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  1. This is literally the only site i let ads through on, glad too se its fixed never, good luck mate.
  2. Good luck and welcome back. There is enough info here along with enough great players, that youll get gud in no time(see recents for proof, just dont look at my last 100 battles... world of crashing rocked my world)
  3. I watched circon play the 260 and it looks too be awesome, and possibly the best tier x russian heavy, i am just fairly certain it will be impossible for me too get, the t55a might be.
  4. Im not sure why they didnt make these tanks very good for their tier since very few will be driving them, please fill us in on the t55a, if it is as good as the t54 ill grind for it
  5. I liked my t44, but you have too go into every engagement as tho you will get penned and it isnt so brutal. The t54 is really good but in my expericen the armo only counts on the ufp, the turret and the tracks. Other wise mobility is your armor.
  6. He was using the 219 pen gun on the t54...
  7. I think that might be the best bet thus far, thank you everyone that has contributed thus far. Even Gashtag's advice is reasonable.
  8. No but i am sure the kraken has similar effects on the psyche.
  9. He is well aware of Wotlabs, and has been studying damage expectations... but he is looking too pad not get better, its very strange that they arent the same in his mind too me. He makes good shots when he makes them. One on one brawls he does okay. The best game he had for the session was in a kv-4, he is decent at side scraping, but doesn't keep his tank mobile. He likes mediums, but just doesnt do medium tank things in them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbbmfKyX_3c&list=PLCFkEm9NiUY8gjoUj_BpBzJCJcfeERAkE This the series i have suggested too him, this series alone has
  10. Okay my clan share a teamspeak with another clan. The other clan had a member that was under performing, and he was kicked untill he can get his play on par with the rest of the clan. One of DEMI's officers asked me too help mentor him, i by no means a great player but i know my way about too some extent. So i decided too platoon with him and see if there was anything obvious that i could help with... well he doesnt take advantage of situations at all. Example: He chooses a reasonably viable location too snipe from, but once he no longer has shots or he is getting over run he makes no att
  11. I am a average too good player looking for a skirmish team, I have experience in them and other tourneys. I am open for other tourneys like this one http://worldoftanks.com/en/news/pc-browser/tournaments/Carnival-Parade/ And for my tier X stats Edit:found a team disregard unless you want a platoonmate
  12. keep in mind that the super structure is better on jpanther 2.
  13. Thank you, very well made and i think the easiest modpack to customize i have ever used including mods that are legal for NA.
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