can vary from 0 to 100. To decide which team has won a battle the calculated values are summed up and compared with each other. Let’s assume that each player of Team A has a performance value of 50 (14*50) and the player value is 75, while each player of Team B has a performance value of 50 (15*50). If we compare the two sums we get 775 for Team A and 750 for Team B. This means that Team A would have won this round based on the above average performance of our player. I calculated this model in R for 10.000 random battles incorporating three fixed player values (0, 50,100) in three models and this is the result.  

    So what does this tell us? Well as you can see individual player performance does influence the outcome in a random environment. While the player in the first model which is not contributing anything to the battle has a 36,7 % win ratio, the player that is contributing the maximum amount possible has a win ratio of 62,8 %. In addition it tells us that a win rate significant below of our first model and above our third model for an individual player in an random environment is highly unlikely. In other words you can contribute nothing and still would win one in three matches and you could outperform every other player on your team and still lose every third.
    Since this is the Wotlabs math section I have included the boxplot of the dependent outcome variable. The horizontal black line is the median and splits the distribution in two equal parts as you can see the line in the first model (0 player performance) is below the zero line wich means that the player in this model has more losses than wins, the rest is self explanatory.

    *Update 1*
    I may not have expressed myself clearly enough, my calculations neither prove nor disprove that WoT matchmaking is random. It rather emphasizes that in an purely random environment the performance of an individual player has an impact on the overall win rate given the sample size is large enough. This data represents 10.000 calculated battles for each model, each battle comprises 29 random values reaching from 0 to 100 and one fixed value for the players performance. This is not actual data from Wargaming it is purely generated data. The only insight it gives us is how a random environment reacts to a constant performance. There is however some similarity to the win rate of the WoT playerbase. In the future we could run statistical tests with real values and compare it with a random model. This could tell us if the real world data resembles a random system or not.  
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    Monkey reacted to SchnitzelTruck in Wake of the Flood: Crab's replays   
    Ooh, my opinion is all that's needed. Im moving up in the hierarchy  
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    Monkey reacted to CraBeatOff in Wake of the Flood: Crab's replays   
    The meta! First, the MM is the entire story here. The old model of matching MM weight within tier ranges led to tremendous variability in what a battle tier could look like. Battle tier 10 could have anywhere from 1 to 12 (highest I ever saw) tier X tanks in it, with as few as ZERO tier 9s to all tier 9s minus that 1 poor non scout tier 8 tank. Huge variety. Now, its much much more predictable, and overall every tank, especially bottom tiers, are more effective. You're just not waiting for flank shots ALL the time, with the entire map clogged up with stuff you can't hurt. 
    The second part, related to that, is the hp/ton across the board is a huge buff to LTs, one that I didn't think they'd do. LTs can ACTUALLY outrun mediums and kite them now.  Not in a flat start of course, but in terms of game flow, if you start running when the MT is 200-300m away, you can actually get enough distance to drop lights get into cover without them just sticking to your ass. This is huge. It also means that small open seams in the enemy lines can be exploited meaningfully. Your exposure time has dropped when crossing that ground, and you can get behind sooner than tanks can turn around. Combined with camo it means the ability to pop up where unexpected is much improved. And synergizing with that, you can fire on SPGs undetected a LOT more often, because of their VR nerfs, meaning SPG stealth kills, which is both immensely satisfying, but also effective for winning games. 
    I have not really played much mid tier, sticking to 8 and 9, with trials of the 10s. The type 64 is obviously very good, and I've not tried the LTG, but I expect @SchnitzelTruck's opinion is all you need. I am unlikely to explore those tiers terribly much beyond what I already have. I own the 59-16 which i think is pretty good, and at tier 7 the Type 62 and 1357 will be enough. 
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    Monkey reacted to CraBeatOff in Wake of the Flood: Crab's replays   
    They buffed the Russian LTs this patch, in case you didn't know. Here is a small replay pack to show what the 54LW and the LTTB can do now that the insanity of the first week of the patch has cooled off. If you have questions let me know - I have thoughts on this new meta. This 54LW crew is crapola, so no BiA. The LTTB crew is borrowed from the Obj 140, so has 5 perks, but I'll put the current 54LW crew back into the LTTB and the Obj140 crew back and use 3 girls for the T-100LT. Not that anyone asked. 
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    Monkey reacted to Fyreon in Wake of the Flood: Crab's replays   
    Sorry for hijacking your replay thread, but I uploaded a Maus replay pack. You can find the link to it my replay thread.
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    Monkey reacted to Gryphon_ in Could someone rate/rank the tier 8 and 10 lights   
    I doubt the Helpdesk staff would know the tier of anything, let alone what you sold a while back.
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    Monkey reacted to StranaMechty in Patch 9.19   
    I for one hope they stagger WoT ranked with WoWs ranked. I'm not sure I could handle both of them simultaneously.
    No, actually, they can't really. They're all visible in the client files, so while changes may not be immediately apparent or documented they can be found. It's how I know many artillery pieces had their module damage cut in half in the 9.18 patch. Crew death is listed in the crew file (and is different based on whether they're being hit by an explosion or a kinetic round/HEAT jet), fire chance is listed right on the engine module.
    It's paranoia. You can see the totally identical stats here.
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    Monkey reacted to Archaic_One in Epic arty shots (pre 9.18) 2h+   
    Well, if nothing else this will at least serve as a eulogy to getting insta-clicked by sky cancer.  Arty is still a wretched broken mechanic - but this video will remain to remind us that it used to be worse.
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    Monkey reacted to Frenzier in Epic arty shots (pre 9.18) 2h+   
    Over the last 65 days i uploaded everyday my best shots with arty as i attempted to 3 mark as many as i could before patch 9.18 hit, its a total of 2h7m, in the process i 3 marked all german arty, tier 5 to 8 russian and last one on last day CGC.
    So if you happen to enjoy witnessing some epic arty shots, you will find inside stuff like a full hp maus going to garage with 1 clip from a bat chat arty(no fire or ammo rack), a full HP IS-4 going to garage with a single shot from a tier 7 arty(+ a bit of fire) and a grille(tier 5 arty) penetrating a T34 at 800m on the turret in "arty safe" locations among other tier 8 heavys... 99% of the shots are with HE.
    I will continue to play arty, main focus 3 marks atm. I stream hopefully everyday here https://www.twitch.tv/frenzierr
    The playlist
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    Monkey reacted to BlackAdder in Week in Review, 9.18   
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    Monkey reacted to tajj7 in Could someone rate/rank the tier 8 and 10 lights   
    13-90 is definitely looking like one of the major winners of the light tank changes, losing the clip is no biggie IMO because you very rarely got full benefit from it, either because you couldn't expose yourself for nearly 14 seconds to fire it or 2-4 of your shots just missed or bounced anyway. You were then useless for like 40 plus seconds. 
    You now have more pen, massively better gun handling, a faster firing clip and crucially hp/ton has gone up by nearly 9 so you are actually fast not the sluggish light it used to be, add in 100 extra HP and the fact it always had some of the best camo in the game it's a nice little package. Shame they dumped the view range down to 380 though.
    Other one seems to be the T71 which I as far as I can tell they seem to have just nerfed the pen and basically dumped it unchanged onto tier 7 regular MM.  The new Bulldog IMO, 900 clip damage in 10s with a 19s reload, it can pretty much clip all tier 6 tanks.  The only changes are the pen drop and 10m less view range for tier 7 MM instead of tier 8. Still has it's completely stupid 5600 credit premium rounds. 
    Lttb also looks pretty decent, it's lost some DPM and 10m view range but gained 100 HP, more gun depression, better gun handling, can mount a v-stab and more hp/ton.
    Finally all the premium lights have obviously improved. 
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    Monkey reacted to StranaMechty in 112 vs IS-6 - Big Debate   
    The movement bloom stats are now in the Android app, clear victory to the IS-6 in that department.
    112 IS-6 Max gun movement dispersion @ 100m 1.67m 1.32m Max suspension rotation dispersion @ 100m 2.99m 2.75m Max tank movement dispersion @ 100m 5.18m 3.7m This is with, mind you, identical 3.4 second aim times.
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    Monkey reacted to Sprak in Could someone rate/rank the tier 8 and 10 lights   
    1390 is different (see: much better) than it was. It trades 2 rounds for significantly better gun handling, and a much more flexible clip. You can dump in on a tank and erase it, but you won't hit the dirt 10m in front of you as often.
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    Monkey reacted to CraBeatOff in Could someone rate/rank the tier 8 and 10 lights   
    I think the 1390 is straight up better than the baby bat...BUT I haven't tried the baby bat since the patch. I'm always a fan of the more flexible clip though, thinking the T71 was superior to the M41 for example. The 1390 just gained SO much this patch. Its speed gains in particular, plus the gun handling.
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    Monkey reacted to CraBeatOff in Could someone rate/rank the tier 8 and 10 lights   
    Approximate ranking, pub only
    lttb = wz > m41 90 > others
    1390 > 54lw = T49 90 > wz > ru 251
    I can't thoroughly rank the 10s because I've not played the WZ but the T100 and Sheridan are near top with 13 105 and RhmPz near bottom.
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    Monkey reacted to CraBeatOff in T49 -- Land Arty in a Bite-Size Package   
    Still good with the 152. It traded 7kph top speed for 10 hp/t, 10 VR, 300 hp and a hull dispersion buff of 0.06. Totally an upgrade. 
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    Monkey reacted to MacusFlash in post your favorite guns   
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    Monkey reacted to MacusFlash in 9.18 is up on NA and available   
    Potato computers can't stand 30 tanks in the  same time. Same with game engine - that's why frontline is killing even good machines.
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    Monkey reacted to RagePrincess in 9.18 is up on NA and available   
    It was really close in that one. For the next shot it moved away and still got hit for like 200.
    But directly against the wall or not it's still a wall and arty definitely shouldn't be doing that amount of dmg through it.
    Some players have also suggested that splash goes through ground as well. Getting hit by a shot that landed on the other side of a ridge and so on.
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    Monkey reacted to hall0 in 9.18 is up on NA and available   
    Come on the real question is. What is better, getting one shotted/lose 1k hp once you peak or play aggressive or getting stunned behind walls? Well so far I take the stun effect. Need still some work but it is still the better mechanic in my opinion. But I agree. Dmg or stun should not happen if you are behind a wall. 
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    Monkey reacted to CraBeatOff in I WANNA GO FAST: The T-100LT Appreciation Thread   
    If the Tier 8 HTs were half the size, zoomed around at 72 kph and couldn't be spotted until 300m away what would you say? :-D
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