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  1. What a tank, T7 lights are in general good but this is godM646OcQ.jpg

    1. hazzgar


      I wouldn't call this tank good. I mean compared to SPIC it is good since that tank throws potatoes but I'd take WZ/AMX/LTG/Other T71 any day over this. 

    2. SchnitzelTruck


      I miss pre nerf Spic

    3. hazzgar
  2. This is, by far, the best thing that happened to me in WoT in a long time.


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    2. Hîr-am-Helcaraxë


      Guys I don't think that you got the point. It wasn't the fact that I unlocked the Type but that, witht the last random battle I went up to EXACTLY 9.500, the XP cost of the last module! My OCD was really satisfied :D 
      STA-1 was ok, not trash but just not competitive compared to too many other t8 meds...

    3. Wanderjar


      well we cant see the exp you have so we missed that parade.
      nice work getting it done though

    4. Hîr-am-Helcaraxë


      It's in the bottom left, tbh I though I had the game in english sorry =-

  3. With the recent changes in high tiers Jap meds I decided to unearth this tank from the pile of dust that submerged it, I was at 60k from the STA-1 then I never touched it for the last two years. So, how do you Chi-Ri in 2019? Free XP? It feels like it's now in an even worse state then when I left it...
  4. Official WoT EU Discord channel, becasue what could possibly go wrong...

  5. Just unlocked the AX after a very good experience with the 7/1. Is the t10 worth it though? No premium hesh maske me so sad...

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    2. hazzgar


      @WhatTheSkara lol. Seriously? Because you don't agree with me on a tank you will insult me instead of trying to tell me why you think Bulldog is balanced? The irony of you recommending me the public forum really improved my humor. 

      Come on. YOu kow me, I know you. You can explain why you like a tank without being another toxic pub forum dweeb


      PS. If I'm a retard and only official forum dislikes the bulldog what is this? Is Crabs also a retard?




    3. WhatTheSkara


      Yeah seriously. We're talking about the Centurion AX, not the m41 LUL.

      But yeah the m41 is trash, its 2 premium versions are miles ahead of the tech tree one, and it doesn't stand a chance vs the LT432 and the batchat 12t :)

    4. hazzgar


      @WhatTheSkara then I was wrong. No reason to be toxic. Had 2 windows open. Made a mistake. 

  6. How's the T95E2 nowdays? Got one but it was so unappealing and mediocre. Since I already have american prem meds I'm considering trading that is for some good discounts on the S1. Or I could trade in some lower tier shit such as the 100Y...

  7. I really enjoyed this thank, comfortable overall and damage racks up surprisingly quickly. Not a keeper but a nice memory even though i went from alomst 65% w/r at tier 6 to not even 49% in this. As Ozjasz said memory works in strange ways...
  8. Which is better tier for tier: M46 or M48?

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    2. SaintLaurentius


      M46 gets to club tier sevens, for instance Tiger 1s, nuff said

    3. kolni


      M48. M46 went from S tier to A tier simply because there’s too many tanks it can’t deal with frontally that it has to face (good luck keeping the 5K dpg sessions in it anymore) along with more tanks that it can pen frontally but the gun won’t allow it to (.38) making for pretty frustrating situations that get real hard to do anything about. 

      M48 is the most comfy tank in the game, even with all the new ones it is still hands down the best farmer in the game.

    4. WhatTheSkara


      M48, it can pen superheavies from the front.

      Nuff said.

  9. Does the rule "Never sell a tier 10 tank" also apply to the T110E5? Seem just a pile of shit these days...

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    2. Fulcrous


      It's fairly balanced. It's just that WG releases OP tanks over and over

    3. Assassin7


      Its still a great tank. If you go by tanks WG hasnt released in the past year. 

      The only time it is shit is when you're facing all the new meta tanks. Which is all you will face in ranked.

    4. Haswell


      At least it's not an IS-4.

  10. Clearly the shitstorm was too big to cover for the wonderful PR team. Anyway admitting you have a problem is the first step is the firs step to a solution, until not long ago the MM was so tweaked to perfection that it: I can't forget that and it was just 2 month ago. Will see what they come up with in 6 month, I hope something solid, I expect nothing, I fear something even worse. I mean look at personal reserves: it's 1 or 2 hours, it's stupid to base that on time like old silver camo (that is now battle based). They said they would've fixed that and base that on number of battles, th
  11. Thanks, that post really answers most of doubts, I didn't find that and I always forget about the Asia forum. Seems like the general consensus is that 277 is slighly inferior to the 5A in some aspects, superior in others and overall still a very strong tank. I tried them both extesively and in various configurations in the just ended test server, in which as usual you can't properly test much but rather just get a feel, expecially about mobility where the 277 shines and outclasses the IS-7 and the 5A too. This tanks and to a lesser extent the IS-7 are really very similar in many regards, ju
  12. I don't seem to be able to find a 277 topic and this fact per se should be indicative of its mediocrity and mehity in general but I thought I could start one with the most obvious -and problably only needed- question: is this really just a worse 5A? The nerf bat hit hard just before the releas of this tank, it was in a borderline OP state imo but maybe that was too hard. To be fair it has something going for it to distinguish itself from the 5A but I really can't feel if that's enough to be even able to be something fresh and different. As alway I'm not looking for a better version of the a
  13. When the 257 got into the game I had just unlocked all the modules on the T-10 so I got the 257 in his elite config but rightly without any XP towards the IS-7. Since i found my crew in the 257 i started slowly grinding the IS-7. What a waste of time (should be my middle name actually) that was. Thank god the T-10 is very nice to play Or do I forget the 277 since is a very similar gameplay to the 5A and I will eventually end up with two very similar tanks? As Ezz just said it doesen't seem to completely overshadow the 5A being just flat out better version of it. 277 has:
  14. So, I've almost unlocked the T-100 but I'm not sure what to do. I'm having so much fun with the T-54 ltwt, being a mediocre player I didn't expect to feel so well in a light tank but I ascribe this at the tank being very good (Best flanker in game? Best light-medium hybrid?) and tier 9 being the current sweet spot. T-100 looks very interesting for its peculiarities but also quite diffrent, more of a pure scout than a flanking light. How would you rate the 2 tanks tier for tier? Which is the most comfrotable to play? Which the most fun?
  15. Kill me, I can't play Black Prince again but I want to unlock Caravan before next TotT. That thing is unbeareble, not even spamming gold can save it. I'm tempted to go heavy on freeXP...

    1. breeeze


      honestly, its kind of playable if your #1 priority is finding hulldown spots

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