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  1. PM Elpuffmo, she is very good in arty, might help you out.
  2. That is rather disappointing... so i suppose i can't actually exploit that myself, or at least with any regularity . Thanks for posting hoss. have a great night.
  3. You have too be terrible or lead by a terrible caller too not net net some gold from tourneys. I think that because any average or better players can play this games with all the benefits that the hardcore players get is awesome, and the next biggest thing. The game is server side and therefor exceptionally difficult too hack in any meaningful way. Example: i used too play Dayz mod... and the amount of times i was killed/teleported/transformed into a bunny was retarded. That doesn't happen in this game lol.
  4. Okay, i am baffled as too why i couldn't spot the kv-3 i was fighting, or at least till he moved/fired. More importantly can i exploit that area myself? http://wotreplays.com/site/1795799#team Replay of event in question^
  5. Fair enough, i tried python at one point as a server admin on a dayz mod server, it was hard and that was just editing stuff... At any point, im more interested in the results, but i do love scripts so ill more then likely want too use it myself. And on a side note too internetz sricptz. I generally trust websites like wotlabs too not have sketchy scripts and such, might be naive, but everything is backed up and this PC doesn't have personal information relating too bank accounts and the like, the best one would get from this one is some change left over from visa gift cards... Th
  6. What ever you are doing, it sounds cool. Npt sure what the outcome would be, and more importantly if it would change anything about my play(as poor as it is). So if you get the script going i will most certainly contribute some games from me.
  7. I had luck backing 7 days to die. I regret nothing.
  8. i feel like it would cause more harm too WG's bottom line then it could ever help.
  9. I am not a great player or hell even a good one in reality. But i decided too test out vent vs optics in my wz-111 before i just used conventional wisdom over testing myself(ie optics when ever it was appropriate.) I had used vents for 200 battles or so then i switched too optics the change in XP per battle was fantastic . Unless your an autoloader and you can run vents/vstab/Optics(GLD if it needs it that bad, or crew and food can replace it) id suggest rammer/optics/vstab.
  10. I meant more towards commitment too current clan. I won't give up yet! But nice too know my recents partially over come my scrub global. I have a nice garage too... lol
  11. I like the jacket... but damn $300??? i got a far better quality jacket(looks better) for half that.
  12. I got in contact with hellfish and his advice works very well in practice, jumped from a 60% w/r calling SH too a 66% w/r not great but it is a start. Id still like other advice, and thank you for the resources.
  13. I had put myself into a terrible position too learn early on, i got myself into a terrible clan, and i was learning from terrible players. Later on i realized what a horrible player i was(that shitter logic where you think you are slightly better then average, was no longer my security blanket...the clan exploded) I decided too ask a great player from anvil how too get better. He told me start off at tier 5 or so and play till your doing well and winning, then move up a tier, rinse and repeat untill you meet your ceiling, then back done a tier and work it out there.
  14. I noticed this as well. Most of the time i search around a bit before i make a thread, generally someone else has asked the question in a far better way then i would have. There is an absurd amount of information on this forums.
  15. http://wotreplays.com/site/1742583#northwest-lord_met-cromwell If there is any interest in helping me ill keep all my SH replays, and if you want/need too talk in a ts im more then willing too use the wotlabs teamspeak(if it is okay) or my own.... or hell even yours. I would like people too point out where i failed as a caller in this, and i tried too ask mahou but they haven't responded. They responded and helped immensely, thank you for the insight. Disclaimer, That isnt my cromwell crew i am using it in pubs too make a crew for the centurion 1 after i finish the femal
  16. Oi! i love the CDC made grinding out the t54e1 fun and easy in the t49. Fixed it for you.
  17. You must admit you would have too be pretty terrible, that you cant get on a team that nets 1k gold average per week. And yes pz1c is brutal on credits.... but the bulldog is almost as brutal.
  18. I dont ever recall being miss treated by any particular group in this game. The truly terrible players(the ones even worse then me) seem too be far more cancerous.
  19. ^this was my early wot experience, it wasn't that i didn't care, the clan i was in was terrible... and teached me poorly(still my fault) and i wasn't aware that there was such a strong community that would have so many ways too learn.
  20. Good luck man, there i an insane amount of information here at your disposal.
  21. if you dont mind an average player id love too platoon
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