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    Hîr-am-Helcaraxë got a reaction from Wanderjar in This is, by far, the best thing that happened to me in WoT in a long time.   
    It's in the bottom left, tbh I though I had the game in english sorry 
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    Hîr-am-Helcaraxë reacted to Wanderjar in This is, by far, the best thing that happened to me in WoT in a long time.   
    well we cant see the exp you have so we missed that parade.
    nice work getting it done though
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    Hîr-am-Helcaraxë reacted to WhatTheSkara in Just unlocked the AX after a very good experience with the 7/1. Is the t10 worth it t   
    You lose the good hesh but you get 330 heat.
    It's a good trade in World of Corridors against superheavies and 907s.
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    Hîr-am-Helcaraxë reacted to Darvek in A stock T-44 has the top gun from T-34-85 (not even as first but second gun but is un   
    You can delay 13k of the grind by using a suspension equipment module rather than buying the upgraded suspension right away. You'll want better tracks eventually, but they can be delayed.
    Also, the first 100mm can be obtained from the KV3, so if you're working on that line as well, do it first. Then you need just the turret to get a serviceable gun. It won't have very good DPM, but it's better than the 85mm guns.
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    Hîr-am-Helcaraxë got a reaction from Britzz in Find the mistake in this facebookk ad (translated from italian):   
    Did they forgot to point out how good it is to fly in Armored Warfare with your favorite ship?
    I hope this is an automatic generated ad...
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    Hîr-am-Helcaraxë reacted to TheEmptyLord in Should I get a Rudy or a T-54 First Prototype to train crews and have some fun?   
    Probably Rudy. You don't get T10 matches, your gun is good enough to matter in T8 (with APCR in some cases). Afaik the T54 Prot is one of those stronk when top tier, but utter shit as bottom tier tanks, so you are more depending on MM.
    The dog barking when your light bulb goes off might also be refreshing compared to normal tanks.
    Most importantlytho: Rudy comes with a crew that has built-in BIA which does not count as a first skill. If you use that crew it will get a lot better than a regular crew.
    On that note the Bromwell is also really nice
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    Hîr-am-Helcaraxë reacted to SchnitzelTruck in They have to remove Mines like now.   
    No. they have to make a second entrance to the hill like people have been suggesting since forever. Or make it a tier7 and under map like Komarin.
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    Hîr-am-Helcaraxë reacted to Deusmortis in Why are there weekend teams on Wednesday? Some special or am I incredible dumb today?   
    School is out.  IT's always the weekend, now.
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