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  1. Agree, "Astute enemy artillery" clickers can be a problem in that spot but not more so than many other spots.
  2. iyouxin - detailed that spot in a vid. I like it and have not really had problems getting out. Go dark, use the buildings to conceal los and you are good.
  3. IIRC you need Festive Level X to unlock the previous years offerings... but the point is likely moot for OP and others.
  4. 1) Paris - Just don't enjoy it. There is the heavy brawl and nothing much left over. 2) Empires Border - The team that sends more North-East generally loses. Note: I do have Encounter and Assault on so see some Empires Border.
  5. No complaints here. The only thing I missed out on that I kinda wanted, was the STB skin.
  6. VPN? Can you get someone to "gift" them to you? 75 Christmas Boxes ( I already had the highlighted tanks) and never bougth boxes last year.
  7. As suspected, I don't really have enough data to make a good case and would say its inconclusive at this point.
  8. Wot Replay Analyser does not seem memory optimized, I was running 24GB and it failed multiple times but my system is trash. Great if its works for you! Looking forward to reviewing the data.
  9. FYI, WoT replay analyzer will choke on that many replays at once. I ran into that problem and prototyped with a smaller data set and then broke files up by Quarters and imported them that way. When I get a moment I will post my filters so if anyone wants to grab a copy of the sheet and add their own data and do thier own analysis it will be possible.
  10. Please no bully, its a work in progress. I finally buckled down and made the WoT replay analyzer work for me and I managed to analyze 9853 of my matches I had available over the last few years (2018 to 2020-Q3). The Google Sheets link is below if you are interested (with all the raw data). I really hoped to gather Battle Tier Data and Number of arty but that is not available or very difficult to dig out. I figured out how to collect Battle Tier, MM schema (e.g. 3/5/7) and arty data. It is now presented as well. The original intent was to examine the data in light of @Private_Miros da
  11. I like the new Pearl River. Concur that the middle courtyard is important. You get to farm the heavies/meds that want to fight the center lane, you get to farm almost the entire center of the map from the upper courtyards and lower road, you get to farm the backs of the center lane if they fall back, and you can escape if pushed/counter pushed without taking fall damage.
  12. I keep both enabled. I find the maps play sufficiently different to make it enjoyable, although like standard you will still have teams that do not know how to deploy for winning and there are still a bad version or two. The biggest downside is; you will see the same maps more often, especially if they are also in the standard rotation. Although not in the poll, I keep Grand Battles off. I have never managed to get enough battles to learn the map well enough nor do I play T10 enough. In my limited experience it's generally three corridors @ 10 vs 10 and not a "grand" battle at all.
  13. I have often maintained the re-modeling the Radio Ranges (to overlapping circles not additive) would make the maps play larger. Spotting is not necessarily reported to all the campers. Tanks actually need to relay postions and the useless Radio Operators skills then become workable. If Auto-Loader/Auto-Reloader balance is an issue simply buff every single shot tanks reload OR perhaps, simply convert the “Rammer Equipment” to a Loader crew skill (+10% to reload) since the loader has useless ones as it is.
  14. Do you have a citation for this? I only ask because most literature suggests we still do not know yet. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/how-coronavirus-spreads-through-the-air-what-we-know-so-far1/ The correct level of response is certainly debatable, and very easy to critique in hindsight. However, it is indisputable that differences in the national and regional "draconian" approaches have had significant and different outcomes. This is so true. However, we must remember this was/is a pre-existing condition and Covid-19 just highlighted a decades o
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