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  1. Anyone have the list of most expensive tanks sorted by tier? Doing up a guide on festive atmosphere.
  2. It's a question of balance. And generally I agree with the swede, it's extreme. Most of the time "quiet, patient, accommodating" just screams "brooder who keeps it all inside", which is an unhealthy thing mentally. There is a reason why humans evolved to be complainers, serves as a stress outlet by externalizing problems. Anyway, long story short, take a holiday from the game, uninstall it if you have to. But avoid the account deletion route unless you are absolutely serious about it.
  3. Not a strong correlation there because you have not conclusively eliminated the other possibilities.
  4. My secret joy when I grinded that tank.Hates hard, hits fast, decent accuracy with bloody good arc, can reposition easily (compared to the spgs after this...).
  5. Late to print, but depends on your needs. Nadia: Secret of Blue Water might be the closest to a sea adventure anime I can think of. Not a pirate anime per se, but worth watching if you can handle the pre-CG era graphics.
  6. I spent the weekend grinding Italy 4-7. Tier 4 is a meme tank, though I find the 70mm HE too iffy to really use. Almost exclusively use them on the clueless 25TPs roaming about for luls though. Tier 5 is good. Turret armor is okay, you can fight meds and LTs and expect to bounce 1 or 2. The gun lacks pen imo, but the 75mm paired with the turret and mobility is crazily effective. Tier 6 has a 90mm and behaves essentially like a hellcat with good turret armor, I enjoyed this tank quite a bit. Tier 7 has a 90mm with slghtly better pen and a horrific stock grind because of its engine power - I recommend getting the tracks and 2nd engine at least so you are on par with a DW2. Stock gun is workable (and you might consider using it because of the higher dpm with same alpha). Top turret is easily your next priority after tracks/engine. The top engine is actually the tier 8's stock engine, so if you are okay with being a gimped comet just grind to tier 8 and save the 12k exp. Fully upgraded the tank is fun, though a bit unremarkable.
  7. Watched the replay. Some context - have not played the Maus or Mauschen, but have played the VK100 and am woefully familiar with Tier X matching and the tactics to adapt to said matching. At the start of the game, when you were driving to your spot: You should not have stopped to aim at the Foch (you spotted 2 other tanks). Getting penned was unfortunate (the 268 AP round was a lucky pen roll imo), but you knew you were there only to slow the enemy push, and that means getting intel and not losing hp unnecessarily. Looking at how the enemy deployed in the banana and the 2min hesitation despite your hill folks being spotted (they had good intel on where almost all your tanks are) the banana enemies are not very brave. If you were at full hp you could have bottled up those 4 cowards for as long as you stayed out of 1 shot territory (>800 hp). I will say this once more, losing hp at the start like that when you already had spotted the enemy was a waste of hp. You are there to stall, that means your hp is the barometer of how fast the enemy will advance, or how aggressively they will push in - killing an enemy is worth losing some hp over. I would have withdrawn to H8 and used the arches to sneak cheeky shots-, taking care to make sure I was completely unspotted till the enemy engages friendly 777 and T32. It is better to hold them at a potential crossfire point with the Obj 777 and T32 as your unwitting anvil than to pull so far back you brought yourself out of the fight altogether. Anyway since you pulled all the way back to J6, I would alternatively have gone to the road at H8/9 to set up a crossfire if the enemy chose to commit further past the banana. Using the H89 road also moves you out of arty's kill zone. This move depends on how fast you gauge the enemy's advance vs your own movement speed. Overall this battle wasn't yours to win - that laid solely on the hill which had the majority of the team pushing. However, the battle was yours to lose - you chose to bottle the banana, but failed to do so effectively, which led to their team opening up the middle, which had the ripple effect of making the hill group push more recklessly which led to their demise. Basically, the opening first 3 min determined the flow of your decision-making from that point on and while I could nit-pick on your fall back position the overall flow of the game was determined elsewhere. Remember, try to force some cross-fire situations on the enemy, don't take your gun out of the fight unless you intend to go another flank altogether.
  8. Start from tier 7 if you have the free exp to spare. Heavy tanks start there, and the tier 4-6 tanks are pretty bad tier for tier. I just finished acing the tier 4, working on the tier 5... and I want to pull my hair out. Not much comment on the Italians, I just don't get how they are to be played and I tunnel vision too hard counting down the reload to be comfortable with the auto-reloader. Low tier Italian tanks play much like any average med. Except my commander is Buffon which is awesome.
  9. Why C? And yeah I would recommend C++ if you wanted a more manual process... Because variables made of 2 words or more should be named as variableNameHere and not variablenamehere... (easier documentation for later engineers reading your code).
  10. PM me on offishul forums if you need approval for posts made. I just need to know which topics you posted in to find the posts. no shit, there's a 58k WnEzz score already.
  11. We have an issue with the system. Basically, there's no system to highlight all the "pre-rugged" posts, so what's happening is that we (mods) are all scanning the threads to find unapproved posts to check. It's messy and we are bound to miss some/most/pretty-much-everything that you fine parole birds post. I do see the paroles have been lifted on the majority of posters so congratz you have been considered sufficiently cowed/brainwashed/indoctrinated to re-enter the forums without supervision. I also see some of the parole birds abusing their newfound freedoms, so I will disabuse them of that notion once it gets out of hand. Lazzzzzy~ Serb giving you the thumbs up just takes the cake...
  12. Closest I can think is noobmeter, which saves session stats. vbaddict had ways to filter battle results, but it doesn't consolidate such data. In fact this is 1 use-case AdrianK can consider for his stat tool, if a pretty niche one.
  13. The pain is more consolidating the various stats for aggregation. Each call is not long, but a batch call of top 300 per tank then an operation to average out the results would literally take hours.
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