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  1. I stopped playing 2 years ago and I just returned. Is Jack of all trades still good or it became obsolete with the possibility of using multiple times first aid kits on the battle?
  2. RIP  Brian Vigneault aka "Poshybrid"  

    press F for respects

  3. Toshiro.K.Arai

    Skyrim SE

    On ps3 had a reeeeeaaalyy long loading issue. I had to wait more than 2 minutes to fast travel, then 2 minutes to enter breeze homee, more 2 minutes to get out, 2 mitnutes to enter the jarl casttle, 2 minutes to get out, 2 minutes to fast travel........ I'd spend more than 2 hours on loading screens each 5 hours played. I migrated to my trash computer to play it because the loadings are sluggish
  4. Now that its informed, I can press F with assurance. Which clan will be the next to be disbanded by CW 2.0?
  5. My friend sent me this image of a player trying to recruit him, apparently this "CRABA" recruiter has dyslexia
  6. Hello, I saw that otter lost a lot of members, I couldn't find otter recruitment post to ask about it, only other petco's ded clans.
  7. x16 and x25 was created because it removed the foliage and you could see if there was an obstacle between you and your target, then WG changed the way that the leafs get transparent and it kinda became useless
  8. Are tier X heavies unpratical? E5 and FV215b arent meta like on normal wot? How are Ru251 and 54 light? Is it better to go through T-44? Thank you very much.
  9. I really didn't know that I was playing against fellow pc players, the queue is too much fast, it takes less than 3 seconds to find a match, doesnt give you much time to read. Other reasons to play it are: crew get to 100% really fast, there is no need to train to 100% the 6th sense perk
  10. Hello fellas, Im starting this new toppic to reach more wotlabs users instead of commenting old topics that no one will ever answer me about how OP is pc version of blitz and how its better than normal wot. Yeah, Serb has 2 versions of wot on pc. Why you should read my topic? Thats why: BLITZ IS AVAILABLE ON WINDOWS STORE AND ITS BROKEN AS F*CK!!! I play it on my 2012 laptop without video card, normal wot runs on MINIMUM on 25fps, meanwhile BLITZ IS 60FPS ON MY OLD LAPTOP!! The graphics are so smooth on my trashy computer The ping is pretty much the same as NA east, and have a
  11. Hello, I played a few games a year ago on my cellphone and just discovered that blitz is available on pc. After I run out of prem on wot, I want to migrate to blitz. A lot of things changed on the year that I was absent, there wasnt Ru and 54 lt, no jap tech tree, no 62a, to go to E50, you had to grind by indien branch. Now I have a few doubts on blitz: 1-are hellcat, kv1s, 268 still the same as the unnerfed pc versions? 2-what are the tier 8 and 10 meta? Thank you
  12. I downloaded it on windows store, you are too OP with a mouse and all you do is seal clubbing. My 2012 laptop runs wot at minimun on 25fps and blitz on 60fps on high graphics!!! the number of online users are 12k, the ping is pretty much the same as NA East. When I run out of premium days on wot, I will go full blitz. Cant wait to get tier 8 and 10 blitz meta and look for a blitz clan
  13. If you are into SH, why cant you keep yourself as leggionary to play everywhere? (I know that WG reworked that and now anyone in a clan can play on another's SH, but OP could stay tagless)
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