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  1. I like the new Pearl River. Concur that the middle courtyard is important. You get to farm the heavies/meds that want to fight the center lane, you get to farm almost the entire center of the map from the upper courtyards and lower road, you get to farm the backs of the center lane if they fall back, and you can escape if pushed/counter pushed without taking fall damage.
  2. I keep both enabled. I find the maps play sufficiently different to make it enjoyable, although like standard you will still have teams that do not know how to deploy for winning and there are still a bad version or two. The biggest downside is; you will see the same maps more often, especially if they are also in the standard rotation. Although not in the poll, I keep Grand Battles off. I have never managed to get enough battles to learn the map well enough nor do I play T10 enough. In my limited experience it's generally three corridors @ 10 vs 10 and not a "grand" battle at all.
  3. I have often maintained the re-modeling the Radio Ranges (to overlapping circles not additive) would make the maps play larger. Spotting is not necessarily reported to all the campers. Tanks actually need to relay postions and the useless Radio Operators skills then become workable. If Auto-Loader/Auto-Reloader balance is an issue simply buff every single shot tanks reload OR perhaps, simply convert the “Rammer Equipment” to a Loader crew skill (+10% to reload) since the loader has useless ones as it is.
  4. Do you have a citation for this? I only ask because most literature suggests we still do not know yet. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/how-coronavirus-spreads-through-the-air-what-we-know-so-far1/ The correct level of response is certainly debatable, and very easy to critique in hindsight. However, it is indisputable that differences in the national and regional "draconian" approaches have had significant and different outcomes. This is so true. However, we must remember this was/is a pre-existing condition and Covid-19 just highlighted a decades old problem.
  5. Much more difficult in the absolute global sense but in smaller sub-populations with more or less fixed criteria they still can paint a picture. Those discrepancies should not significantly change the overall or even realative trends. Our area's testing criteria has changed about 4 times; depending on changes in risk, availability of test kits, and lab capacity. However, even with that we are in the top five in per capita testing.
  6. Who knows. Our pandemic plans were updated after SARS and after N1H1... Granted, I don't think any Government planned for a Pandemic quite like this one.
  7. A small aside for clarity. CO2 is mostly harmless to humans in small concentrations. However it is an asphyxiate at high concentrations and does displace oxygen. Hence, the key operating principle of a CO2 Fire extinguisher.
  8. If pets were a reliable and dangerous vector; it would have been communicated back in January/February.
  9. Here it seems the official media are supporting the public health messaging. The odd slightly different angle and poke for "why not earlier" in this fast moving crisis is visible. Not too much second guessing and blame spreading yet (but it will come). Pretty easy to fact check. The only thing that triggers me slightly are people asking questions about pets (can they transmit or catch the virus?). I have pets and I get it; but top health officials and politicians don't need to answer shit questions like that. Not too much "local unofficial" background noise in my area; although they and social media are not on my Radar too much at the moment. QFT
  10. Yes, this is a real danger. The rebound often happens when restrictions are loosened or eliminated and everyone goes back to old habits immediately.
  11. Thanks, no offense but I would prefer a citation.
  12. It has not been proven (yet) that people gain immunity and cannot get reinfected (much like flu/colds). The effectiveness of isolation and social distancing measures will be known in weeks, except in areas where they were not implemented or implemented late where the rate increase will be obvious.
  13. Interesting Side Note https://arstechnica.com/science/2020/03/that-time-world-of-warcraft-helped-epidemiologists-model-an-outbreak/
  14. I wish I had kept stats this season. I suspect average game length was down 3-6 minutes from the 2019 grind at least over my small sample size. It was so frustrating...
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