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  1. Well fellas, i made the purchase anyone wanting to play the game with me hit me up . That being said if my old PC can't run it well enough itll be a moment before i can play it lol. My system specs seem good enough for the most part exceeding the recommended stuff so it shouldn't be an issue. So i downloaded the game and it plays really well for an alpha survival game, forest and the like have me at a min of 40 fps(mid range settings for the lowest quality) My GPU is likely the only reason why i have to run on those settings .
  2. H1z1 will be f2p at some point, so i wouldn't buy it and is currently infested with hackers(youtube evidence and the like) Dayz mod is great spent hours apon hours playing it, the stand alone is lack luster to say the least.(granted i haven't played it just going by youtube videos) this is a review on steam, i think it sums up what i have seen on youtube nicely A game where you can build a nice house, and look out you window only to see a naked man chasing another naked man with a rock. Rate 420/10 would be naked again Also, something too take into consideration, the game
  3. With recent changes to Rust, and the way the game looks in its current version i have decided too buy the game. But like most survival games Rust is better played with a group. I have lots of experience with Dayz and a fair amount in 7d2d, if that helps make the choice any easier.
  4. I am about to buy Rust, anyone want to play with me?

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    2. Lord_Met


      but, im just green lol. I thought you had too be good at the game too "pad"

    3. waga100


      a guy said i was only green because i shot gold a while ago lol

    4. Spec


      If you do something as simple as outplay a red you are automatically a stat padder lol

  5. When you say call "ISP" you mean raj from tech support right?
  6. what if we had an average player with similar recents, set up a reroll acc on both NA and EU(since they don't care) and see what the changes are. I still think it is a shitty thing too do but, i think we are all curious if the stats would change at all.
  7. I don't think WG is actually the type too simply ban people for it. if they where too do anything they would just make x information unable too be obtainable by a script. It would be alot easier imho, and alot more effective or at least for a while. I think rigging stuff is alot more toxic and personally makes me not want too spend money or simply go too another game.
  8. There are 2 things that help prevent fires. Preventative m. and auto fire x. There is only one thing that prevents ammo racking.
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