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  1. Good to see the spotting system is still broken as fuck. I had a T8 VK drive right up to me in my 132A and not get spotted until 50m away. That big fuck off tank completely hidden from a scout....by a single bush while moving!
  2. When you do nearly more damage in your T8 light then 6 T9s and they wonder why people are leaving the game.....
  3. Nothing gets my dick harder then watching retarded enemy tanks throwing games with the mentality of "I GOT TO KILL THE 100hp LIGHT TANK" then shoot the full health heavies rolling right at them.
  4. Good to see HK server still doing HK server things... Can you guess what happened next?
  5. In the same game I had OZZIE tell me I was a reroll. He made his account in 2016, mine was made in 2011
  6. The video at the end. Circon has already confirmed as well that they are bringing it in when he did a review of the post.
  7. @Va1heru @bolagnaise and @Saffee Rejoice! for Wargaming have decided to hide name and stats within the game. Along with heaps of other good shit that WG will prolly not implement, forget or fuck up https://worldoftanks.asia/en/news/general-news/whats-coming-in-2019
  8. Needed a new grinding game that didn't trigger me, and after Blizzard butchered Blizzcon I jumped into Warframe. Good thing I still had my account I made 5 years back to hold my name, also the bonus of getting all the twitch prime loot
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