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  1. When you say play well, do you mean i got one shotted by arty? or was it that stupid match where i did, 1.8k spotting and 8.8k damage in my 50b and failed too get ace tanker? cuss i wonder who set that base line and with how much damage. I honestly think they prey on new players since some of the new players do not know any better. For what goal i haven't the slightest idea.
  2. Thanks, i started the welding program in highschool(if there are any highschool students that are college bound reading this, fuck highschool, and just take college classes the moment you can, there are a shit ton of programs that will pay for your classes if not your own school district.) became a work study for my instructor, realized i was pretty good at welding, and spent all of my free time in the shop. I was unable too continue the work study program in college( my mother worked there, and the lady that was supposed too okay my continuation of said program didn't like my mother for reaso
  3. I have been meaning too make one, but i wasn't sure how long i would be lurking in wotlabs. I was well aware of this website for a very long time, it was just recently that i actually made my account. I was a little wary of some of the negative comments made in my direction by purples (shockingly i get trashed talked too by shitters more often then <average players) Recent events including the way m1ster_rogers was handled i have decided i like this joint.
  4. I would like too name and shame LilShadowDestroyer for being a racist asshole. should i send him this link?
  5. I didn't realize that there where worse then widow, that weren't deliberate trolls like rogers and sireric.
  6. Greetings purple players of wotlabs, and the rest of us I am Lord_Met of the NA server, i am trying too turn around my stats and play better since winning is way more fun then loosing. My first 5k games or so where really bad(like most new players), then i got myself stuck in a really really bad clan. Example: was the commander and "trained me". So at some random point i realized they where shit, and i was shit, and i didnt want too be surrounded by shit and therefor be shit. I started hanging out with better players, like i somehow managed too get the attention of widowmaker f
  7. Just post some replays, where you loose(its important that you show the ones where you loose, its easy too justify an action if it results in a win even if it is bad play) Down in the tape review, im sure there will be some folks willing too help you out.
  8. where the fuck do i donate on this site?

  9. From whati have gathered from all the metrics that have bee made, they are padable/inaccurate too some extent, and the best way too see skill is w/r+metric of choice. If you can pad your wn8 to 4k+ good for you, are you doing that with a 70%w/r? then what ever you are doing it works.
  10. I want too find out how bad i am in this metric(overall, XVm seems too only show the tank someone is driving?), but i ran the XVM setting that shows this metric, BULBA platoon was as green as i am lmao.
  11. I would like too name and shame myself and the player IVForce. Me for sucking horribly. And for him being a complete douche bag, and anus that is no longer an anus if it where. I was ammo racked, and the friendly jtiger was behind me, got smoked and couldn't tell me where he was hit from(says it was a lag spike, ill believe him) and this douche tells me i am a coward and he barley did 900 hp worth of damage.
  12. From what we "learned" from mister rogers is that, he was a 40 something year old, from what i understand that mentality wasn't the same back then? correct me if i am wrong. I think just some people, are broken from conception.
  13. I would like too name and shame myself for not being here for that shit storm mister rogers started. I think this is the biggest mistake of my life... if laughing makes you live longer... i am now immortal.
  14. Your sig makes me believe you want arty gone... it doesn't say only for WoT. Help everyone get it done That being said, i think AW only implemented it too make the masses of the gullible too believe they are capable of making a game mechanic and "listening too the community" if arty was meant too be like this, it isn't a large gap in logic, too believe they added it too the first test too make people complain that cancer is in this game too, just too turn around and "listen too the community".
  15. Your best bet is too contact the modpack creator, i am certain he would know better then most of us forum goers.
  16. I know roughneck has everytank in the game, and a bloke from my old clan.... but i am no where near lol.
  17. SH tier 8. 13 90 swarm. Have fun watching the mayhem... be sure too listen too ride of the valkerys. http://wotreplays.com/site/1806883#abbey-lord_met-amx_13_90 Disclaimer: I mean no disrespect too the enemy team it was well played. I just advise keeping your forces together next time.
  18. I am rather pleased with WGNA staff, thier forum mods are either over worked or incompetent. The tournaments and other team play is what keeps me active. If there wasn't any team play(stronks, CW, team battles, or stuff of that nature) i would have left along time ago, there was no incentive for me too improve as a player or get tanks past the kv-1, in random battles.
  19. Okay i kept all my replays so i will give this a test in the morning.
  20. You up vote farmer... Why has no one used this meme? or something along the lines of?
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