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  1. You looked good on stream last night... but looks like you got burnt out and tailed off near the end.
  2. 8_Hussars


    So your advice is: If you can double bush: a camo net is ideal. If you can not double bush: a camo net is still ideal even if it will not prevent me getting spotted when firing. Is your alt "Cheapbooks"?
  3. I think you misspelled b00b...
  4. I wholeheartedly disagree with this premise. To have a battle one side needs to know where the other sides tanks are. Vision and map control can be acquired with both active and passive techniques OR players simply understand the corridor choke points and presume the red tanks will show up there negating the need for extreme vision. Frankly, the "World of Heavy Tanks" meta is not something most remaining players look forward to. For many casual players it is their understanding (or lack) of game flow and map knowledge that creates/allows passive play. They don't know where; tanks could be, tanks should be, or what areas provides map control and strategic advantages. So they wait in some presumed safe area (or OP area) until there are tanks to shoot, or not shoot as often the case becomes. Conversely, with some vision and intel of where red tanks are they are comfortable to wait and snipe from their presumed safe area (or OP area). Vision and lack of vision are two sides to the "Passive Play" coin. To attribute passive play to light tanks is as retarded as truly believing the "Arty promotes dynamic game play" meme. The pure passive scout has gone the way of the dodo years ago. Except for EBRs themselves current meta makes is almost impossible. Notwithstanding the recent British light tanks (and some specialized cases), pretty much any competent light tank player forgoes the Binocs/Net for combat capability and maneuverability. The exception to this rule is again; the players noted above who use them because they don't fully understand scout roles (or have a myopic view of tank roles) and maps while often have limited garages/resources. Just like in all matches there are good and bad players in each class and role. The perceived role of scout tanks and "abuse" light tanks generally endure stem from the fact that they are perceived as NOT providing the vision or intel required to advance the match. Often this "abuse" is from the truly clueless and equally often the criticism is well deserved. Lol, this is plain an simple Official forum drivel. People leave the game because of the learning curve. Its surface appearance is simple, but learning the mechanics and doing well takes effort and is hard. To get that successful feedback loop from other games, it only takes memorizing a few controls/moves and the first 3 levels to want to continue. Scouting is a skill set and a role and is only loosely tied to tank class. Again, its not the tank class that is the problem its the player base knowledge.
  5. Purchased: 'KV-3' successfully purchased. Spent credits: 1,390,000. Rip
  6. IIRC, the XVM team were using all their data to update the expected values everyday. However, I am not sure the minimum number of battles to accumulate before the initial WAG placeholders are replaced, in the case of a new tank.
  7. 8_Hussars

    TL-1 LPC

    Pretty much in the same situation here. If I didn't already have the T95E2 or if I needed another US med crew I would be tempted for that and the skin. It really is a T95E2, with buffed maneuverability (due to Engine HP), the buffed cupola, slightly more alpha, and better AP and and HEAT pen offset by 100 less Hit Points, worse hull armor, and slower top end and reverse speeds. https://tanks.gg/compare/t95e2?l=000001&e=30.21.5&c=3.5.2&t=tl-1-lpc_000001__30.21.5_3.5.2
  8. https://www.13disciple.stream/how-moe-work.html
  9. The change lane immediately to flood a zone meta and over-defend "C" meta is crippling and frustrating. Small sample size but out of 5 games for me this episode; three were over with 8-10 minutes left on the clock, with not a general in sight.
  10. Its difficult to check the angles and bush density with the single screenshot (a replay would be better). Obviously, with a fresh crew without having sixth sense means you never knew when or where you were initially spotted from. In that instance play like you are always spotted. Even a half assed tank count of the city brawl and 1 line push illustrates to the red team that the 9/0 line is lightly defended. I would suggest the T28 simply advanced and took the obvious well covered route up the middle and incidentally ran into you. The red team could easily know or suspect a LT in there from previously being lit and because you are not spotted anywhere else. I suspect the problem is you are too deep in the bushes with solid foliage obscuring your own vision of the T28 and the other tanks. Thus you simply proxy spot each other. Learning Point. With no support fire and no escape route that was a pretty sub-optimal place to be with your teams dispersion. Even if you were scareing them with lights and slowing the advance, if the red team is never punished for peeking/moving the fear will dissipate quickly.
  11. I have three pieces; iVstab on the Derp 49 and iVstab/iVents on the BC 25t. I don't expect to get many pieces so I put them on tanks I like and that need the help. I don't move them around. The only tip I can offer is look closely at the supply depot. You can often save 1000 bonds by purchasing two pieces of improved equipment in a bundle (e.g. ivents, ivstab for 9000 bonds).
  12. It was terrible. With 104 engine HP taking any hit from a gun 37mm and above got a module damage roll for yellow and any gun 75mm and above got a roll for destruction. Pretty much taking any fire into the front meant a damaged/destroyed engine. Luckily, it was a hot patch a day or two later.
  13. I don't remember an auto-loader either. However, if you recall when the T-92 was issued, every hit in the front damaged or took out the engine. They provided a Hidden Buff to the engine circa 9.21. The engine hit points were buffed (104 to 260) and so was the Horsepower (340 to 600).
  14. 8_Hussars

    Naval Action

    Thanks for the reminder. Been ages but I will have to see if my potato can play this again... 5 fps was a little frustrating.
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