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  1. I think the best was his 2.0 hour "150 Frontline Tips" vid... on the official forums His pro tip; select resources in correct order; because he cant figure out how to select for each tank...
  2. I have been tracking my Frontline marathon... so FWIW check it out. (Please no bully) ...initially to figure out the levels (until they were published/leaked) then for interest? I Win about 65% on Attack and 40% on Defense. Shattered my dominant elbow (4 plates and 26 screws) between Episode 2 and 3 and got the cast off last Tuesday. Did alright to almost stay a half prestige ahead. Of note shortest game was 10:42... I recall we had one Captain on the winning team. Longest game 28:17
  3. This game is much more cerebral than twitch shooters. This game design offers play to a wider segment of players to enjoy the game, as gaming rigs, super fast internet, and twitch reactions don't matter as much. The RNG mechanics affect a small but critical part of the game (shot sigma, pen, damage, and module damage) but affect the less skilled in the same manner as better skilled and arguably model the shell ballistics fairly well. The Hail Mary pass and goal line stand are exciting plays (also subject to random factors not pure skill) and there is nothing wrong with having that feeling in WOT.
  4. It's a weighted exponential moving average (newer battles have more impact that older ones). You can find the info by searching around wotlabs referencing above, but 13Diciples has put an article together here. It should answer your questions.
  5. In the case of an untrained or partially "firefighting" trained crew; the "firefighting directive" provides the equivalent of a 100% firefighting trained crew. In the case of a "firefighting" fully trained crew; the "firefighting directive" provides an additional 50% to firefighting abilities. With the introduction of the "firefighting directive" most would push firefighting off until later in the skill build cycle and just run the directive with food, otherwise AFE it is.
  6. Each Prestige Level (30 FL Tiers) is 30500 FL Experience Points...
  7. FWIW that code was accepted when I submitted it last night...
  8. @WanderjarThe XP bonuses and FL XP awards are straight from the WGNA article and do not relate to each other just the FL Rank... (so no guarantees) It looks like 30 levels to Prestige; went up about 10K FL XP points... lol, did not notice battle count. That last battle was for the Avenger Day 6 mission, only pub I played yesterday. Only did 6 Frontline battles with modest success. (6-0 with 1xLT, 3xCP, 1xM, 1xG)
  9. The only reference I can find regarding getting to Level 30 (unconfirmed) once is as follows: This puts the Level 30 level around 10000 FL Experience. Based on those assumptions and a 20 minute average match length: playing at a "Captain Level" it should take 6 hours/30 levels... farming "generals" it would take half that time. From recent forum reports these are way too conservative... will do more detective work tonight...
  10. Enjoyed you guys doing that on Fish Bay (south). I think you pushed all three flanks: TD lane, then across the back, and then cleaned up the heavy lane... (thanks for the carry btw)
  11. No. Stats only get updated when they are searched (or you are a patreon)... No one has looked up this shitter in 60 days or more
  12. LagMaster007 This cancer deliberately TKs me because I wouldn't push the 9 line flank on Erlenburg assault; with 87 hp and 45 seconds to go after our mid camped for 8 minutes... Highest spotting in the match and 2/3 of the 3 light tanks combined. This IS what is wrong with WoT... (36k of his 45k games in cancer)
  13. Its been awhile since I took this out for a drive. Nothing spectacular but giggle none the less. (Yes bad OBS skills...)
  14. I suspect its more the latter, as you can play your T8 prems or grind tech tree 8's without seeing T10 while no one gives a shit if stock or bad crew...
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