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  1. The change lane immediately to flood a zone meta and over-defend "C" meta is crippling and frustrating. Small sample size but out of 5 games for me this episode; three were over with 8-10 minutes left on the clock, with not a general in sight.
  2. Its difficult to check the angles and bush density with the single screenshot (a replay would be better). Obviously, with a fresh crew without having sixth sense means you never knew when or where you were initially spotted from. In that instance play like you are always spotted. Even a half assed tank count of the city brawl and 1 line push illustrates to the red team that the 9/0 line is lightly defended. I would suggest the T28 simply advanced and took the obvious well covered route up the middle and incidentally ran into you. The red team could easily know or suspect a LT in there from previously being lit and because you are not spotted anywhere else. I suspect the problem is you are too deep in the bushes with solid foliage obscuring your own vision of the T28 and the other tanks. Thus you simply proxy spot each other. Learning Point. With no support fire and no escape route that was a pretty sub-optimal place to be with your teams dispersion. Even if you were scareing them with lights and slowing the advance, if the red team is never punished for peeking/moving the fear will dissipate quickly.
  3. I have three pieces; iVstab on the Derp 49 and iVstab/iVents on the BC 25t. I don't expect to get many pieces so I put them on tanks I like and that need the help. I don't move them around. The only tip I can offer is look closely at the supply depot. You can often save 1000 bonds by purchasing two pieces of improved equipment in a bundle (e.g. ivents, ivstab for 9000 bonds).
  4. It was terrible. With 104 engine HP taking any hit from a gun 37mm and above got a module damage roll for yellow and any gun 75mm and above got a roll for destruction. Pretty much taking any fire into the front meant a damaged/destroyed engine. Luckily, it was a hot patch a day or two later.
  5. I don't remember an auto-loader either. However, if you recall when the T-92 was issued, every hit in the front damaged or took out the engine. They provided a Hidden Buff to the engine circa 9.21. The engine hit points were buffed (104 to 260) and so was the Horsepower (340 to 600).
  6. 8_Hussars

    Naval Action

    Thanks for the reminder. Been ages but I will have to see if my potato can play this again... 5 fps was a little frustrating.
  7. You have to research all modules and tank(s) mate...
  8. If your looking at TD mission completion over CW I would go the 268 v4 route. I suggest don't get in a rush and keeping/sticking with the SU-100 to work on the casement TD play style as 390 alpha at T6 is fun and more forgiving. The 100M1 and 101 are good for many of the TD missions. (I think I went back and rebought the 100M/101 for some of them) Presuming there are no time rushes or other factors. Why not just start the Maus and 268 v4 lines and grind what ever you feel like. Note: that the AMX M4 54 goes ontrack tomorrow and even if you only do your 5 premium "manageable XPs" with a booster you should be able to rip through a lot of it... although it really goes no where you get the discounts and crew XP and maybe some equipment.
  9. Other than the Maus, most of the lines you have noted are very niche or very bad and not used in CW much or at all. They may hold some value to counter tank locking. The issue with the bounce missions is when players see a VK 100.01P, Mauchen, Maus they will either ignore you for now or press the 2 key. As their reputations precede them; rarely do you find players willing to continually bounce shots off them, so they may not be as good as you think for the missions. (When I did HT15.3 I had to slow down, stop killing tanks, and bait more shots to meet the threshold with the 45.02B) As for arty missions sell the T92 and rebuy the M50/53 it is all you will ever need. Conserve your 130k free XP it will not go as far as you think... 1. T110E3 - Niche: with no flex capability you are relying even more on RNG to give you "good" maps and mission matches. 2. Maus - Just Do It 3. STRV 103B - Just Do It 4. OBJ. 268 - Dead End: stop at the 704 - it does well with TD missions and the 268 is not worth it. 5. OBJ. 268 v4 - Niche: like the Maus line players will avoid it until its time and/or use the 2 key. Frankly, the SU-100 gives a great chance at the "do 4X/5X Hp damage" missions and the SU-101M1/SU-101 are also surprisingly helpful. 6. AMX M4 54 - Start at AMX 65t (use free XP to start at tier VIII) - Dead end; grind for shits and giggles 7. EBR 105 - Start at Lynx 6x6 (use free XP to start at tier VIII) - These are a step up from regular light tank play and a lot of players struggle with them. They are fun but take continual focus and effort to be productive. Other than the Tier 10 most have abysmal view range so they wont help with vision spotting missions but will be good for tracking (with HE) 8. OBJ. 705A - Start at IS-M (use free XP to start at tier VIII) - Dead end; grind for shits and giggles
  10. These changes are a mixed bag that hurt newer players, increase grind time, and lessen credit income. A couple of reasonable changes that seem to make some sense from a purely Frontline balance perspective but not under the shadow of Grinding it for 10 Episodes to earn reward tank(s). Decreased the respawn cooldown from 30 to 10 seconds. This doesn't really do anything for anyone. It takes away the player's personal break to get refocused. Increased the repair cooldown of destroyed vehicles from 5 to 7 minutes (the reinforcement cooldown remains unchanged).  This greatly increases the difficulty of grinding tech tree tanks. It also means more more repair bills lessening credit earnings per match. Not to mention players may be much more hesitant to throw their tank away to fast/cap or block cap to keep the game moving forward. Obviously, players with small garages or that have to use the nerfed (and retarded) rental system will suffer more. Now the objectives (pillboxes with the large-caliber guns) spot enemy vehicles of the attacking team according to the standard rules of spotting. The view range of the pillboxes is 445 Х meters. Presumably the standard camo/view range interactions are still valid. This is a good change and will allow the defending team a little more latitude chasing the idiots who like to farm objectives early to "win". Now that attackers are more visible they may pull more resources away from cap defense(s). Changed the number of slots for the Combat Reserves that are available to each vehicle type. Now their number is as follows: Light tanks: 1 slot instead of 3 Medium tanks: 2 slots instead of 1 Heavy tanks: 3 slots instead of 1 TDs: no changes (2 slots) SPGs: 1 slot instead of 3  The best thing is this really nerfs Arty's ability to rank up (no assisted from recon flights and/or strikes on cap). Full Stop. In reality it just nerfs light tanks by taking them out of the viable tank mix. Simply, shifting it to mediums with no real net change for game play other than maybe less LTs running around behind the lines being a distraction. I suspect it will also slow down progress of the attack by introducing more slow moving and inflexible tanks that players will be less willing to risk due to the downside of extended cooldowns. It's already hard enough to get attacks moving forward in a timely manner. Overall, this looks like a massive buff to defenders with slower attacks more inflexible tanks translating into shorter games and less time to farm FL XP.
  11. I find it doesn't hold up well to the wheelies...
  12. I think the best was his 2.0 hour "150 Frontline Tips" vid... on the official forums His pro tip; select resources in correct order; because he cant figure out how to select for each tank...
  13. I have been tracking my Frontline marathon... so FWIW check it out. (Please no bully) ...initially to figure out the levels (until they were published/leaked) then for interest? I Win about 65% on Attack and 40% on Defense. Shattered my dominant elbow (4 plates and 26 screws) between Episode 2 and 3 and got the cast off last Tuesday. Did alright to almost stay a half prestige ahead. Of note shortest game was 10:42... I recall we had one Captain on the winning team. Longest game 28:17
  14. This game is much more cerebral than twitch shooters. This game design offers play to a wider segment of players to enjoy the game, as gaming rigs, super fast internet, and twitch reactions don't matter as much. The RNG mechanics affect a small but critical part of the game (shot sigma, pen, damage, and module damage) but affect the less skilled in the same manner as better skilled and arguably model the shell ballistics fairly well. The Hail Mary pass and goal line stand are exciting plays (also subject to random factors not pure skill) and there is nothing wrong with having that feeling in WOT.
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